Afghan Hawaiian Cannabis Strain

Afghan Hawaiian Cannabis Strain

Afghani Hawaiian Strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% Sativa) strain is a potent cross between the hugely popular UK Cheese X Lavender strains.

Afghan Hawaiian is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created as a potent cross between the hugely popular UK Cheese X Lavender strains. This dank bud boasts a moderately high THC level ranging from 18-22% on average and a myriad of both indica and sativa effects. Users describe the high as having an immediately uplifting onset that leaves you aroused, creative, and slightly dizzy. You’ll feel happy and euphoric before falling into a state of deep relaxation without loss of functionality. Due to these potent effects, Afghan Hawaiian is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as neurological disorders and spasticity as well as muscle spasms and chronic pain. Afghan Hawaiian buds have small dense round popcorn-shaped neon green nugs with light gold undertones and translucent amber hairs. These nugs are frosty with a fine layer of thick chunky white trichomes and are sticky with sweet resin. Afghan Hawaiian is probably best known among the cannabis community for its memorable aroma of pungent yet sweet earthy cheese and taste of cheesy licorice with a surprisingly delicious hint of rich caramel.

Afghan Hawaiian is a Canadian born Indica-dominant hybrid bred by OrganiGram, Inc. It boasts unique flavors and psychoactive compounds of up to 22% THC. Not only that, it has abundant medical benefits.

The strain is a cross between the famous UK Cheese and Lavender strains. Being descendants of the Afghani landrace, both have fruity and floral fragrances as well as impressive calming effects on the body and the mind. For this reason, they were both used to develop the medical strain we now know as Afghan Hawaiian.

Though developed for the medical market, Afghan Hawaiian has high THC levels that deliver a thrilling mental high. Its potent psychedelic effects are why it has an appeal to many recreational users.

Afghan Hawaiian Effects

With THC levels between 16% and 22%, Afghan Hawaiian induces a pronounced psychedelic high that goes zero to one in only a few tokes. It sends a zing of unmatched enthusiasm and energy that zaps away weariness in no time at all.

Later on, a tingling sensation spreads all over the body and ushers in waves of relaxation. This soothing buzz indicates the beginning of the strain’s Indica influence. In most cases, if users stay within the limit, the physical effects are not crippling. In fact, because it helps lessen the tension in the body and calms the mind, some people may find themselves getting aroused.

Users of Afghan Hawaiian are also likely to feel hungry. As such, it is best to have some food prepared. A good reason to do that is convenience. Some people do use a bit too much and may find it difficult to stand up preferring instead to sit and chill.

Afghan Hawaiian High

Afghan Hawaiian cannabis strain’s high will bring you uplifted emotions that can turn creative at times, and sometimes arousing. It may leave you slightly dizzy, albeit happily relaxed. Don’t worry, you’ll still be functional.


Afghan Hawaiian has the mellow fragrance of sweet cheese; an influence of its parent strain UK Cheese. Breaking up the buds then grinding them exposes the strain’s subtle note of damp earth.

Afghan Hawaiian Flavors

Consuming Afghan Hawaiian reveals flavors never once precluded by its fragrance. For one, it has notes of caramel that is both nutty and sweet. Underneath of which is a striking cheesiness that is unique to all Cheese strains. Alongside it is a fruity taste that, once drawn in, is easily distinguished as pineapple.

Afghan Hawaiian Adverse Reaction

Even medical marijuana can cause adverse effects. For instance, users can expect to experience dry mouth and bloodshot red eyes. And, beginners or someone with a low tolerance may feel a bit dizzy at the height of the psychedelic effects.

Despite being a mostly Indica strain, Afghan Hawaiian may cause some people to feel anxious or paranoid as these are often associated with Sativa.

Afghan Hawaiian Medical

Afghan Hawaiian Cannabis Strain

The CBD content of afghan Hawaiian is not remarkable when compared to highly touted high-CBD hybrids. As such, the medical benefits it provides are mainly consistent with most recreational strains.

For one, its energizing high is excellent at enhancing moods. It positively alters depressive spells and even one’s negative perceptions about life. As such, it can be a source of comfort for those struggling with depression or PTSD. In the same manner, the strain can also be used for wiping out stress.

As an analgesic, it effectively reduces different kinds of aches and pains. It can also dissipate nausea. Not only that, it entices users to take a deep slumber. In a sense, the au naturel strain may even be better than synthetic sleeping pills.

Afghan Hawaiian Growing

With little to no information on its growth patterns, Afghan Hawaiian is best left in the hands of seasoned growers. Aside from being better predictors of growth patterns, their knowledge helps them address a myriad of problems caused by humidity, pests, heat, and climate.

At maturity, Afghan Hawaiian matures produces resinous popcorn-shaped buds. They are dense and neon green in color. Contrasting it are undertones of light gold and trichome coated amber hairs.

Flowering Time


Indoors, Afghan Hawaiian flowers within 8 to 9 weeks. It yields an average of 15 to 19 ounces of buds per square meter.


Afghan Hawaiian’s flowers show up by the second or third week of October. With tender love and care, growers can harvest at least 21 ounces of beautiful buds per plant grown.

Residents of Colorado have loved this strains for over a decade and their reasons are clear. High thc level and leaves you thinking everything through like a genius. This strain is good to start the day with though you feel slightly dizzy, you have full control of your mind and there’s that sense of thinking an extra mile. Afghani Hawaiian Strain is recommended for entrepreneurs and other people who’s jobs need them to keep thinking creatively.

Colored like caramel, literally. Decent indica effects, taste wasnt anything crazy but it did the job. It does work very well for pain. Really stopped some of my twitching at night while I sleep. Didnt crush insomnia like I thought but worthy of some mention, might work great for you…who knows. Should have kept it better and used glass. Afghani Hawaiian Strain

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  1. Aron Reeves

    Colored like caramel, literally. Decent indica effects, taste wasn’t anything crazy but it did the job. It does work very well for pain. Really stopped some of my twitching at night while I sleep. Didn’t crush insomnia like I thought but worthy of some mention, might work great for you. Great for eating and watching a good movie as well.

  2. quinn wilson

    Afghan Hawaiian not my favorite by any means but it’s an enjoyable, relaxing high that takes a while to develop but lingers for a long time. Very sweet taste and practically no dank odor. A very misconcieving bud for sure. It’s great for having on you at school or work where people are prone to smell it through the bag on you. PS- the bud looks crazy and different from typical loud. A very small, leafy and flowery bud.

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