Afgooey Weed

Afgooey Weed

Afgooey is a crossbreed of Afghani landraces that was developed in the 1960s. It has typical indica effects and a pleasant high, as well as woody, skunky tastes. You’ve probably heard of Afgoo before. It’s an exquisite, powerful indica bred from an Afghan landrace that’s also known as Afgoo. If you’d like to buy the Vietnam Black strain use our toronto cannabis delivery to your home.

The Afgooey strain is a cannabis strain with origins in Northern California. This popular recreational and medical cannabis strain has a flavor profile that may be described as pine, earthy, lemony fruit flavors. We’ve got all the information you need to know about this plant, including its taste, effects, medical uses, and more. Learn if this variety is right for you below. To make your day better, try Dragon Tears Hybrid.

What Is the Afgooey Strain?

The Afgooey strain is an indica-dominant (80 percent) hybrid. This marijuana strain was created by crossing an Afghan landrace with Maui Haze. You may anticipate what happens when you combine a Afghani landrace and a Maui Haze.

The landrace indica strains provided a lot to this cannabis. The high hits fast, beginning in the face and neck after only a few tokes. As a result of the buzzing, numbing high, your face will feel warm and flushed, which will also spread to your limbs. This is an indica body high rather than one for the intellect.

Individuals with a high THC tolerance and a lot of expertise may just be able to stand up after taking Afgooey in small doses. Anything stronger, on the other hand, and it will produce a powerful couchlock that will leave you pinned to the sofa. Even if you’re up and about, your head will be too hazy to complete anything challenging.

When the high meanders on, you’ll be weary. Your limbs feel heavy and tiring, and you’ll sink into your bed to be lulled into a peaceful slumber. As a result, drinking Afgooey in the evening shortly before falling asleep is advised.


The scent of Afgoo is quite intricate. Afgoo buds from high-quality growers have a musky, wet earth fragrance. Under that, you’ll notice some skunkiness, which will become more apparent as you crush the nugs.

The scent is piney and spicy, with undertones of cinnamon and pepper. The skunky pungency may overwhelm you if you don’t have a strong sense of smell, so be cautious!


The flavor of the Afgooey is skunk, hash, and dirt, to a great extent. It’s got a pretty conventional cannabis taste profile. However far you breathe into it, though, you’ll be rewarded with a pleasant woodiness and undertones of pepper.

The earthy taste on the exhale grows stronger. At this point, it’s genuinely relaxing, urging you to come back for more puffs. Keep in mind, however, that Afgooey is a potent and powerful strain!

The Afgooey smoke, which has a pungent and sooty flavor, is surprisingly smooth. It’s unlikely to leave you gasping for air despite its delectable taste.


The Afgooey strain is a beautiful one. The leaves curl tightly as they become older, acquiring a new springgreen hue. The buds themselves are usually bright orange with trichomes, although the form may vary. Because of its gleaming sheen of trichomes, the name “Afgooey” is derived from this plant’s covering of trichomes.

This strain’s buds are covered with glittering, crystal-like trichomes that give them a silver sheen. They also exude sticky resin, giving the impression of “goo.”

Afgooey Strain Grow Info

Previously, only clones of Afgooey were available. However, Strain Hunters have started to sell Afgooey seeds. As a consequence, the appeal of this plant among home gardeners has increased dramatically.

The chemical composition of the Great White Shark is similar to other strains of the same genus, suggesting it’s unlikely to be a beginner strain. However, producing a plant with a huge yield isn’t overly difficult.

Afgooey prefers a semi-humid environment with a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside and 80 degrees Fahrenheit indoors. Because to its landrace strains, it can withstand some modifications to an extent. Indoor growers find that it does well in a limited amount of space.

According to cultivators, this plant thrives in a sea of green (SoG) or screen of green (SCRoG) set-up. It may also be cultivated successfully in a hydroponic system. A 1000W HPS lamp is recommended for indoor cultivation.

When grown correctly, some strains may produce up to 32 ounces per square meter. The flowering period is approximately eight weeks long. To promote better development and create these enormous yields, top the plants.

The buds should be cured after being subjected to the curing process. If done correctly, the finest qualities of the scent and flavor will come through. Dry the buds for a week in a room with around 50% humidity, then seal them in containers with 60% humidity for another week to cure. You’re now ready to enjoy it!

The THC concentration in Afgooey varies considerably. The typical amount is around 16%, although some samples have ranged from 14% to 28%. According to one lab, a sample of Afgooey was examined at 30.1% THC! That’s an unbelievable percentage, so be cautious when utilizing it; go slow and low to avoid going over your limits.

Agouey has a THC concentration of less than 0.2 percent, but because it contains this much THC, it’s practically impossible to be much lower in CBD. With a THC concentration like this, you would expect less than 1 percent CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Afgooey Strain

Cannabis indica is one of the most powerful strains available, and it may be used to treat a wide range of medical problems. It’s also been found useful in treating anxiety, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Afgooey should only be administered under the guidance of a professional because it contains a high THC level that could trigger paranoia. You should avoid using Afgooey if you have a low THC tolerance.

The high THC content may also assist with inflammation reduction. It’s a popular type of cannabis for treating chronic pain, such as back discomfort and fibromyalgia symptoms.

Afgooey is a strain that’s loved by many who suffer from sleeplessness. It’s a strong indica that will put you to sleep quickly, leaving sleeplessness in the rearview mirror. If you can’t fall asleep at night for any reason, Afgooey is worth a try.

Possible Side Effects of the Afgooey Strain

There are no serious negative effects of Afgooey, although it does have a few minor ones. The two most common adverse effects are dry mouth and eyes, which aren’t very shocking. Keep some water on hand to combat this awful pair of symptoms.

Some of the other effects of this strain are a little more severe. After taking an excessive amount of Afgooey, some people may get anxious and paranoid. If you have a poor THC tolerance, are prone to paranoia, or are unfamiliar with cannabis, you should avoid this medication. Furthermore, stick to the lower end of the dosage range to avoid taking too much medicine.

Individuals who consume an excessive amount of Afgooey may become nauseated or dizzy in extremely uncommon circumstances. After ingesting a large quantity of Afgooey, this is more probable.

Final Thoughts

The Afgoey strain is a classic indica that demonstrates perfection. Despite being a cross, Afgooey provides exceptional indica effects including a numbing body high and relaxation. Finally, it will gently put you to sleep. Afgooey is an effective strain with a high content of THC. When utilizing it, keep in mind that you must take measures to avoid becoming too intoxicated. It’s not simple when the flavor is this good!

Afgooey has an earthy, skunky flavor with undertones of pine sweetness. Afgooey seeds are now available for purchase online, prompting many cultivators to try their hand at cultivating it. Despite this, it is still quite popular, so you’re likely to come across it in dispensaries. Look for Afgoo or Afgooey when searching for this strain.

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