Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain

The legendary, fast-acting Alaska Thunderfuck, akka ATF, is a mix of an indica and sativa with a unique potency that makes colors seem brighter and everything else seem brighter. It’s well-known for its distinctive mixture and resulting powerful high. This unusual northern beauty will knock you off your feet, with a significantly concentrated CBD level that may reach 0.8 percent.

Alaskan Thunderfuckis one of the few strains with a fascinating history like Alaskan Thunderfuck. According to legend, the North American sativa and Russian ruderalis were mixed to create Alaskan Thunderfuck. During the 1970s, Afghani genes were added to lovely cold-climate sativa Alaskan Thunderfuck, also known as Matanuska Tundra or ATF.

This Sativa with a Russian ruderalis and an intriguing name has a lengthy historical background that is more amazing than the lineage of royal families. According to folklore, this buzz was originally a mix of a Northern California Sativa dominant kush and a Sativa with a Russian ruderalis from Matanuska Tundra.

What’s The History Of ATF?

The Alaskan Thunderfuck strain was created in the 1970s when the aforementioned cross between Northern California and Russian strains was combined with Afghani Indica, resulting in notorious Alaskan Thunder Fack buds.. This strain has two distinctive descendants, Chocolate Thunder and Chronic Thunder, which are renowned for their Afghani characteristics. Look at that: a hybrid of a Sativa with Russian ruderalis, which was then crossed with beloved Afghani kush, is a real tale.

Much of Alaskan Thunderfuck’s notoriety comes from its potency. It is said that the euphoric high will strike you quickly and strongly, hence the name. For those who usually avoid sativas, Alaskan Thunderfuck is a wonderful sativa that makes everyone happy.

Alaskan Thunderfuck Effects

Speaking of the effects of this cannabis strain, we are happy to say that most smokers are fond of its immediate properties. Buds lovers can expect to feel happiness as well as to be euphoric, uplifting, and creative, all at the same time! This cannabis strain leans more into the direction of energy properties, even though it is not really a Sativa dominant kush.

Regardless of what you are expecting from your puffs, getting high is a great idea for those willing to smoke, alongside having a productive day forward. Some people note unique effects concerning senses, especially when it comes to sounds, while others highlight fantastic consequences on one’s creativity and brainstorming. It is a well-rounded and balanced cannabis strain that originates from Afghani Indica, alongside being one of the greatest strains for staying active, maintaining a good mood, and having all the small things done during a day.

ATF will make you feel energetic, while relaxing the body and creating an uplifting and enjoyable buzz. This sativa produces a clear high, which is why it is recommended as a daytime strain – it will inspire you to get things done, and get then done while living in a carefree little bubble.

The simple, mild taste of Alaska Thunderfuck makes it ideal for people with asthma to smoke. Its quick high is easy to detect, making it possible to measure your dosage while still being functional and productive.

The wonderful fragrance of Alaskan Thunderfack is created by the combination of aromas and smells. What’s more, this plant has a scent that is reminiscent of pine and cedar. This scent is also characterized by notes of earth and lemon scents. If you like sweet and juicy smells, the ATF strain isn’t for you. Instead, it gives off a genuine pine skunky smell that goes great with aroma notes of trees.


This marijuana strain, when smoked, creates a wide range of tastes. Alaskan Thunderfack has a flavor that is reminiscent of the odor, but better. A pleasant cloud will hang in the air with a spicy banana scent and a sweet earthy aftertaste. In addition to this, there may be traces of citrus and oranges.


Another advantage of Thunderfack is that it has minimal side effects, making it unique. You may occasionally suffer a minor bout of anxiety and worry, which goes away quickly. Dizziness and headaches can be other mild symptoms associated with the high CBD levels.

Adverse reactions

A variety of undesirable side effects may alter any strain substantially. Dry mouth and eyes are the most common side effects in smokers of Alaskan Thunderfack. Dizziness can occur in people with a low THC tolerance when their tolerance is lowered too far. Some smokers can become paranoid or have headaches, although these symptoms are rare among the majority of users. As a result, most consumers may exhale (sic!) and prepare for a nice rest session with a few bottles of water and eye drops.

This wonder strain is a cure-all in medicine. Alaskan Thunderfack is well-known for treating pain symptoms. This strain is effective at treating everything from muscular spasms to joint pains and other chronic bodily discomfort.

Thunderfack can also be used by those who have mental illnesses. This powerful sativa works to relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, sadness, and anxiety. Even with tiny doses, migraines and headaches can be quickly treated.


Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC: 17 – 19%
  • CBD: 0.1 – 0.59%
  • CBC: 0.14 – 1.34%
  • CBG: 0.12 – 1.84%
  • CBN: 0.06 – 0.24%
  • THCV: 0.33 – 1.93%

Despite its somewhat low CBD content, this cannabis strain’s long-lasting clarity helps people cope with their mental issues, such as depression, tiredness, or eating disorders. People suffering from attention deficit disorders can focus on the completion of particular activities and tasks, while other mental difficulties can be alleviated after trying it.

We should also note fascinating mood enhancement properties, which allow patients to deal with depression, chronic pain relief, stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Another remark is a unique capability of Alaskan Thunderfack to deal with muscle spasms more efficiently. You see, muscle spasms, headaches, mood disorders, and dozens of inflammatory symptoms can be fought by taking a few puffs of this strain. Easy as that!

The Alaskan Thunderfack strain has become quite significant in the medical cannabis sector. The aleskimosn canadian pharmacy discounts of this plant provide a boost of energy, leaving patients alert and concentrated for the rest of their day.

The THC concentration is quite low, which leads to a relaxing buzz. Users report feeling light and euphoric. The THC levels in this strain are far lower than average: 0.2%. It’s also worth noting the unique mood uplifting qualities that allow users to deal with sadness, chronic pain relief, stress, tiredness, and anxiety. Another point to consider is how ATF helps muscles relax more efficiently. You see, muscle spasms, headaches, mood problems , and a slew of inflammatory issues can all be treated with a few puffs of this strain. It’s as simple as that!

This strain has received a lot of attention in the medical cannabis industry. Alaskan Thunderfuck is great for daytime use since it provides energy that helps a person feel more awake and determined to get through their day.

This strain’s cerebral high will help you work more productively when it comes on, combat tiredness and lethargy, and generate a stress-free mood. ATF can also aid individuals suffering from eating disorders since it may produce a healthier appetite as well as induce the munchies.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Grow info

  • Flowering time: 49-63 Days
  • Harvest time: 72-79 Days
  • Yield indoor: 1-2 oz/ft2
  • Yield outdoor: 2-4 oz/ft2
  • Height indoor: 30-60 Inches
  • Height outdoor: 30-60 Inches
  • Grow difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering type: Autoflowering

Due to its history, this plant is known to thrive in the great outdoors, especially in colder, northern regions. When cultivated indoors, Alaskan Thunderf may produce copiously, but it pales in comparison to when grown outdoors.

The leaves and buds of outdoor-grown Alaskan Thunderf are extremely potent, and they can produce large quantities of resin. The flower is covered in crystals and golden hairs that have a skunky odor to them, and the nuggets are sticky.



When grown indoors, this plant produces an average of 16 ounces per square meter. The Alaskan Thunderfuck flower takes around 8-9 weeks to bloom and ready for harvesting.


Pineapple Express is an indica-dominant strain that thrives in warmer climes, therefore it grows freely outside. It has the potential to produce up to 32 ounces of cannabis per plant when cultivated outdoors.

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    ATF is a newly discovered strain for me that I’ve had the pleasure of sampling both in bud form and concentrate form and I have to say that this is a new favorite of mine! Any aches and pains will be dulled to a point where they no longer distract you from getting things done and the anxiety and stress just immediately go onto the back burner, this is a definite must try for anyone newly introduced to medical marijuana due to it’s ability to help push any paranoias aside to free up your mind, I highly recommend it, especially in concentrate form.

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