Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Willy’s Wonder was bred in 1970. It is a mix of the Alice strain which came out before that time. This strain is 70% indica and 25% Sativa. Alice in Wonderland strain offers spade-shaped buds. The buds are emerald green with the pistils having a pattern of green shades and brownish hues. The Alice in Wonderland strain has a sweet, earthy scent of wildflowers and fresh soil. This strain leaves you with a taste of blueberries mixed with earth. Although this seems like a good way to get rid of your money, money has little value in the end. It gives you overwhelming pleasure and profound relaxation during the high time. This strain of marijuana has been found to produce certain benefits for those in pain.

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Alice in Wonderland strain is used to help treat mental conditions such as; anxiety disorders, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It can also be helpful for gastrointestinal ailments like constipation and loss of appetite. It takes between 7-8 weeks for the fauna to flower and produces about 500g per square meter.

Key Facts

  • Genetics: It was bred from the Willy’s Wonder strain back in 1970
  • The High: Relaxing, uplifting with a bit of euphoric sense that prevents you from dozing off by increasing your concentration and curiosity
  • Hybrid Ratio: 15% indica 85% Sativa
  • THC Levels: 15%-23%
  • Growth Information: It is manageable and flowers between 7-8 weeks when grown indoors, but it flowers by September when grown outdoors, yielding about 500g per meter square.

Description of Alice in Wonderland Weed Strain

Alice in Wonderland buds appeal to those looking for a strong, floral taste and smell with hints of blueberries. The flowers are green and medium-sized, with a spade shape. They have light pale-zippy green spots and yellowish-brown pistils. These leaves are riddled with a layer of white trichrome, which makes the sticky nectar drop from them. The Alice in Wonderland strain creates an imaginative experience with minimal “Stoney” effect, despite its Sativa-related high. You get the high feeling immediately after taking a few puffs. The strain increases your interest, imagination, awareness, and the aspiration to explore at the same time enjoying the relaxing outcome it brings.

Effects of Alice in Wonderland Cannabis Strain

Alice in Wonderland loads you with sensual pleasure and profound relaxation. The first burst of creativity is very strong and there is no anxiety with other potent Sativa strains. Explorative activities are best when the weather is good. When taking leisurely activities like hikes, picnics, or walking the city streets, you can use Sativa strains.

Grow Information

It takes about 7-8 weeks for Alice in Wonderland to flower. If grown outdoors, they will flower by September and produce 500 grams per plant. If you grow it inside, it will yield around 500g per square meter.

Medical Uses

Alice in Wonderland is effective for managing symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among other mental illnesses. The indication for this drug is due to its effect on the user’s mood. It has a pain-relieving impact, thus it is commonly prescribed for injured patients and those who suffer from chronic pain due to diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, and arthritis. Alice in Wonderland strain is excellent for those who want to gain weight because, like other strains of weed, it improves appetite. In addition, this strain relieves disorders of the digestive tract including constipation.

Side Effects

The adverse effects from Alice in Wonderland are not much different than other cannabis strains. Alice in Wonderland induces severe thirst and dryness of both the mouth and eyes. To combat this dryness, you should drink lots of water before and after smoking. By doing so quickly alleviates these symptoms. If one were to take too much cannabis, they would also feel an increased dose of anxiety and dizziness. Make sure you take a regular amount of Alice in Wonderland to avoid these negative side effects and enjoy the fun this strain brings.

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If you enjoy outdoor activities and want to add some more fun, Alice in Wonderland strain is the best supplement you need. This strain gives you an intense feeling of relaxation and heightens your curiosity and attention span. However, it is necessary to know the extent of your marijuana tolerance level if you plan on using weed to prevent adverse effects. Being a beginner can make it hard to know your limits. To avoid the side effects of smoking cannabis, start small and increase your puffs strategically to prevent symptoms. Keep in mind that the sale and use of marijuana are illegal in some regions and should only be consumed by adults. Purchase Alice in Wonderland from a licensed and trusted dealer. It should be consumed by adults only in countries that have legalized the sale of marijuana products.

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