Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction

What Is Alien Abduction?

Produced through the mating of two-parent strains, Alien OG and Alien Dawg Indica, Alien Abduction has become a prized addition to Ocean Grown Seeds. The company took its time in obtaining this type’s pollen so that their final result wouldn’t disappoint. And, rest assured, they haven’t.

Alien Abduction is an indica-dominant marijuana cultivar with a cannabis Sativa heritage that comes in at 70% indica and 30% Sativa. One of the more potent types on the market, lab tests show an average of 20-29% THC. Medicinally, hemp is a desirable and delicious crop while also providing some beneficial medical use.

Alien Abduction: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

This bud is packed with a whole lot of pungence. The smell of Alien Abduction is pine-scented and very reminiscent of Pine Kush, from the moment you sniff its delicious odor. In addition, it leaves behind a wonderful scent that lingers long after the herb is finished. It has earthy notes that can be overpowering to some people. The bud’s flavor, however, is drastically different than its distinct odor. It tastes lemony and slightly sweet with a nutty undertone that somewhat resembles a cake. Cannabis is dark green, with orange pistils that curl and bend among the sugar leaves. Few things are more breathtaking than the sight of a rainbow.

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The frost on these sugar leaves is so thin it’s almost invisible and beautifully stark when the light hits. They glimmer and shine like high-end jewelry in a display case, which is part of what makes the marijuana strain so appealing to the eyes.

Alien Abduction Grow Info:

This strand of marijuana has been praised by cannabis cultivators for its high success rate on germination, and also because there are many superior phenotypes available for purchase. When growing alien abduction plants, there are a few tips amateur cultivators can use to ensure healthy plants and plentiful harvests. The most important tip is to top the plant off with nutrients at least every three weeks when not in bloom. In addition, due to its indica-dominant nature, Alien Abduction is not especially tall, but rather produces quite a wide stretch. So while space requirements for growing don’t need to be expansive, a wide location is necessary to grow more than one crop.

Ocean Grown Seeds seem to have developed a high breeding standard with this plant, which is relatively resistant to common molds and diseases. The design of this tree will require regular grooming, trimming, and training to support its weight. The “double A” can also be grown indoors or outdoors, as long as the right climate conditions are available.

Outdoors, Alien Abduction prefers a warm, humid environment where there is plenty of sunshine and light to reach its lower-lying leaves and short stature. Indoors, a sufficient ventilation system needs to be maintained while an indoor environment is created that mimics the climate of the plant’s natural outdoor setting.

The only downside to an Alien Abduction is that it could benefit from a long day with more natural sunlight, except during flowers’ flowering period when the light should be switched to the 12/12 cycle instead. The flowering time for this cannabis strain is around 8-9 weeks and the yields are not very high, but they are also extremely potent so just a small amount goes a long way. To produce 10-11 ounces of usable bud per meter squared, one should expect an indoor harvest to typically measure 10-11 ounces. Outdoor yields are expected to be on par with this average for each plant at 13 ounces per plant.

Since the THC content of this plant is rather high, trimming this crop is very time-consuming. Bring along pliers instead of manicure scissors, rubbing alcohol to cleanse the skin, and a small bottle of coconut oil to remove any goo. Sharpening your scissors often and getting used to the feeling of sticky fingers—that’s a tell-tale sign that your crop will be good.

Alien Abduction Effects:

Alien Abduction gives the feeling of being abducted by aliens. Some people might not find this so cool because of their fear and anxiety over meeting with otherworldly beings, but the high can transport you into another universe. It is extremely Stoney and heavy, capable of full-on melting the body into deep couch-lock and serenity, all while keeping the mind focused and creative.

You can create some excellent artwork with this cannabis strain, or briefly focus on busywork. But do not expect to be moving around much after smoking it – after you smoke this cannabis strain, you most likely will not want to move around too much. The marijuana plant is more suited to late nights than early mornings. Unless you plan to spend the day doing nothing and not have any plans, don’t smoke this marijuana. It won’t be worth it and you could use your time/money on something else.

Your cannabis experience is personal – but we’re just providing you with a suggestion. Emotionally, Alien Abduction will have you smiling and giggling at times – it’s almost like the game was abducting your normal emotions. You may find yourself laughing at something that’s not all that funny or humorous. It will likely be something you can make funnier with your creative new perspective on the event – and tomorrow morning, it won’t even seem so funny to you. As doctors always say, laughter is the best medicine. And since this medicine costs nothing, you might as well enjoy some while using cannabis for pain relief.

Medical Benefits of Alien Abduction:

Although Alien Abduction isn’t excessively wide-spanning or multi-dimensional for medicinal use, it can be useful in treating a list of different medical challenges when they’re otherwise untreatable by other strains. Those who suffer from these ailments swear by this marijuana strain because they believe that it is tailored directly to them.

The double-A is effective for boosting your appetite (reversing a lack of hunger), minimizing nausea, and inducing sleep in those with trouble being able to fall asleep. It is beneficial for those who have been diagnosed with anorexia/bulimia and insomnia.

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One important aspect of the alien abduction process is that it often induces sleep, which is extremely helpful for patients getting chemotherapy or radiation. Someone who lives with chronic pain, headaches/migraines, back pain, arthritis, or joint pain can also get relief from Alien Abduction’s high THC content.

For those interested in a smoke-free option, some dispensaries carry cannabis strains made into edibles, tinctures, extracts, and gummies. Mental illnesses, too, like depression and stress can see some benefit. This is because Alien Abduction completely numbs a person’s body into relaxation. You are so relaxed that you forget about your worries for the time being (when the sensation starts to wear off). This marijuana strain is not medically well-rounded, but it does have great effects for the intended purpose.

Possible Side Effects of Alien Abduction:

Abducting aliens have been shown to cause dry mouth and dehydration. Medical drugs can have a diverse set of side effects, some more common than others. One easy way to combat the feelings of unease and dizziness that come with wearing contacts is by drinking plenty of fluids. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your first smoke. You’ll want to have a filled, close-by water bottle for when you’re enjoying that couch lock.

Our bodies are 60% water which is an important part of our anatomy. Remembering to hydrate yourself can help fight off dehydration and cottonmouth (a nasty feeling when your mouth becomes dry).On rarer occasions, paranoia or a headache may occur. While this is not common, it should still be taken seriously. All things considered, cannabis with a high THC content like Alien Abduction has fewer negative side effects than other strains.

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