Blackberry Tahoe Strain

Blackberry Tahoe Strain

This particular hybrid crossbreed of Blueberry and an OG clone from Lake Tahoe became highly desired quickly after hitting the shelf. The pungent Diesel-like fragrance from the enormous dense clusters of resin glands resembles that of the pure OG Kush but with a distinctive sweet overtone.

Whoever cloned this plant and preserved these unique wonderful genetics had true cannabis wisdom. Sometimes certain strains are elite in nature due to their high THC content, ability to yield an abundant quality product, or because of their exotic and unique aromas and terpenes.

blackberry tahoe strain

Blueberry genetics have been famous for many years and are known for their superior traits. The original Hindu Kush variety is a potent indica with high cannabinoid and THC levels. These varieties and particular coveted phenotypes have been used to breed some of the worlds most exotic, potent and sought-after strains. It is truly a mystery as to who bred the original Ocean Grown Kush, perhaps passed down from ancient tribes who recognized certain flowers that were superior among themselves. Like a white elephant or an albino some ganja is rare –  something profound and magnificent, something that will change the lives for the better of those lucky consumers. Especially when grown with love and passion and responsibility.

The Blueberry Tahoe has a 9-week flowering cycle and requires 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark each day. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and should finish around October if planted in the Spring. The strain, 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa, has a strong taste and results in a heavy cerebral high.

blackberry tahoe strain


The Blackberry strain is a frosty and slightly purple-hued bud that resembles the berry for which it was named. It even has a delicious berry flavor, along with refreshingly earthy and sweet undertones. This strain is known for its energetic and upbeat high, and is great for morning or afternoon use.

This mouth-watering hybrid is one of the marijuana world’s go-to strains for a genuinely delicious smoke that will leave you feeling blissfully cerebral for hours. Not to be confused with the much heavier Blackberry Kush, today’s bud is a taste sensation with a stunning balance of sativa and indica properties.

If you haven’t yet sampled the wonder that is Blackberry, stick around to find out what you are missing as we delve right into what makes this bud a favorite!

What is Blackberry?

Blackberry originates from a Dutch company known as Nirvana Seeds, first hitting the market in 2009. The company decided to cross their Raspberry Cough with a potent indica clone known as Black Domina. As a result, we have this fruity bud offering a sativa buzz with a tantalizing pull of indica.

The THC levels of Blackberry are pretty impressive at between 20-26%, making it a nice strong bud, while the hybrid balance levels things out making it great for those who are less experienced smokers as well.

Blackberry is widely accessible in California particularly and is a go-to medical strain for its mind-body relaxation perfect for anxiety, depression, and stress as well as chronic pain.

Blackberry Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

Up there with some of the most stunning buds on the market, Blackberry is a sight to behold. Offering frosty buds with a purple tinge, you will be able to spot this one a mile off!

The structure of this flower is tight and narrow, typically found in sativa strains, but the frosty buds with vibrant orange pistils and more trichomes than you would know what to do with make it a stand outgrow.

When it comes to aroma and flavor, Blackberry steals the show with fruity notes of fresh berries and a fuel undertone – this one is particularly mouth-watering. At first smell, you will pick up on strong notes of fruit and almost a fresh scent of nature and earth. Upon inhaling you will be hit with a fusion of sweet, fruity berries, which will 100% have you coming back for more!

We would recommend that those looking to cultivate Blackberry for themselves do so indoors, however, be warned that this beauty is pungent, so if discretion is necessary you may want to consider your options.

For those who can afford to grow this wonderful plant, you will benefit from decent yields that are usually around 400-500g/m². Be prepared for those stunning color changes towards the end of flowering as the leaves take on a dark purple hue and the buds become a deep shade of green, it is a sight to behold! Flowering is usually between 9-11 weeks.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry

Blackberry is an interesting strain. While it is a pretty balanced hybrid it certainly airs on the sativa side when it comes to effects. If you are looking for a sedating bud, this may not be the one for you; instead, you will be met with a boost of energy, and a cerebral high that is long lasting.

Many sufferers of anxiety, depression, and stress reach for Blackberry as it does light work of boosting your mood and leaving you feeling sociable and full of energy for hours, making it a wonderful daytime strain.

Despite the thick smoke, the effects are very clear-headed and so shouldn’t stop anyone from getting on with their day. However, there are indeed some noticeable indica undertones that lurk, leaving you relaxed as well as energetic, and could lend itself to a good night sleep after a jam-packed day.

The numbing body effects of this flower are ideal for chronic pain sufferers as well!

Possible Side Effects of Blackberry

When it comes to side effects of Blackberry, we can only really give the usual disclaimer. There have been no worrying symptoms associated with this bud, but we would recommend newbies tread carefully, and go in a little at a time to avoid any unwanted highs.

Users may experience dry mouth and eyes, and we would not recommend anyone reaching for Blackberry in replacement of their medication without speaking to a doctor.

Final Thoughts – Is Blackberry on Your List?

Whether you are a newbie to the pot world or love a regular hit of your favorite flower, Blackberry is just one of those buds you HAVE to try!

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  1. Strain Cainers

    Flavor wise this strain is honestly amazing, it genuinely taste like blackberry and sweet to. But it’s states it’s a indica but personally it feels like a hybrid. For me when I hit it my body felt lazy like a indica but for some reason I just couldn’t stop talking like I just smoked a sativa. You get best of the both worlds. Also good as a social strain to be in a group setting everything becomes funny.

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