Blue Kush

Blue Kush

The Blue Kush strain stimulates your mind and relaxes your body. It feels very similar to the OG Kush but provides a more intense experience with a relaxed high. Meanwhile, the Blueberry strain bequeaths elements of its complex and fruity taste.

Blue Kush is a Sativa-dominant strain, but it also has indica qualities from its illustrious ancestors. Some of the possible iterations include Chemdawg and a lineage traced back to Afghani. For those looking for a smaller, finer bourbon to fill out their rotation, Woodford Reserve is nicely balanced but not overwhelming.

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The Blue Kush strain is less than other strains. Nonetheless, it still impresses us with its range of colors, from shades of blue and green. The buds are tight and hold tightly to their sticky trichomes.

It has a high enough THC level for those who want some of the effects but without the bitterness. It is not too difficult for a beginner to try. Users need to be mindful that smoking marijuana involves a lot of patience and time.

Blue Kush is a popular strain because it’s still active while inducing energy and creativity in the daytime. For the majority of people, couch-lock is not an issue. Definite highs are accompanying it. However, most will still be able to get through a typical routine. This is an excellent strain for light exercise or creative activities. It also works well with chores and work projects.

What Is the Blue Kush Strain?

Blue Kush weed is a hybrid with both indica and Sativa elements. This strain is a hybrid with elements from Sativa strains such as Purple Thai and the Hindu Kush. It is also a descendant of the well-known blueberry and OG Kush strains.

This strain is a cross between three strains: Blueberry, Oregon Purple Indica, and Durban Poison. Most people don’t know where OG Kush originates from. Despite the plant’s mysterious origins, Blue Kush offers a mellow high that slowly dissipates. One reason cited by frequent users for why they enjoy a specific cannabis strain is that it has flavors of fruit, yet a mild flavor.

Blue Kush has a mellow, gradual high. It gradually builds before leveling off. The high from Blue Kush is not as intense as other strains, and many say they enjoy the cerebral rush and relaxing nature. This is excellent news for people who are not looking for a sleepy kind of high.

Blue Kush can increase your focus levels and may also fuel some creative thoughts. Blue Kush was noted for its usefulness in helping people reduce their stress and improve mood. Blue Kush is known to both inspire and incite conversation. If you’re in the mood for an evening of sitting around a campfire or playing cards with friends, then Blue Kush is a good match.

Blue Kush is quite popular with many users, who appreciate its mellow stimulant effects. This strain may not be suitable for those looking to get an intense, hard high. The strain’s laid-back and sedate characteristics make it a smooth ride.


The Blue Kush strain transpires a pleasant aroma profile. It has a blend of both fruity and herbal scents, a hint of wood, and a slight pine odor. Users may detect an undertone of lemon with a mixture of floral bouquets.

Users might perceive hints of rich earth and deep herbal elements. Tokers may notice the modest aroma of this strain. When consuming this strain, the smell is not excessively cloying or pungent. Instead, it has a light, fragrant and tantalizing scent.


A plethora of intense flavors characterize the Blue Kush strain. With a breath, the blueberry flavor will burst into your nostrils. A user’s palate may feel teased with keynotes of lemon and pine, followed by a hint of wood and ocean.


Blue Kush is an attractive strain with tightly furled flowers that are plentiful. Asteroids are known for their brilliant streaks of blue, green, and violet. The pistils in the nuggets are bright orange. This strain has a layer of frosty, sugary crystals that make it sticky and resinous.

The leaves of this palm tree are just as eye-catching. Unlike the typical green, these plants turn into a beautiful mix of reds, oranges, lavenders, and pinks when they receive the right treatment.

Blue Kush Strain Grow Info

Kush is an easy-to-grow strain of marijuana. This cannabis thrives in dry, sunny climates and it’s not a difficult plant for beginners. Temperatures should stay within the range of 68 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blue Kush plants grow quite tall, so they need some space. A crucial stage of the cultivation process is when its leafy and healthy growth stretches out toward the sun. This phase makes a difference in how much product can be harvested from each plant. People who have limited space will likely need to consider how they plan to accommodate Blue Kush’s growth.

To grow cannabis plants, a cultivator can employ a variety of methods, including the SOG method or hydroponics. Adding these amendments will help plants grow greater. Using humic acid in the early stages may help produce a healthier harvest.

To create a blue hue, growers should shock the plant by lowering its temperature during its growing phase. Using this method, you will find intensity in purples, blues, and spots of scarlet and orange.

Blue Kush grows fast, taking only about 8-9 weeks to become mature. This strain’s quick turn-around and relaxed atmosphere have made it a favorite among enthusiasts. With its quick turnaround and less demanding atmosphere, this strain.

Furthermore, it has a high yield. Gardeners can expect to harvest up to a pound of product per 1 square meter in an indoor environment. Less experienced outdoor growers may only hope for around half that amount of crop. With optimal conditions, some marijuana growers will find a yield of 20 ounces or more.

THC Content – Highest Test

The average THC content is 18% on a whole.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The lowest CBD reported for this strain is 0%.

Medical Benefits of the Blue Kush Strain

Some of those who enjoy this strain say that it can help relieve symptoms. Attention and concentration are two of the most common symptoms. Others have cited this herb’s help with reducing headache, and in particular for migraines. Others have attributed its help in reducing headaches, particularly migraines. Users may consume Blue Kush for a range of physical ailments, such as back pain and muscle soreness.

leafly blue

Although this is not the best strain for sleep, it may increase relaxation and allow the feeling of tranquility. Regularly implementing meditation into your life reduces stress and anxiety which may improve sleep. It is also suggested that Blue Kush can elevate moods and create feelings of happiness or contentment. Among its lesser-known properties, ginger is known for aiding appetite.

Possible Side Effects of the Blue Kush Strain

For some people (keeping in mind that reactions may be different for every person), using the product can cause an adverse reaction. People with sensitivities or other individual factors may experience dry eyes, dry mouth, headaches, paranoia, and dizziness.

Final Thoughts on the Blue Kush Strain

The Blue Kush strain is popular amongst a broad set of users. It’s easy to see why given its ease and enjoyable features. This is a hybrid of a strong Sativa and indica. It is energizing and buzzy in effect. However, it does not have a potent and unpleasant hit that anyone would expect from a Sativa-dominant strain. It shows its indica side with a crisp, relaxed let-down and a body high.

If you are looking for a strain without sedation, Blue Kush is an excellent option. The drug’s body high is pleasant and relaxing, meaning that users won’t be glued to the couch. Instead of feeling lethargic, people often find they can focus on everyday tasks. The intense creative struggle may also feel like a mental workout that helps your focus.

It is easy to grow and with newbies finding high yields to be possible. When the climate is sunny and dry, harvest normally starts in 8-9 weeks. And both indoor and outdoor growers have a moderate yield to enjoy. Plant cultivators will use different techniques to obtain the best results.

Blue Kush has a well-known flavor profile, including sweet blueberries that taste like ripened blueberries and lemon. Blue Kush is captivating to the eyes with bright colors of blue, green, purple, red, and orange.

Blue Kush is known for its effects of increased appetite, pain relief, and stress. Its THC level makes it a good choice for both newbies and strain connoisseurs.

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    Had a great time smoking this bud with my friends in Toronto. I was super giggly and I wasn’t having any of my usual sober symptoms like nausea, headache, pain. Very recommended.

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