Blueberry OG Cannabis Strain

The Blue OG is a heavy indica that isn’t particularly powerful. However, it is well-known for its effects among users. It may help reduce anxiety and tension while also reducing inflammation and discomfort symptoms. It has a gentle body high with a smooth let down and a hint of fresh, delicious blueberries.

There are several types with a well-known reputation – the traditional mainstays that, when you’re perplexed at the shop, you can count on. However, what happens if we mix some of these trustworthy and reliable strains that everyone loves and trusts?

The Blueberry OG strain is a good example of this – two well-known, classic strains combined to generate something completely new yet very familiar. Let’s take a look at the Blueberry OG strain to see if it can live up to the hype surrounding its famous parents.

What is the Blueberry OG Strain?

The Blueberry OG strain was created by crossing the DJ Short Blueberry plant with OG Kush, one of the most well-known marijuana strains. You instantly recall an odd mix of both powerful, fresh blueberries and the classic dank flavor of the OG family of marijuana when you hear Blueberry OG.

The Blueberry component of this strain’s genes, on the other hand, actually belongs to DJ Short Blueberry, which is a little different from the classic Blueberry strain that fans of fruity strains are likely to be acquainted with. This Blueberry offshoot was spliced and combined and combined again until the tastes were thoroughly concentrated and hybridized, resulting in an exceptionally powerful Blueberry taste and large amounts of THC.

When combined with the legendary indica parent OG Kush, you get a hybrid that retains the tastes of both parent plants while also delivering a profoundly aware yet entirely different sort of high. You’ll immediately notice a delicious sensation of euphoric rush when you take your first puff of Blueberry OG, generating a powerful sensation of lightheadedness and the feeling of being lifted off the ground.

You’ll hit the road a bit sluggishly at first, but as you realize that there isn’t a single ounce of stress or worry left in your entire body, you’ll reach an incredibly strong and beautiful rush of calm, relaxed sensation that you won’t be able to recall ever feeling before.

You’ll be able to focus on any tasks you have left to do at the end of the day while simultaneously maintaining a genuinely pleased expression, which will give you a thoroughly uplifted, yet strangely focused attitude toward everything around you.

This strain has a very distinctive characteristic, which is the urge to simply keep talking after only a little bit of smoking it. If you’re into a group that’s all about sharing Blueberry OG, your conversation will appear to go on for hours, discussing everything and anything with one another.

If you are the only one utilizing Blueberry OG, your pals will find you rambling continuously, as well as unable to shut you up. So, for the sake of everyone else’s sanity, make sure you just ever smoke Blueberry OG in the presence of other like-minded individuals. You don’t want to be a bore. What about its taste and fragrance? Is there the same level of intensity in terms of Blueberries and dank OG diesel that is typical?


This strain, like the name implies, has a fruity aroma. As would be expected from a strain called Blueberry OG, this marijuana has the instantly noticeable first scent of fresh blueberries.

Blueberry OG is the newest edition of a strain that has been around for decades, and it’s gotten great feedback. The name Blueberry comes from the old Blueberry variety, simply known as “Blueberry.” In contrast to the fresh, exploding blueberries on your tongue, the aroma of Blueberry OG is more complex. It also contains scents from the woods surrounding the berries as well as nature itself.

The distinct flavor of rich clods of earth, packed full of life and vibrancy, is overpowered by the unique quality of brilliant lumps of dirt, which are brimming with vitality. The scent only deepens as you pop the buds open, delivering thick undertones of other berries, with an occasional sourness and diesel note that is instantly identifiable as originating from OG Kush.


The obvious first flavor of G13 is one of the blueberries. On your tongue, bright, dancing blueberries with rich, teeming juice that runs across your mouth and makes you salivate physically. The earthiness, on the other hand, is far more apparent than in its scent; immediately striking you with that robust taste of dirt as well as just a little bit of peat.

The firm and always familiar OG Kush flavor comes from the back of your throat, where it’s hidden by the initial wave of tart yet sweet blueberries. These two major tastes combine and merge together constantly to produce this burst of powerful taste that makes you dizzy as you spin about.


Surprisingly, the color of this quite potent strain isn’t particularly apparent. It’s a bright green with lots of yellow like a sun-dappled wood seen through the clouds, although it also has traces of darker hues such as purple and even, on rare occasions, a little bit of rusty red.

The Blueberry OG buds are medium-sized and rather compact, with the Blueberry OG strain looking like your typical marijuana bud with a few more colorful features to help it stand out. However, if this strain is subjected to cooler temperatures, such as during the drying phase of cannabis production, a few samples can become even more vibrant, especially if they are exposed to colder chambers during the process.

This is a sought-after flower, but finding it at your local dispensary may be difficult. The best approach to cultivate this uncommonly attractive color variety is to grow your own Blueberry OG.

Blueberry OG Strain Grow Info

Blueberry OG seeds are extremely hard to come by in the cannabis world. This is due to the fact that Blueberry parent’s original growers, DJ Short, keep the seeds copyright very firmly, making it difficult to locate any usable seeds as a consequence of their scarcity. Instead, try growing from a clone if you can get your hands on one; this plant thrives exceptionally well from a cloned cutting.

It is possible to cultivate cannabis either indoors or outdoors, but keep in mind that it should be pruned regularly since the plant develops like a thick, prickly bush, causing it to overshadow the lower branches of the plant.

Finally, if you want to maintain the lovely color quality that many Blueberry strains have, you must chill it for a few days prior to blooming. Although this is easiest done while growing indoors since the temperature of the room may simply be changed, if you cultivate it outside, you may wish for colder weather.

Expect a large harvest after 8 to 10 weeks, especially if you paid close attention to the nutritional demands of your Blueberry OG during its early development – it prefers a little more nitrogen than other strains, so keep it well-fertilized and cheerful. Once your Blueberry OG is fully developed, what kind of cannabinoids will you get from the end product?

THC and CBD Content – Highest Test

Blueberry OG cannabis is well-known for its potency, as well as the various effects it produces. What isn’t 100% certain, on the other hand, is the THC content of this strain.

According to certain growers and testers, this strain has a whopping 24% THC concentration, while others claim that it has an almost 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, focusing on its extremely low 16% THC content.

From the high alone, it appears that the THC content of Blueberry OG isn’t excessive because it doesn’t cause much psychosis or any other severe responses. nHowever, the potency of Blueberry OG is self-evident, demonstrating without a doubt that it does contain more THC than most comparable crossbreds. The precise CBD content of the Blueberry OG strain is even less clear than its THC quantity.

Blueberry OG is a popular strain for its high CBD content. Some people swear by the Blueberry OG’s CBD-rich effects, claiming that it has a considerable 13% CBD and is ideal for treating inflammation and other CBD-curable diseases. However, many others claim that there isn’t any CBD in it at all and that it doesn’t appear to have any beneficial properties other than its outstanding high.

So, what are the medical advantages of this plant? What kind of treatment choices does the Blueberry OG strain provide?

Medical Benefits of the Blueberry OG Strain

When trying to determine the cannabinoid concentration of a particular strain as well as its likely parentage, it’s quite beneficial to be able to look at its typical medical effects because they usually reveal what our marijuana is comprised of.

It’s reasonable to assume that Blueberry OG is mostly rich in THC with at least some CBD content due to its apparent effects.

Blueberry OG is one of the most powerful strains, and it’s important to remember that CBD concentration varies considerably from strain to strain. Blueberry OG is especially potent when it comes to treating depression and stress, suggesting a decent amount of CBD. This strain’s lengthy high is ideal for relieving any and all worries, stress or anxiety you may have throughout the day.

Furthermore, this strain is highly effective in the treatment of chronic headaches and inflammation, as well as a variety of other ailments caused by pain, particularly long-term pain from a chronic disease.

The wide range of Blueberry OG’s medical benefits makes it an excellent strain to use as a general treatment for a variety of ailments, not just as a painkiller. It also aids in the improvement of your mood and makes life just a little more bearable than it might have been before.

Of course, with any beneficial strain of marijuana comes a few negative effects; so, what are the Blueberry OG strain’s side effects?

Possible Side Effects

To get the most obvious point out of the way first, this strain is known to produce a lot of dry mouth and eyes, resulting in significant, apparent chapping to your lips and eyelids that will need frequent dampness with cold water to relieve.

The most undesirable and noticeable negative effects of Blueberry OG are the elevated levels of anxiety that it produces. While many strains with high quantities of cannabinoids have been found to be useful in treating anxiety, this strain is one that, sadly, causes anxiety.

While this is most evident if you already suffer from anxiety, many users have reported brief bouts of anxiety and worrisome thoughts after taking BHO, so keep in mind not to smoke too much at once.

Additionally, you should anticipate some dizziness after your first puff of this powerful strain; while it is not nearly as bad as being barraged by a barrage of bongs, this feeling of dizziness might frighten some people if they are unfamiliar with it.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of strong, flavorful strains available that are well worth sampling – from the classic, always-present OG Kush to more exotic varieties with names no one has ever heard of; finding a comprehensive list of strains you must try is usually difficult.

One of the easiest methods to get started is to choose strains that have been created from well-known strains – ones that have been designed with strong tastes and powerful effects in mind. It’s well worth it to give Blueberry OG a try if you’re searching for a strongly effective, yet still highly delicious strain.

You can get a nice boost to your overall energy when you combine Blackout with Blueberry, or any other strain that complements the combination. It won’t knock you out, and it won’t provide transcendent, psychedelic visions, but it will offer a fantastic high that is backed up by delectable Blueberry and dank, earthy notes.

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