Crème Rose Cannabis Strain

The Crème Rose strain has a murky history. What we do know is that it raises one’s spirits. Its drowsy, intoxicating effects are reminiscent of those of LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, and its potency might be challenging for novices. It’s used to treat tension, sadness, and chronic pain by people who use marijuana.

Despite the fact that there is so much information about marijuana on the Internet, there are still many unknown strains. There are usually several unconfirmed theories regarding the origin of strains on the Internet, as it is. The Crème Rose strain, for example, is difficult to come by.

What is the Crème Rose Strain?

Crème Rose’s ancestry is a mystery. There’s a variety from Aficionado Seeds, a cross between Ghost OG, Crème Brulee, and Rose Especial. The breeder has halted the sale of these seeds, though. We’ve also seen Crème Rose #2 on the internet, which appears to be the same genetic make-up as the Aficionado Seeds version.

It appears that Crème Rose is a sativa-dominant cross. Users claim that the euphoric high sneaks up on them unsuspectingly. They feel calm yet rejuvenated before they realize what’s going on. As the euphoria takes hold, you may anticipate a grin to spread across your face.

The 15 percent THC content of this strain produces a moderate euphoric and pleasant body high. The indica dominance of this strain becomes obvious after a while, as the 15% THC content produces a moderate euphoric and pleasant body high. The only thing you want to do now is close your eyes and drift off gently to sleep.


The first smell you’ll notice when opening the Crème Rose bag is an earthy scent. The fragrance becomes more powerful once you ground the buds. Floral scents, including roses, are present in droves. Some people claim to detect citrus undertones as well.


The tangy-sweet flavor is generally appealing and addicting for most people. The fruitiness grows more apparent on the exhale.Appearance

The Crème Rose variety’s outward appearance is unamazing. It has mottled green leaves and orange pistils, as well as normal-shaped buds with flecks of purple. You may occasionally come across little purple specks, but this is a rare occurrence. This strain has an average number of trichomes throughout the harvest period.

Crème Rose Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Getting Crème Rose cannabis seeds, on the other hand, is quite difficult now. We were unable to discover any respectable seed bank that offered this strain. Furthermore, obtaining cuttings from mature plants to produce clones is tough.

The majority of individuals who have cultivated Crème Rose claim that it grows well both inside and outside.

Those who have grown Crème Rose in the past claim that it is not difficult to grow it indoors or outside. It’s ideal if you want to cultivate outside, so expose the plant to a warm and sunny environment with a reasonable humidity level. By the end of September, outdoor-grown Crème Rose is generally ready for harvest, giving an average yield.

Indoor growing Crème Rose allows you to manage the feeding and environment. It has a lot of lateral growth and can get bushly. As a result, you should trim it occasionally to ensure that all portions of the plant are exposed to light. It is a hungry plant, so give it lots of nitrogen during the vegetative stage. Its flowering period is 7-8 weeks long, and it generates an average yield according on reports. The THC concentration in Crème Rose is about 20%. CBD Content – Highest Test

Medical Benefits of the Crème Rose Strain

Cannabis indica is a strain to try if you suffer from anxiety or stress. You’ll probably feel completely calm and at ease with yourself after a few smokes. You may even forget about whatever is weighing you down for a time. People who are depressed may experience feelings of pleasure that they haven’t felt in a long time.

Although there are no studies to support this, it is a possibility that crème rose has pain-relieving effects. Back discomfort and arthritis can benefit from it. It’s worth thinking about if you have sleeplessness since this strain is capable of putting people to sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Crème Rose Strain

Crème Rose, on the other hand, has been linked to the following undesirable effects of cannabis in people: dry eyes and mouth. The high might take some time to work. As a result, some individuals overuse it as a result of their frustration at not feeling anything. Users may get anxious, dizzy, and headaches as a result of this.

Final Thoughts

The Crème Rose strain is a rather plain-looking plant. However, it has a lovely flavor to go along with its light fragrance. People who use medical marijuana frequently consume it to boost their mood, alleviate pain, and help them fall asleep. It’s difficult to come by Crème Rose cuttingtendencies, much alone seeds. If you do find some, you’ll discover that they are simple to grow.

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