Double OG Marijuana Strain Information

Double OG Marijuana Strain Information

Double OG is a very potent indica-dominant strain that combines genetics from Big Bud, Afgoo, and regional favorite SFV OG Kush. Possibly named for the double dose of Afghani dance in its background (it’s a building block for both Afgoo and Big Bud), this strain is a true knockout. It’s tailor-made for lazy, hazy days or evenings on the couch. Double OG’s THC content has been evaluated at between 16% and 26%.

Double OG’s flowers are very visually impressive, with a tendency toward large to jumbo-sized buds that may be passed on from parent strain Big Bud. These hugs nugs cling together in a characteristically dense indica structure, with leaves curling tightly inward. The leaves themselves are a vibrant spring green and are twisted through with yellow and orange pistils. Finally, icy white trichomes cap off these already colorful flowers, accounting for their high potency.

Flowers of OG give off a mellow, earthy scent of wood. This aroma is complemented by some tangy fumes of diesel. Meanwhile, grinding up the bud’s compact flowers yields notes of skunk, possed due to the Skunk #1 in Big Bud’s background. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Double OG gives off a smoke that may be harsh and acrid, triggering coughing. The smoke tastes sour with some pungent diesel on the exhale.

Double OG


Breeder: The breeder is currently unknown. 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Genetics: Double Og cannabis strain is a cross of SFV OG and Big BudAfgoo.



Ever since the original appearance of OG Kush, many different phenotypes of this strain have surfaced with desirable traits. The cut that was being passed around the San Fernando Valley that would be referred to as SFV OG comes from Swerve of The Cali Connection. As that original cut was clone-only, Swerve would continue to cultivate the strain eventually mixing it with Afghan #1. Afghan #1 is a cross of two landrace Indica strains from Afghanistan. Selecting a good male and female, Swerve proceeded to back-cross his way way to a stable F4 line that he calls SFV OG Kush.

Taking third place in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup’s Indica category, this strain tends to smell and taste like fruit and skunk. As it can be a harsh smoke, many patients recommend vaporizing SFV OG Kush. This pure Indica strain starts in the head, relieving worries, and slowly washes over the rest of the body, numbing out pain. For most the strain does not start out overtly heavy but as it tapers off, after two to three hours, it may cause users to become weighed down and tired. Some users also get the munchies from this strain.

San Fernando Valley OG Kush can be very tricky to grow but according to Swerve should just be fed lots of nutrients. Swerve prefers to grow this strain using the reverse osmosis water growing method and keeps the pH between 6.0 and 6.5. For maximum yield, Swerve recommends letting plants flower a full ten weeks though she can be harvested as early as eight. Plants should also be allowed vegetate for at least 20 days and super-cropped so that they branch out more. Some soil growers have stated that SFV OG Kush needs less nutrients and stable temperatures to do well.

Big BudAfgoo

This marijuana strain is a hybrid spawn from the ancestry of Big Bud and Afghan Kush. The plant of this strain is typically categorized as a large plant that comprised of extremely thick stems and broad leaves. Afghan Big Bug carries a dense shape, like that of a Big Bud but it also maintains the unique taste of Afghan Kush, thus becoming a strain that carries the best properties of both the plants. It provides a relatively quick high also has a tendency to dispense within two hours of consumption. Carrying a THC level of 12.8 percent and CBD level of 0.5 percent, this strain is known to lessen any chronic pain a person might be suffering from without providing with a worn down or tired feeling. Feelings associated with consumption of Afghan Big Bud are classified as happy and uplifting and somewhat euphoric. This strain is believed to be effective for most types of chronic pain including migraines, extreme amounts of stress, anxiety disorders, nausea and lack of appetite. This strain can produce a dry mouth and potential paranoia in some cases but the effects of marijuana strains vary for each individual. However, the pros of Afghan Big Bud are enough to make it a popular strain along with the pain relief effects that it offers.

Grow information

Double OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that develops into short, bushy plants with broad fan leaves that require regular topping. Double OG grows well in both indoor and outdoor settings, though outdoor gardens require semi-humid climates with warmer, sunny temperatures. Double OG reaches full maturity in eight to nine weeks and may require structural support to heft up the weight of its heavy flowers.

Double OG is only available in clone form.


Double OG’s sedative effects can also have applications for medical cannabis patients. IT can temporarily distract from the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also dull physical pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to diseases like fibromyalgia or arthritis. As noted, in the right circumstances, Double OG can be a powerful sleep aid for those with insomnia. Because it is not likely to cause intense bouts of recursive thinking, Double OG is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Seeds of Double OG are not available online. As such, prospective home growers must obtain clones (grown from clippings of existing plants) from a trusted source. The strain can be grown indoors or out, although successful outdoor cultivation calls for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants of Double OG tend to grow short and bushy, with strong lateral branching. Growers should occasionally “top” their crops by trimming away broad fan leaves that can block light and air from nourishing any low-growing flowering nodes. Finally, once these plants mature and begin to flower, growers should support the branches with stakes or dowels to prevent them from drooping under the weight of these very large flowers.

Consumers should note that while Double OG is relaxing, it can be too potent for total newcomers to cannabis. For more experienced smokers, though, it can be a luxurious treat at the end of a long day or week of work.

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  1. Jazzy420

    I expected would love this strain, but it underwhelms, at least in cartridge form. I normally vape at low temp. But this one I have to turn up to high heat for the same relative effect. At medium heat it eventually works, but I tried low heat for multiple sessions and got no high, no buzz, nothing. Other strains from the same brand (Legion of Bloom) hit as expected, just Double OG works differently for some reason.

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