El Jefe Marijuana Strain

El Jefe Marijuana Strain

aka Jefe OG

Firstly, the El Jefe Strain is actually Spanish for the direct translation to “The Boss”. Secondly, the El Jefe strain is a 70% Indica with an average of 22-25% THC, following in its parents’ footsteps of Abusive OG and Rare Darkness (not to be confused with Rare Dankness). A pure indica that prompted a cerebral buzz and a popular indica known for its sedative qualities.

The effects of this product shouldn’t be overlooked. As these cerebral and euphoric effects take over, you’ll be melting on your couch before you know it. Don’t smoke too much of this if you’re a newcomer to weed because its effects will put you to sleep!

El Jefe strain certainly deserves the name give by containing caked out trichomes. Additionally, it has all sorts of eye-candy, by visually displaying a few hints of the deepest purples and pinks tones spread evenly across the bud. Its name is derived straight from how it looks, just boss.

  • Very bright green in color with a few tints of lavender on the end
  • Absolutely covered in crystals all over the trichomes
  • Light orange hairs that are very small and can’t be seen for the most part due to the caked out buds
  • A gassy and strong indica-dominant strain
  • Smooth, sweet-tasting and pure white ash
  • Caked out nugs that have a purple tint
  • Guaranteed to put you in the couch or bed for a good sleep

Prepare to gain a hefty appetite and start to feel the “munchies” take over

  • Powerful in terms of euphoric effects
  • Uplifting mood to cause you to feel happier
  • It’s best used medicinally after chemo treatment or any pain related injury
  • Especially helps with increasing your appetite
  • Top three in Canada for the best medicinal quality

Appearance, Aroma, Flavor

El Jefe buds are very colorful, chunky, and conical in shape with tiny orange hairs. Their beautiful appearance will excite your taste buds and blow your mind with their spicy, lemony scent.

The hybrid is unusually dark. Its leaves are dense and super sticky with gorgeous frosty trichomes that make it look even more attractive. Its dazzling leaves leave a sultry resin on the fingers when touched.

The buds emit a pungent, but very appealing smell. When smoked, El Jefe leaves a musky, spicy, and somewhat sweet after taste on the tongue. Keep in mind that although this hybrid’s smoke is sweet, it can be a little harsh on the throat.
Going by the hundreds of reviews online, El Jefe’s characteristic high can be described as a full-body calming feeling that induces cheerfulness, mental clarity, and a positive state of mind. However, in high doses the hybrid may make you very sleepy because of its powerful indica genes.

As earlier mentioned, El Jefe comes with a wonderful scent and aroma. The true indica is a great choice for people looking for something tasty and powerful for daytime or evening use.

  • Earthy and floral like a delightful flower.
  • gassy with a hint of diesel.
  • Balanced off by a spicy-citrus aroma similar to black pepper-lemon.
  • A pleasant smoke that tastes extremely gassy, pungent, earthy, and slightly sweet strain but very enjoyable.

 El Jefe Experience

It’s super gutsy to breed a strain of marijuana and call it El Jefe. Like, it’s the chief? Over all the strains? There are a lot of strains. Well, cannabis selection is obviously a matter of taste, but this one is actually the favorite of many consumers. It’s bred from two great marijuana strains, Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1, and its sweet-smelling smoke produces a pleasant and potent full-body buzz. It’s also 22% THC, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Enthusiasts consuming this cannabis will notice a sensuous buzz creeping over them shortly after smoking it. This warm, almost narcotic tingle stretches throughout the consumer’s limbs and lifts away stress, anxiety, and pain.

Giggly lightheartedness tends to arrive too, leading to an exceedingly pleasant state, where a casual state of mind is combined with a heavy, comfortable body. And, though it is an anesthetic Indica-dominant, many enthusiasts will be relieved to find that this cannabis doesn’t immediately knock you out.

Although it certainly can be sedative in the right setting, you can definitely go for a walk without being worried about involuntarily falling asleep on a park bench. This makes it somewhat functional weed, in the sense that it can be great for a lazy afternoon.

Cannabis enthusiasts will be pleased to find El Jefe in shatter form. However, vape format is not available.

El Jefe Effects

El Jefe Strain Bulk is the kind of cannabis strain that’s a perfect mixture between above-average potency, distinctively balanced cerebral and body high, and a delectable flavor. Over the years, this indica-leaning hybrid has made a name for itself across the world for its perfect balance of effects that give the user potent, yet amazingly tasty high.

Smoking El Jefe allows the user to experience a contemplative high that kicks in almost immediately. Although you may feel a little jittery in the beginning, in the right setting, El Jefe can make you chatty and giggly, making the hybrid perfect for social activities.

While El Jefe may induce an extremely meditative high that can last for hours, it is not exceedingly devastating since it perfectly spreads all over the body, combating chronic pain and mental issues.

When smoked or consumed the El Jefe marijuana strain will put the smokers into one of the below moods:

  • Happy
  • Euphoria
  • Pain relief
  • Hungry
  • Sleepy
  • Relaxed

Apart from placing the smoker into the high feelings, the El Jefe strain has been known to treat the following remedies effectively:

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Stress

Enthusiasts of the El Jefe strain have the blow variety of flavors:

  • Pungent Skunk
  • Pine
  • Spicy/Herbal sweet

Being one of the most potent Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strains, the El Jefe strain was bred from the Rare Dankness #1 and the Abusive OG. So far it has managed to hold its self-proclaimed title as the “chief comfortably.” What keeps the enthusiast of El Jefe glued to it, is it’s narcotic and floaty all over the body buzz that is evoked by the herb. The body buzz has been craftily smoothed out by the trace of the Indica genetics. This combination of these two brings about a rich experience, which is profoundly relaxing without making the smoker in any way immobilized. Be careful though, the El Jefe strain is robust and has a THC percentage content range of 22% to 25%. The El Jefe is the best strain for the hardcore cannabis enthusiasts. Not an ideal strain for beginners.  

Traits of El Jefe and El Jefe Seeds

El Jefe is easy to grow. The hybrid grows exceptionally well indoors in a cool and humid environment. It flowers within eight to ten weeks when cultivated indoors and can produce about twelve ounces per square meter.
The El Jefe cannabis plant can grow up to five feet tall. Its buds are a little bigger than average, and the stems are quite sturdy. As such, the plant doesn’t require extra support.

 El Jefe is an unusually dark weed: it’s deep green with occasional flashes of dark purple. It’s also super sticky and has quite noticeable surface trichomes.

The smell is pungent, but quite appealing: it’s spicy, musky, piney, and slightly sweet. Essentially, it’s a more perfumey take on the classic, grassy marijuana smell. The smoke tastes great, but is slightly harsh.

Possible Side Effects

As mentioned before, El Jefe can be a little harsh on the throat. If you’re new to this hybrid, expect slight irritation on the throat and coughing, which may aggravate the dry mouth. However, you can reduce the severity of these reactions by drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Other than dry mouth, El Jefe may also make you dizzy, anxious, and paranoid. The good news is these adverse reactions don’t last too long and are also very mild. Try as much as possible to stay calm when anxiety and paranoia knock at your door. Taking several deep breaths is a great way to calm yourself down.

In general, El Jefe is an amazing indica strain worth giving a shot. It has good-looking buds with tiny orange hairs and smells really good. It creates an extremely calming and relaxing body high and is highly effective at treating a whole range of medical conditions.

El Jefe Medical Benefits

This indica dominant hybrid is the ultimate cannabis strain for mental disorders. It acts almost immediately to treat a myriad of psychological conditions, including PTSD, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

Although El Jefe can provide relief to all these psychological disorders, it’s a powerful cannabis strain that should be used with caution. To avoid overusing THC, stoners are advised to start with a small dose and gradually increase their dosage until they find their sweet spot.

Other medical uses of El Jefe include offering relief to muscle spasms and cramps, anorexia, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorder, migraines, and tremors.

Whether or not this bud is truly the chief is still up for debate, but medical marijuana patients certainly turn to this herb when they need to take charge of their symptoms.

  • Anaesthetic effects of this marijuana could make it handy for those dealing with chronic pain.
  • Relaxing qualities potentially useful for sufferers of stress and anxiety.
  • Hunger-inducing effects may please those with various appetite-disrupting disorders.
  • Relaxing qualities essential for individuals dealing with anxiety and stress.
  • The anesthetic effects of the El Jefe strain makes it a proper remedy for reducing chronic pain.
  • Patients dealing with appetite disrupting disorders can benefit from the hunger-inducing effects of the strain.

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    This strain is a perfect daytime Indica for those seeking relief from pain and an uplifting, euphoric experience. It has that “I don’t care” attitude about it without getting you in your head too much; just enough to keep everything easy going. The frosty buds are dark with Trichomes which give off citrus scents mixed with sweet creamy soapy pine flavors as well as Kush-like undertones.

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