Fruit Punch Strain

Fruit Punch Strain

Fruit Punch strain is a hybrid/sativa dominant cannabis strain that comes from a wide variety of strains all selected for their unique, well known genetics. Its a great strain used during recreational activities and focused creative endeavors.

Its quite possible that the Fruit Punch strain will reach the same levels of notoriety as its parents due to it’s stable genetic lineage, usage and effects that are nothing short of delightful.

Fruit Punch Strain Lineage & Appearance

Fruit Punch is the product of 3 cannabis strains being crossed. Skunk #1, Northern Lights and Haze. Each one is dominant in their own categories of Hybrid, Sativa and Indica making Fruit Punch a well rounded strain. On top of that, the genetics from each parent couldn’t be more solid and world renowned. All 3 stemming from generations of selective genetics and breeding to produce what we have today. Then combined to form 1 unreal strain that we call Fruit Punch.

Fruit Punch Cannabis Flavors & Aroma

The name of this strain is indicative of the flavor and couldn’t be more spot on. I didn’t find Fruit Punch to be sweet as some describe it but the fruity notes that are a bit like pineapple, cherry and citrus are very present.

The aroma of the Fruit Punch strain is a light mixture of berries and citrus with an undertone of earthy pine. By smelling the flower right out of the container you can get the initial floral notes and once you break it up the fruit notes mix with the earthy aroma coming from the mercene and limonene terpenes.

Fruit Punch Strain Effects

Fruit Punch is an ideal strain for being energized and social. People describe the positive effects of Fruit Punch to be happy, energetic, creative and focused. It would be a strain better for productivity and getting thing done than “checking out”. If your looking for a cannabis strain to use during the daytime, Fruit Punch would be worth trying out

Some negative effects of Fruit Punch are very stereotypical. The dry mouth and dry eyes are expected so its a good idea to keep a bottle of water with you on this one. Anxiety an paranoia are not as common but are reported. With the high THC levels in some versions those would be negative effects to be aware of. If your unfamiliar with this strain (as with all strains high in THC) its best to start off small then work your way up so that you understand how you individually react to it and what levels work best for you.

One of the great benefits of the Fruit Punch strain is that its a smooth smoke. Many strains have a harsh/mild smoke that invokes coughing, unfortunately. With Fruit Punch, its smooth, pleasant and has a great flavor to go along with it.

Personally, this is a favorite strain of mine that I discovered simply by chance. The dispensary I went to had a great deal on some Fruit Punch pre-rolls and I realized I never tried this strain so I bought a few. Now when going for walks, a run, hiking or sitting down for a creative activity like art I find Fruit Punch to be a cannabis strain that enhances that experience and allows me to enjoy them more.

Fruit Punch Experience

Calm and relaxing, this strain makes for a delicious daytime flower. Not only does this plant offer a vibrate taste and aroma, but its easy breezy nature inspires a happy and upbeat vibe that makes it perfect for the day.

While this strain is considered a sativa, this plant produces a lighthearted mind and body effect overall. A comfortable physical relaxation ensues shortly after the first taste. However, this physical calm is accompanied by a cheerful mood and carefree attitude.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Fruit Punch Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Fruit Punch shatter, Fruit Punch wax, and other Fruit Punch concentrates may also be available from a number of retailers.

Fruit Punch Strain CBD & THC Levels

THC levels in the Fruit Punch strain vary between 15% up to 25%. The stronger 80% sativas will have higher levels of THC toward the 25% range while the 60% sativas will test around the 15% range.

Fruit Punch strain CBD levels test slightly over 1% CBD and dont go any higher than 1.5%. While these aren’t great levels for pain management, they do help balance out some of the effects from the higher THC levels.

Frosted Kush is one of the most popular CBD flower strains available today. With a name that brings thoughts to a decadent birthday cake this is definitely a strain that lives up to its name.

Not only is it a viciously delicious strain but it’s also an indica strain that puts you in a relaxed and pleasant mood. Kind of like after eating frosted case

Medical Benefits of Fruit Punch Strain

Due to the fruit punch strain having low levels of cannabis terpenes and somewhat low CBD levels, its not an ideal strain for managing pain. It is however, a great strain to use for stress, depression and fatigue. The THC levels in Fruit Punch stimulate the mind enough that fatigue and headaches can be managed. For the same reasons, Fruit Punch also has positive effects in helping to manage depression and stress with an uplifting effect.

It is worth noting that tests on Fruit Punch have produced CBG levels near 2% which is a cannabinoid known for being nueroprotective, vasodilator, anti-inflammatory and having anti-bacterial properties.

Commercial Uses of Fruit Punch

Since the Fruit Punch strain has a strong, stable genetic line it would be very interesting to see some crosses with other stable genetics to produce strains for specific purposes like sativa dominant strain high in CBD for medicating during the day.

Since cannabis beverages are becoming popular in an emerging industry, Fruit Punch (coincidentally an ideal name) would be ideal for energy drinks or flavored teas. Using this strain in fruit flavored candies and edible desserts would also work for all you cannabis chefs out there.

Fruit Punch Strain Growing Info

Fruit Punch is one of the few sativa strains that can actually grow well indoors and outdoors. It also grows well in warm weather but produces better flowers in cooler weather. Like most sativas it can grow fairly tall up to 2.1 meters (7 feet) so prepare to have plenty of overhead space or make sure to top the plant before it gets too tall.

  • Flowering Time & Production Indoors

Can produce flowers in 7-9 weeks and produce roughly 400-550 grams of flower per plant.

  • Flowering Time & Production Outdoors

The flowering time is about the same as indoors but can vary on the weather and climate. If grown outdoors, Fruit Punch can produce up to 900 grams per plant.

So the experienced or talented grower could produce quite a harvest from just 1 plant let alone many. Fruit Punch seeds can be found in both feminized and autoflowering versions providing plenty of choice when growing this hearty cannabis strain.

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