Grape Soda Marijuana Strain Information

Grape Soda Marijuana Strain Information

A strong and fast-acting phenotype of Tahoe OG Kush, Grape Soda by Taste Budz is an excellent evening strain. It provides an idle, heavy-bodied sensation that frees you from worry. The sweet and pungent purple buds give this heady phenotype a very distinct look and flavor. Grape Soda features a pungent citrus aroma with notable grape notes on the palate, and the breeder recommends this strain for depression, anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, inflammation, and minor pain.

Although Grape Soda’s relaxing high burned my stress away as advertised, the snow-cone, syrupy flavor I expected was hard to coax out, both for my nostrils and my tastebuds. A strong pinch and whiff showcased some subtle grape and agave smells, but what I picked up was largely bitter, floral and chocolate. Such an adult flavor profile and sedative effects seemed more in tune with a late-night cup of decaf than grape soda, but maybe the flavor just hasn’t translated to the mountains yet.

grapes and soda

I’ve seen Grape Soda at Good Chemistry, Green RiNo (formerly Whole Meds), Kind Meds, Medicine Man, Oasis Cannabis Superstores and Simply Pure, but until I find a cut worthy enough to carry the grape torch, I’ll stick with Grape Cola (an old Bubba Kush phenotype) at Green Man Cannabis or the Herbal Cure.

Looks: Purple buds and leaves certainly aren’t rare in cannabis, so if your name is Grape Soda, you’d better have some. Grape Soda’s luscious violet streaks show up just enough against the bamboo-colored buds to manage that qualifier, with striking rusty pistils and lanky trichomes giving the strain a colorful hint to the bulbous OG look.

Smell: While grape and citrus notes are Grape Soda’s claim to fame, the Colorado cuts I’ve come across have failed to showcase that, instead pushing out muddy, chocolatey aromas with a floral back end. Grape scents are in there, but I’m not sure I’d notice them if I weren’t searching.

Flavor: Largely bland with quiet, creamy notes of vanilla and soil, Grape Soda didn’t deliver the overly sweet flavor of grape I’ve come to expect.

Effects: An evening toke for stoners and bedtime strain for rookies, Grape Soda delivers slow but effective punches of relaxation and euphoria, although that floating feeling can initially feel a little disorienting for lower tolerances. The calming effect turns into a predictable but not overwhelming lethargy after about an hour, so be prepared for a nap.

As a part of a generation raised on corn syrup and chemical dyes, my recognition of fruit flavors was bastardized early. Pop-Tarts, Squeeze—Its and Gushers were all hot items at third-grade lunch tables, but they didn’t exactly prepare me for farmers’ markets. Of all the fruit imitations, though, grape struck me as the oddest. The grapes I ate growing up were green or red, and didn’t have the thick, syrupy flavor that purple sodas, jellies and candy all had. Then I realized that my parents were just too cheap to buy Concord grapes, and those purple treats were actually on to something. Now I do my own laundry, stay up late and eat all the purple grapes I want.

Grape soda may not get the shine of root beer or cola, but I’ve never seen best-selling candles derived from those flavors. Grape soda candles, though? I have two, and guests love them. That thick sweetness has become a favorite of weed smokers, too, who gravitate toward Grape Ape and Purple Punch for their heavy grape flavors as much as the dark, striking buds. So deeming a strain grape enough to hold the title Grape Soda means it had better kiss my mouth like a glass of Welch’s.

Grape Soda is a product of Oregon grower Taste Budz and has an OG Kush lineage known more for making your head float than an afternoon sugar rush. A select phenotype of Tahoe OG Kush (itself a phenotype of OG Kush) that was then possibly paired with another mystery strain, Grape Soda became popular in the Northwest after a successful competition run in 2017, and is just now making headway in Colorado as several prominent wholesale growers give the strain a try. With such a name and backstory, I was expecting the grape version of Strawberry Cough. Sadly, so far I’ve been disappointed with what the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

About Grape Soda

Grape Soda is a fruity, indica-dominant hybrid that boasts considerable bag appeal. Created by Oregon-based growing operation Taste Budz (not to be confused with the Colorado dispensary franchise of the same name), this strain is a distinct phenotype of SFV Kush-descended Tahoe OG. It offers a hazy, stress-killing high that’s great for nighttime relaxation. Grape Soda’s THC content ranges from 20% to 30%.

Grape Soda is distinguished by its large, chunky flowers that cling together in rounded and elongated columns, looking somewhat like miniature bullets. These buds show off a blended internal structure with a dense, indica-typical inner core and long, sativa-like leaves that twist outward in folds, giving the flowers the appearance of brain coral. The leaves themselves are an eye-catching mix of sage green and deep indigo, with the latter colors coming from high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin. Finally, corkscrewed orange pistils and dewy, translucent trichomes cap off these colorful nuggets.

grapes and soda

As you might expect, Grape Soda’s primary aroma is that of fresh, ripe grapes — notably, though, this scent is coincidental to the flowers’ purple coloring. A deeper whiff may pick up on some other fruity notes like orange and berry. Grinding up or breaking apart these flowers, meanwhile, yields more of a skunky tang. When it’s burnt, Grape Soda gives off a smoke that is thick and heavy but nevertheless fruity and easy to ingest. On the exhale, this smoke leaves behind a robust grape flavor.

The high from Grape Soda can creep up slowly, sometimes not hitting the user some 10 to 15 minutes after they’ve smoked. When they do arrive, effects hit hard, exerting an increased blood pressure around the temples and lower forehead; consumers may also experience some flushing in the cheeks or an increase in salivation. Once these tics subside, users will have access to a warped mental state in which their thoughts seem to have a new dimension or intensity; ideas that might not otherwise strike them can suddenly become fascinating, while certain words or other stimuli can trigger bouts of free association. This cerebral activation can help facilitate intense brainstorming sessions. Alternatively, smokers can simply enjoy Grape Soda’s mental buzz as they get through a boring day’s agenda.

But take heed — within about an hour, Grape Soda’s mental edge gives way to a relaxed, sluggish feeling. Consumers who are out and about might find themselves making a mad dash for home while those who are lucky enough to be kicking it at home may start to melt into their surroundings. Although this strain’s mental stimulation may persist for the duration of the high, smokers may be stripped of some prior motivation and may be able to do little more than daydream. Because of its eventual descent into sedation, Grape Soda is recommended for evening or nighttime use.

Grape Soda’s soothing somatic effects can have several applications for medical cannabis patients. For one, its ability to improve mood can make the strain a solid way to take the edge off of symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Grape Soda may also dull physical pain, even the kind that’s due to chronic conditions like arthritis or COPD. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, can take the sting out of mild discomforts like headaches or nausea. In a totally comfortable set and setting, this bud may even put users to sleep, making it a viable treatment for insomnia. Thanks to its lower-than-average risk of paranoid, obsessive thinking patterns, Grape Soda is a good option for patients who have a low THC tolerance or who are prone to panic.

What is the Grape Soda Cannabis Strain?

During 2017, Grape Soda won a number of awards. including Best Indica at the Hempcon Heart of Nature Festival 2017 and Connoisseurs Choice at the same festival; ever since then Grape Soda has continued to increase in popularity, especially among indica lovers who are looking for a hybrid that still manages to maintain a strong indica body high. Being a 70% indica / 30% sativa hybrid strain, the effects of Grape Soda are very much in line with what you would expect from an indica, with just a hint of a sativa mind high adding an uplifting mood boost.

Very little is known about the lineage of Grape Soda, a strain that was bred by Taste Budz. We know that Tahoe OG Kush was involved in the breeding process, but it remains a mystery as to the other strains that played a part in the creation of such a sugary, sweet strain. As Tahoe OG Kush is known for its deep, earthy, pine flavors, one thing is for sure that somewhere in Grape Soda’s lineage there is a strain with a strong grape flavor responsible for both the aroma and flavor profile that earned the strain its name.

Grape Soda is best enjoyed during the evening after a long day at work when you are looking to unwind and tuck your worries away in the back of your mind. Setting in slowly, the first things that you will notice after smoking Grape Soda is an increased sense of focus; this does not last long but is a great time to complete simple tasks that require your full attention. If the beginning stages of Grape Soda’s high are something you intend to take full advantage of, it is best to smoke during the early evening, giving you plenty of time to benefit from this deep level of focus while still having the whole evening ahead of you to zone out.

Over time, your mind gently slips from focus to relaxation, clearing away negative thoughts and worries from the day. Everything starts to feel slightly easier and less anxiety-inducing. You will find yourself wondering why you have spent all day stressing over trivial concerns that now, with a different mindset, barely even seem like problems. This stage of the high can be an ideal time to deal with these small issues, as the body high has not yet kicked in and your new calm outlook on the world allows you to deal with stressful situations calmly and rationally. Whether it be that phone call to family you have been putting off for days or fixing the broken lock on the bathroom door that has been driving you crazy for weeks, getting these small things out of the way while you are overcome with calm will allow you to truly enjoy the blissful body high that is still to come.

As the high develops, you will begin to feel a slight pressure around your eyes, spreading across your face. This is your time to settle in for the evening, grab a book or your favorite Netflix show, and get comfy. As the heaviness of the high works its way through your body, you are overcome with a feeling of relaxation both mentally and physically. With the uplifting effects from the sativa and the heavy body feeling from the indica, you are all set for a peaceful night in away from the worries of daily life. Unlike more traditional indicas that have an intense body high, Grape Soda will not leave you feeling totally couch locked.

What can you expect from Grape Soda in terms of aroma and flavor? Does it actually taste like your favorite childhood soda?


As its name would suggest, Grape Soda has a sweet, soda-like aroma that reminds you of walking into a candy store and being hit by the sudden sweetness that feels the air. Rolling a nug of Grape Soda in your hand, you start to notice the earthy undertones that come from its parent strain Tahoe OG Kush, giving it a more traditional skunk smell.

Grinding Grape Soda unleashes its full medley of aromas, with a pungent sweet citrus smell mixed with grape juice. Lingering in the background is the earthy scent of its parent.

When burned, the sweetness begins to mellow, and the natural earthiness starts to overpower the air with a surprising hint of spice that shocks you at first but quickly adds warmth to the atmosphere that feels rather fitting for an evening strain.

How does Grape Soda’s flavor profile compare to its aroma?


With just one short toke of Grape Soda, you instantly understand how this strain got its name. As the smooth smoke hits your taste buds, you are overcome with childhood memories of being given a can of grape soda as a treat after a long day at school. The cloying sweetness lingers in your mouth as the smoke travels down your throat filling you with a sense of warmth and familiar comfort. The strong grape flavor is accompanied by gentle citrus notes that add a burst of fizz, similar (unsurprisingly) to soda.

Upon exhale, the sugariness is combined with subtle notes of pine, creating an exciting sense of confusion in your mouth that leaves you wanting to take a further drag in an attempt to work out precisely what it is you are tasting.

What can you expect from Grape Soda in terms of appearance?


Grape Soda is a beautiful looking plant that you have to stop yourself from stroking as you would a cat. Covered in a thick layer of fine white hairs, Grape Soda has a distinct fluffy appearance that gives the deceiving impression that this is plant to handle with care, when in fact it is made up of dense, structurally sound buds that can handle being thrown around. Hidden under the beautiful white hairs are dark purple buds with scattered orange tufts that are reminiscent of grated carrot clumped together.

The fine white hairs go beyond the buds, covering the entire plant including the leaves. Looking beyond this fluffy layer, you notice the unique color blend of bright green mixed with a deep purple that makes these leaves stand out from the rest of the plant.

Let’s take a look at how you can grow your own fluffy Grape Soda plant at home.

Grape Soda Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Grape Soda is an easy to grow strain that requires very little maintenance, making it the perfect strain for beginners. Happy to be grown both indoors and outside in warmer climates, it is best to stick with indoor growing if you live in a colder country or somewhere that does not receive very much sunlight. You can expect your Grape Soda plant to grow to an average height, blending in well among other plants. The only thing to note is that, due to the plants distinct coloring, it does tend to stand out when planted among bushes and plants that are lacking in color and is something worth considering if you do not want to draw too much attention.

Grape Soda has a relatively fast growth time, with plants being ready to harvest as early as just 50 days. It offers a quick reward for minimal effort – another reason why it is often recommended for first-time growers.

Before you start growing your own Grape Soda plants at home, you might be wondering what level of THC and CBD you can expect.

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  1. Edith Guerrero

    Fantastic strain! It smells and tastes exactly like grape soda with some light OG undertones. Had me coughing until I was crying and laughing at the same time. Strong body relaxation. I would def recommend!

  2. Mr. Middle Finger

    Outstanding body to this beautiful and tasty bud. I’m no lightweight, and Grape Soda was a wonderfully balanced combination of solid upper body stone and elevated mood. Definitely indica-leaning, this 30% THC version of the strain had me chatty, relaxed,, functional, if perhaps somewhat slower than usual, and very, very happy to be doing whatever I was doing, wherever I was doing it. An outstanding strain for treating anxiety, depression, and mild to moderate pain.

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