Greasy Pink Strain

Greasy Pink Strain

A wonderful pure cannabis strain that will keep you captivated in pleasant euphoria for hours on end. For all those reasons and more, Greasy Pink strain  is a must-have. Certain strains are essential to have on hand at all times. You should always have a few nuggets sealed for a special occasion, whether because of their exceptional flavor or powerful effects.

Greasy Pink from Superette Toronto  is a strong competitor. It has an interesting and surprisingly bright flavor as well as a wonderfully relaxing and pleasant high.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Greasy Pink strain in order to be prepared before heading straight to your local dispensary.

What Is the Greasy Pink from superette toronto?

Aficionado Seed Bank created the Greasy Pink strain in 1997. These prolific growers have developed a number of well-known strains, but the Greasy Pink is perhaps one of their finest. When it comes to breeding heritage, Greasy Pink has a little bit of a track record thanks to its origins as a cross between prominent strains such as Northern Lights, ChemDawg, and Purple Kush.

Greasy Pink’s reputation as a potent and long-lasting high has made it one of the most famous cannabis strains. While it does have a strong dose of THC, it manages to avoid being overpowering or distressing to its users. The smoke will completely fill your head after your first puff of Greasy Pink, almost as if your skull had been filled with water. You will feel an overwhelming sense of joy and amusement.

When the high subsides, you may feel a pleasant tingly sensation throughout your body and waves of fascinating pleasure and calm.

However, the effects themselves appear to be fleeting, despite their duration. While you will be under the influence of Greasy Pink for hours on end, you will realize that very little time has passed in total. The most important lesson to take away from it is a sense of euphoria and tingles all over your skin that lingers for a long time.

If you’re looking for a strain that’s simple to cultivate and has no additional major effects, this is the one!


On first sniffing Greasy Pink from superette toronto, you’ll notice a burst of lively citrusy tanginess.

The citrus is difficult to identify at first, but it gradually transforms into the recognizable sweet, cloying flavor of lime juice. It has a distinct aroma like that of lime peel found in desserts with a delicate flavor.

There’s a lot of black pepper at the conclusion of its scent, as well as a pungent yet acid smell that surprises you.


When you crack the bud open and begin to light it up, you may expect an initial burst of lime juice and citrus peel. However, what you notice first is a tremendous blast of mintiness.

It’s not quite as refreshing and satisfying as real mint leaves, but it is nevertheless extremely intriguing. The lime in the aroma, on the other hand, will become apparent. It has a similar tanginess to it; in fact, it kind of tastes like a delicious cocktail.

The Greasy Pink strain’s flavor is reminiscent of a traditional Old-Fashioned cocktail.


The flowers of this delicate variety are tiny and brightly colored, similar to their flavor, with a green tint.

There are also many amusing white trichomes that contribute to the scent and taste of the strain. There’s also a decent amount of orange and amber pistils, which are primarily responsible for its acidic aroma.

The bottle’s distinct gold hue is a beautiful addition to the design. It also has a warm, golden glow to it, which makes it appear as if it’s beaming in the light and inviting you to enjoy it.

Greasy Pink Strain Grow Info

It’s easy to grow the Greasy Pink strain on your own, as long as you have some Greasy Pink strain seeds. If it’s tough for you to track down some seeds, go to a breeder with an active Greasy Pink plant and ask for a piece of them.

You should be able to reach the flowering stage in eight to ten weeks after planting.

Greasy Pink plants is a common practice, particularly for those that are tall and gangly. It benefits from trimming because it grows to be very tall and somewhat straggly. If any more growth from the top of the plant obscures the under leaves, just remove them.

To encourage better bud production, make sure to lop off the top of the plant as it grows, as this will promote a more lateral growing direction. More growth to the side will typically result in better bud production when it comes time to harvest, so you definitely want to prioritize this.

One final thing to note is that the Greasy Pink strain has a strong, pungent smell while it grows. If you want to cultivate this plant in privacy, be sure you grow it in a hidden location or install a ventilator. You will quickly notice that the smell is overpowering if there isn’t enough ventilation indoors.

THC Content – Highest Test

The high THC content of Greasy Pink cannabis is well-known. The majority of Greasy Pink samples have a THC concentration of 19% to 20%, which is significantly more than the typical 7%.

Although the potency of cannabis has been steadily increasing, this is just enough THC to be overwhelming for those who are not used to it, so watch out for your newbie pals.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Greasy Pink is a potent strain with a high level of THC that is also known for having almost no CBD. While you may find up to 1% CBD in your Greasy Pink buds, you won’t discover anything higher than that.

However, even if you can’t get any CBD from smoking the Greasy Pink strain, you may still get a number of other advantages.

Medical Benefits of the Greasy Pink Strain

When you obtain a strain that creates a long-lasting, euphoric high, it’s no surprise that its primary medical advantages are linked with mental health.

This is the ideal strain for people who struggle with typical mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress. You may feel free and capable of dealing with anything that the world throws at you instead of feelings of abject despair. The euphoria from this plant is so intense that it will appear like you can overcome any problems you are having.

There’s also another popular Greasy Pink usage – as a means to fall asleep. This isn’t due to the fact that it makes you drowsy or causes you to fall asleep. However, after a few hours of its euphoric high, you will find it difficult to think about anything else.

Insomnia is a medical condition that prevents people from sleeping. Many individuals who suffer from sleeplessness have negative or anxious thoughts that keep them awake. Greasy Pink is ideal for these folks since it aids in the removal of mental cobwebs, making it much simpler to fall asleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Greasy Pink Strain

The Greasy Pink strain’s primary two side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes, which are the same symptoms that most marijuana strains produce. This irritating pair will leave you feeling as if you’re parched, with paper-thin eyes.

To combat this, stay hydrated and keep a moist towel on hand to soothe your aching eyes. Aside from that, the THC content is rather high, which implies there’s a risk of unpleasant feelings. If you take too much at once, you may experience mild headaches and dizziness.

To fully appreciate Greasy Pink, make sure you only smoke as much as you need, and ideally with someone else there to assist you learn your limits. It isn’t nearly as hazardous or distressing as many other strains, but it does have the ability to leave you dizzy and unsure which way is up.

Final Thoughts on the Greasy Pink Strain

The Greasy Pink strain is a cross between two well-known strains. This strain, which has an extremely long-lasting euphoric high that just won’t stop, is adored by users due to its wonderful flavor and fragrance.

Greasy Pink is a versatile strain that offers both high and low THC levels. Whether you prefer to evaluate strains only on their psychoactive effects or only the finest tasting buds, this marijuana strain should be right up your alley.

It’s a fantastic choice for first-timers because of its gently forgettable, euphoric high. If you take care with how much you smoke, it’s an excellent option for first-timers. The indica-leaning effects of this strain provide a physical high without the same couch lock or relentless desire to sleep that other strains induce.

Leave some behind for your friends to enjoy the next time they visit. Or perhaps something to help make things better when the day has been a little more difficult than usual.

Greasy Pink is a combination of herbs and citrus essential oils that may help you relax and unwind. While there are many buds on the market that claim to assist you in dealing with a difficult day, Greasy Pink is perhaps superior than all of them put together.

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