Green Dragon Drink Effects

Green Dragon Drink Effects


Green dragon, also known as golden dragon, is simply cannabis-infused alcohol. The more common name for this alchool-based cannabis extraction is cannabis tincture. Buy green dragon weed mobile.


Cannabis tincture is one of the world’s oldest medicines. For many ages, they have been used all around the world. Cannabis tinctures have been discovered in China, Egypt, Europe, and throughout history. They were utilized as an analgesic in the medieval period to cure a variety of diseases including toothaches.


Green dragon is made by infusing cannabis buds, shake or stems in high-proof alcohol like Everclear. 

While there are multiple ways of making green dragon, the following stoner-proof method is the easiest.

1.  The cannabis is first decarboxylated, then put into a jar with the alcohol. 

2.  The jar is then left to infuse in a dark place, like a cupboard, for 2 to 3 weeks. It is also recommended to shake the jar every couple of days. 

3.  Finally, when the tincture has taken a dark green color, the green dragon is strained through a fine sieve or through a cheesecloth to remove the plant matter.


The effects of a tincture will be determined by how you take it. The THC will be absorbed rapidly through your mouth’s blood vessels when taken sublingually. You should notice the first effects of the tincture anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes after taking it. At around 90 minutes after dosing, you should feel the peak of the high.

If you decide to swallow the tincture, it will be absorbed through your liver. This takes longer before the first effects are felt but the high will last longer. You can expect the same effects and onset as with a typical consumption of edibles since it is the same process.

How to make green dragon tincture


·        3.5 grams cannabis flower, crumbled and decarboxylated – you can use anywhere from 1 gram to 1 ounce of cannabis in green dragon tincture 

·        High proof grain alcohol, preferably 190 – 200 proof – enough to cover the cannabis in the jar 

·        Mason jar 

·        Dropper bottle 

·        Cheesecloth or coffee filter


1.     In a mason jar, combine your decarboxylated cannabis flower and alcohol. Use just enough alcohol to cover

2.     Close the jar and shake vigorously.

3.     Fill a clean glass jar with the tincture and cover it securely. For at least 24 hours, store the jar in a dark, cool place. Allow the mixture to sit for 6 months, shaking once a day if you’re using low-proof alcohol.

4.     When you’re ready to use, strain the tincture through a cheesecloth or coffee filter to remove the plant material. Transfer your tincture to a dropper jar and store it in a cool dark place.

Optional: evaporate the alcohol to make full-extract cannabis oil (FECO). You can leave your tincture out uncovered to naturally evaporate the alcohol off over a few days or speed up the process by applying heat. 



Spray bottles are being used to microdose cannabis tinctures in droplets. The tincture can be sprayed into the mouth, ideally under the tongue, as needed. This is a form of sublingual consumption.


You can store the tincture in a dark dropper bottle and place 1mL of the concoction under the tongue with the dropper. 

Very discrete, these two methods of consumption are great for discrete and convenient consumption on the go but can be unpleasant due to the burning feeling of the alcohol. The next 3 alternatives are great for a burn-free experience!


You can add the tincture to drinks you enjoy, let it be coffee, tea, soda or mocktails. Tinctures are great additions to any flavored syrups too!

This consumption method will act like an edible. The advantage of this method is that the alcohol will blend perfectly with the drink, compared with an oil-based cannabis-infusion which would float on the surface of the drink and could end up coating the glassware instead of ending up in your belly.


Cannabis-infused alcohol can be used in a variety of dishes, including baked goods like this incredible lemon loaf, or homemade gummies. Cannabis tinctures are highly versatile and may be incorporated into almost any dish.


Many individuals prefer to put tinctures on their skin. If you’re searching for localized pain relief without the high of cannabis, topicals are an excellent choice. Using a tincture or green is another option.


The aroma of Green Dragon is as perplexing as it is pleasurable. It combines the sort of woody notes one might find in a sauna with the savory, herbal scents that pair well with a roast.

Some reviewers even detected a garlicky note mixed with sage upon combustion, which might emphasize that roasted, hearth-fire fragrance. 



The flavor of Green Dragon is one not to be missed. It opens up with a spiced, fresh note that resembles peppermint candy.

This is emphasized by a light sweetness and vague, resinous elements reminiscent of Green Dragon’s intensely piney aroma.

Some users interpreted the flavor as closer to burnt cedar– still sweet and woody, but closer to ascetic medicinal flavors than those of candy.

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