Green Ribbon Marijuana Strain

Green Ribbon Marijuana Strain

The Green Ribbon strain is known for its zesty taste and intoxicating fresh forest scent. People are drawn to this strain to aid in the improvement of their mood. It might also offer a boost of energy, making it perfect for afternoon use. Find more about Green Ribbon Strain at black rabbit.

When choosing a cannabis strain, consider your objectives. Do you want something to help you sleep or provide energy? Do you wish to unwind after a stressful day at work or focus on a creative project? Knowing this information may help narrow down the vast number of cannabis strains.

The Green Ribbon strain, for example, is ideal for people looking for energy, focus, and creativity. Let’s learn more about it in this post.

What Is the Green Ribbon Strain?

The Green Ribbon marijuana strain’s origins are a point of contention. The majority of people believe that San Jose, California breeders are to blame. It also appears to be a well-balanced cross. Its parentage, though, is less certain.

Some people claim that Green Crack is a cross of one of its parents. Trainwreck, Afghani, and White Rhino, on the other hand, are associated with it. The West Coast is where you should look for Green Ribbon if you want to find it. Despite its outward appearance as a well-balanced hybrid, Green Ribbon’s effects tend towards sativa. You may soon feel a jolt of energy after drinking the beverage. This might cause you to feel more energized and happy, as well as a strong desire to get things done. Your creativity levels may also have suddenly improved.

You should take advantage of your free time by completing any tasks you have for the day. The high eventually travels down the body, causing couch-lock. Consider using Green Ribbon in the afternoon or early evening hours.


The scent of Green Ribbon isn’t overwhelming. When you concentrate, however, you’ll notice subtle notes of citrus and sweetness. There are also undertones of wood and ground.


The taste of Green Ribbon is nice, with spicy yet sweet tastes that linger on the tongue. Many smokers report getting pine and woody notes on their exhales. It’s a smooth smoke that shouldn’t irritate your lungs.


With medium-sized buds and a lot of glistening trichomes, this plant is excellent for your next grow! There are so many that you may believe the nuggets to be white at first sight!

Green Ribbon Strain Grow Info

You should ideally grow Green Ribbon seeds in a conservatory or greenhouse. If you have enough room, this strain is ready to harvest by early October. It has the potential to produce up to 20 ounces of marijuana per plant.

However, the vast majority of producers do not have access to outdoor cannabis cultivation. As a result, you may attempt to grow Green Ribbon indoors. Its blooming period ranges from 8 to 11 weeks. In terms of yield, you can anticipate anywhere from 12 to 16 ounces per square meter.

If you grow inside, try one of the SCROG or lollipop techniques. Either method will assist in keeping plant development under control. It’s also a good idea to cut off the bottom of the canopy.

The most important colas, which are the primary producers of all the flowers on the plant, will receive adequate nutrients. Remove any yellow ones you see while utilizing the fan to assist the plant. Finally, Green Ribbon seeds, clones, or even buds may be hard to come by outside of California. Those buying from outside the Golden State will almost certainly have to pay a premium. However, if you want a high-quality balanced hybrid, it is undoubtedly worth the expense.

THC Content

The Green Ribbon is a robust cannabis strain with a THC content of around 20 percent on average. Some strains may have as much as 22% THC.

CBD Content

The CBD content of this strain is very low. The majority of studies suggest that it has approximately 0.1% to 0.2 percent CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Green Ribbon Strain

Green Ribbon is often used by marijuana users, as it has a mood-boosting effect that can help with depression. You may feel uplifted during the high and forget your problems for a brief period. It could also assist you relax following a stressful day.

Green Ribbon is a strain that’s good for focusing because it has a high concentration of THC and CBD. Because of its high concentration, you may consider it if you have ADHD/ADD. It’s a moderately potent cannabis variety that might be useful in treating chronic pain. You could use Green Ribbon to help with the symptoms of headaches, migraines, or muscle cramps. It also has the potential to make people hungry. This is potentially excellent news for folks who want to improve their appetites.

Possible Side Effects of the Green Ribbon Strain

Green Ribbon is a strong strain with unpleasant consequences similar to other potent cannabis strains. One of the most frequently reported adverse effects of this plant is dry eyes and mouth. However, if you take too much, you could feel anxious or crazed on occasion. When using this marijuana strain, exercise extreme caution.

Final Thoughts

The Green Ribbon strain is a great choice for people seeking to improve their mood. It’s best utilized in the afternoon, especially if you have tasks to accomplish. This strain gives users a short-term burst of energy and might also boost appetite, but keep in mind that it has a strong aftertaste.

Green Ribbon is most successful when grown outside. However, if cultivated indoors, it provides a satisfactory yield.

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