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     Welcome to the Green Man's marijuana growing guide free library.  The spirit is to help cannabis medical patients and horticulturalists grow the most potent marijuana plants legally possible.  Growing marijuana indoors in your own space, greenhouse or outdoor garden is not difficult.  Our team analyses online weed growing sites, phat magazines and communicates with real organic growers.  You will find only the best online information on marijuana seeds, germination, marijuana plant sexing, marijuana growing equipment of today, hydroponic techniques, indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation, troubleshooting plus a whole lot more.  Learn something new and improved to help you do things better.  Use the quick search box to find specifics on how to grow marijuana right away.  Enjoy the best reading library with your favorite big phat joint.

Green Tips of the Month:  Keep enriching your cannabis plants with CO2 even until the end of harvest, it increases growth rate, hastens maturity and increases yield.  Adequate ventilation cycles are a must, weed loves routine.  Don't wait for color change, use a microscope to see when your plant is ready for harvest, it should have 2/3 balls on the tops of the crystals of THC. Don't be in a hurry to dry your crop, wait until the stalks snap.

Top Quality Growing DVD:  An excellent step by step DVD video.  How to convert a small room into a dream garden. It's all here from lighting to nutrients to harvesting.  Very educational and entertaining at a great price.  Once we watched it we had to start growing right away!  Comes in a shock proof box and delivered worldwide.


Dehumidifying Your Marijuana Growing Room and Increasing Marijuana Yield and Regenerating Harvested Marijuana Plants

Organic Marijuana and Curing and Trimming

Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Guide
Indoor Marijuana Cultivation
Simple Steps For Outdoor Marijuana Growers
Phases of the Moon for Marijuana Growing

Growing Marijuana Outdoors
Hydroponics 101
Marijuana Hydroponics
Why Grow Hydroponic Weed
Hydroponics Should Be Easy

Marijuana Hydroponic Systems
Marijuana Hydroponic Principles

Quick Marijuana Hydroponic Garden Set Up
Marijuana Plant Abuse

Female and Feminized Seed
Cannabis Nutrient Disorders
Nutrient and Deficiency Table
Troubleshooting Marijuana Health Problems
Ten Biggest Mistakes Marijuana Growers Make

What Type Of Lamp To Use
Basics to Marijuana Planting
Basic Marijuana Information
How To Build A Marijuana Grow Box
Marijuana Growing Tips

Preparing to Grow Marijuana
Marijuana Seeds Germination
Sexing Marijuana Plants
Cannabis Life Cycle
Marijuana Potency
How To Grow Marijuana - and Why

Indoor and Outdoor Garden Security
Guide To Growing Marijuana
Closet Marijuana Growing Guide
Complete Marijuana Closet Set Up

Pot Seeds
Growing Pot
Marijuana Grower's Guide
Gorilla Growers Guide
Dutch Grow Room Visuals
How to Grow Marijuana
Topping, Pruning and Bending Cannabis

Breeding Marijuana
History of Cannabis

Cloning Marijuana
Germinating Marijuana
Choosing Marijuana Seeds
Rockwool The Book
Kale Marijuana Growing Guide
Cannabis Growing Guide

Advanced Growing Marijuana Guide
The Home Marijuana Creator
When To Harvest Marijuana
Marijuana Definitions for Growers
Marijuana Botany
When To Harvest Marijuana
Increasing Marijuana Yield
Lighting Types and Intensities
Grow Light Guide

PH and EC Meters
PH Facts
Marijuana THC
Transport and Logistics of the Marijuana Plant

Tips on Growing Good Marijuana Plants

"NOTICE" These products are not labelled marijuana or as marijuana alternatives. They are wonderful natural herbal enhancement products, which customers love.

Maui Hybrid Buds
Maui Hybrid - Formerly known as "skunk buds" for it's great smell and taste.  The ultimate tropical bud imported directly for optimal potency.  A nice dense bud.  Sticky to the touch.  Sweet mystic hybrid taste, plus it's 100% legal, 100% natural with nothing added.   Tons of flavor with mellowing.  Check out the legal natural botanical ever! Sweet 100% Legal. Go for the 1 ounce or 4 ounce size and save big.  One of the best tropical bud imports!

real pictures of real legal buds "mystic hybrid" Mystic Hybrid buds


Marijuana Growing
Hawaiian Gold

The #1 top selling legal bud in the world.  It will provide you with a super smoking experience.  Exotic Hawaiian Hybrid Import "voted the best of the best 100% legal alternative smokes by top smoking magazine readers 7 years in a row"  for it's ultra potent buds and smoke!  Flown in from the islands, all bud, freshly picked and bagged directly from the 2000 acre reserve in Hawaii! Very sweet smell, great taste and over 10,000 returning customer sales a month, making this product the best of our herbal smokes!


Buy Blueberry buds when growing marijuana.
Blueberry Buds

Beautiful Blueberry buds with a blueberry scent.  Filled with gorgeous red hairs make this new exotic herbal smoke one of our top choices for an "all bud" smoke!  Composed of 100% legal herbs, this bud is one potent, sweet smelling smoke! Very relaxing and mildly intoxicating, the smoke from this legal bud is sure to impress ANY herbal toker.  Comes in 5 different sized bags, marked discretely for immediate shipping.


Dutch Haze Buds

In only a few short months, Dutch Haze Hydroponic has risen to our #2 ranked legal bud.  Huge sticky green buds of loveliness.  Made from hydroponic grown legal bud.  This product is so "kind" you may think you are in Amsterdam.  After smoking 1 bowl or cigarette will leave you wishing you had found out about it years ago.  Haze Smokers return to purchase this product 9 times out of 10 for a reason.  Our customers simply can't stop raving about this amazing 100% legal bud. Don't be fooled by cheap legal bud imitations this is another exclusive pleasurable smoking product!


Jamaican Gold Bud

According to MANY returning customers, when it comes to herbal hydro smokes, this product is The Total Bomb! Super taste, smoke, smell! Our customers simply can't stop raving about this amazing new product!  Jamaican Gold Bud comes 100% fresh, fluffy, and ready to smoke.  Not 1 stick or seed in this. Many customers have compared this product to "other" herbs, however we make no personal claims of effects on this website due to FDA law.  Tired of feeling like a criminal Do yourself a favor and Check out this hot new exotic herbal smoke today. Now offered in 1/2 ,  1 1/2, and 4 ounce sizes for our customers who know just how good this product is! Save Big with 4 ounce Size Orders!


A tribute to the Green Man of old time Pagan lore.

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