Hog Berry

Hog Berry

Throughout the history of cannabis, a massive number of different cannabis strains have been bred. Each strain is created to serve some specific purpose; maybe the breeder wants a particular flavor or is looking for a specific cannabinoid concentration.

hog berry

However, amongst all of the unique and varying genetic breeding experiments in cannabis history, the most common pursuit among breeders is hunting the most potent strain possible.

We don’t quite know the most potent strain ever created, but there are always more powerful and exciting strains being made every year.

The latest strain created in this endless hunt for potency is the Hulkberry strain. Designed to overwhelm your mind and, almost without warning, send you into a deep psychoactive state, this strain is almost a little bit scary.

Let’s investigate the Hulkberry strain and find out whether or not it really is the uniquely potent experiment that its breeders claim it to be.

hog berry

What Is the Hulkberry Strain?

The Hulkberry strain comes from the endlessly prolific cannabis breeders, Royal Queen Seeds. By breeding together the crowd favorite strain OG Kush with another potent, sour strain Strawberry Diesel, this strain is both incredibly dank and insanely THC-rich.

The Hulkberry strain has the same fundamental breeding history as a similar strain, Bruce Banner. For those not intimately familiar with comic book history, Bruce Banner is the mild-mannered, non-superhero name of The Hulk.

On first lighting it up, you will likely think to yourself that it isn’t really that strong – you’ll feel a slight buzz, but beyond that, nothing too intense. What’s all the fuss about? Maybe you could even smoke some more?

However, after just a few minutes, you will suddenly find yourself deeply thankful that you didn’t; the potency hits you like a truck.

A deep, cacophonous wave of psychoactivity decends upon on your brain, filling your thoughts with a faint vibration of sensory confusion. You will likely want to sit down, not to fall asleep or rest your eyes, but to simply make sure you don’t fall over from the intense waves of sensation emanating across your entire being.

A firm relaxation will take hold, leaving your arms and legs feeling almost like play dough, incapable of any kind of sophisticated movement.

A fantastically complex, intricate high, the Hulkberry strain leaves you chilled out, but also just a little bit hungry.


While many of the Hulkberry strain’s qualities are mired in mystery and surprise, its aroma is pretty easy to predict. Thanks to its famous parents, you know precisely what you are going to smell when you get some Hulkberry.

Both OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel have well-known aroma profiles, and both of them carry forward into Hulkberry. Expect to be able to find Hulkberry buds by their smell alone; berry aromas intermingle with that ever-present fuel and diesel smell. There is also a fair amount of citrus coming from the OG Kush that balances out its aroma profile’s acidity really nicely.


Like most strains with an incredibly intense aroma profile, it is difficult to separate the actual taste of a strain from its aroma. So much of what we think of as taste comes from how it smells, and the Hulkberry strain definitely proves this. When you light it up and get a bit of the smoke on your tongue, you will find the same flavors in the taste as in the aroma.

However, it alters a little bit, especially as you smoke it longer. The diesel fades slightly on the palate, replaced with a bit more of a citrus quality that lingers on the tongue. Despite the relative lack of strawberry in its aroma, the fresh fruity flavor is a lot more noticeable on your tongue.

Overall, Hulkberry is an incredibly tasty strain, bursting with all kinds of different flavors that make you consider going back for more just so you can enjoy its flavor.


Hulkberry’s appearance is strangely a lot like its aroma and flavor profile, rich and bursting with different qualities.

The leaves of the plant are an intricate, deep purple and magenta, which contrasts beautifully with the vibrant greenness of the buds. The buds aren’t just green, though – there is also a webbing of dark red hairs that are almost brown and orange across the bud.

There are also plenty of those beautiful trichomes coating the entire thing, promising a considerable quantity of THC once you light it up.

Of course, if you don’t grow it yourself, you will only ever get to see the crushed up bud, missing out on half of the beauty of this strain.

Hulkberry Strain Grow Info

The Hulkberry strain originates from a clone-only variety of Strawberry Diesel, which at first thought makes it impossible to get any Hulkberry strain seeds. However, thanks to the great people at Royal Queen Seeds, you can quickly get a hold of some Hulkberry seeds online or at your local dispensary.

Before you start growing it, though, make sure you know what precise phenotype you have got your hands on. Different phenotypes offer up different growing patterns; one is a lot more sativa dominant, whereas another mimics indica qualities much more strongly.

Make sure you are paying attention to what you are getting, and adapt your plant treatment accordingly. Generally speaking, though, you can grow Hulkberry pretty easily, assuming you give it a good amount of attention.

Keep it under a constant stream of daylight for half the day (commonly known as a 12-12 light schedule), and it should flourish. After about ten weeks of growth, you will find yourself with an overabundance of colas chucking out huge quantities of Hulkberry buds.

Be warned, however; this strain has an intensely noticeable aroma and will attract passersby for miles around. So if you want to try and keep your Hulkberry growing operation under wraps, you might want to keep it indoors, where it can grow correctly, given adequate access to light.

THC Content – Highest Test

Hulkberry cannabis is well known for its astronomically intense effects, and these effects can only come from an exceptionally high THC profile.

Expect to find upwards of 28% THC concentration within your Hulkberry, which is an absolutely insane amount. This is enough THC to overwhelm even experienced cannabis users, so make sure you are prepared before you partake.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, to help make room for all that THC, there had to be some space created by removing other cannabinoids.

To that end, pretty much all of the CBD found in earlier generations of this plant’s breeding history has been entirely bred out.

However, just because there isn’t really any CBD to speak of in this strain doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of useful medical benefits of the Hulkberry strain.

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