How is Blue Cheese Made

How is Blue Cheese Made

Blue Cheese marijuana is a sweet, popular, favorite marijuana strain. It is a cross between the male Blueberry and the female Cheese marijuana strains from the UK, hence the name. It is a strong Indica with potent relaxation properties. Blue Cheese has the famous aroma and flavor of blueberry and cheese which has made it a world-wide favorite. It is 80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa, so it will create waves of relaxing euphoria and won’t overstimulate or put you to sleep if you are engaged in active pursuits. It has the perfect balance for the mind and body and the perfect flavor.

how is blue cheese made

Blue Cheese pot is pungent, dank, sweet, and fruity with hints of blueberry. Its distinctive smell is the source of its unique name and widespread popularity. It is both stinky and sweet like a perfectly made blue cheese. You will know from the smell that you have the right product.

Blue Cheese cannabis seeds and clone cuttings will grow to up to 2 meters in height and the leaves will be green with a beautiful purple tint from the slightly cooler temperatures under which it thrives. Many growers will choose to grow the plant of medium height and wide so that more branches and leaves get a greater dose of sunlight. The flowering female Blue Cheese marijuana plant is magnificent with little white and orange hairs, green and purple leaves, and beautiful, psychedelic flowers.

Blue Cheese bud is a pleasure to grow. It is easy and rewarding to grow this highly sought-after strain. Blue cheese has a natural ability to fight mold contamination. It produces dank, middle size buds with hints of purple throughout.  Blue Cheese marijuana can be grown hydroponically, in soil, and as indoor or outdoor plants. Flower Power fertilizer is always a top choice for marijuana growers.

Indoors, Blue Cheese will yield about 18 oz. per meter squared. Outdoors, you may come away with 19 oz. per plant. To bring out the purple hues, it is grown in slightly cooler temperatures than usual and harvested in late September.  Flowering will take 7 to 9 weeks.

Blue Cheese can grow in the medium of your choice using well-researched methods. Training the plant can increase yields. Low-stress training involves tying the branches down in a capital L-shape to increase growth factors. Screen-of-green training involves using a screen to increase the canopy area. This will allow more sunlight or lamplight to reach more leaves.

High-stress training is better for use outdoors. This involves removing the top of the plant to cause it to branch in two. The more difficult FIM (Fudge I missed) method involves the careful art of removing the tops to create a four-way branching. This method must be studied very carefully to perfect. A detailed online info guide or a professional gardening book should be consulted and practiced if you will be growing your plant with the four-branching training method.


Blue Cheese is a strong Indica and causes a sense of euphoric relaxation. The effects are highly cerebral. Blue Cheese brings about states of relaxed enjoyment, great for listening to music and conversing with friends. It mellows you out and may give you the patience to focus on creative projects. Blue Cheese will stimulate appetite and increase the ability to enjoy meals with friends and family. Blue Cheese aroma, taste, and euphoria is excellent for social events like cookouts and private dinners.

The effects of Blue Cheese have been described by the following terms, in descending order:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Contentment
  3. Euphoria
  4. Sleepiness (for insomnia)
  5. Transcendent

Adverse effects are rare and are generally due to the anticholinergic properties of marijuana which produce dry eye, dry mouth, and lethargy. The slight Sativa stimulation can result in anxiety and headache in susceptible persons. All in all, this is a safe and effective medical and recreational marijuana strain. It is highly valued for its strong and dank blueberry and cheese aroma. The smell alone has an uplifting effect on marijuana users. The main effects are highly pleasant and can treat a variety of ills.

how is blue cheese made

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Blue Cheese’s strong Indica effects make it useful for PTSD, anxiety disorders, ADHD, and insomnia. It can help with anxiety disorders, pain disorders like arthritis and migraine, and the complications and aftermath of cancer and treatment side effects. Stress and anxiety are also common features of chronic pain such as associated with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and neck and back pain. This stress can affect one’s job and relationships beyond the direct effects of the syndrome. Blue Cheese is strong enough to treat stress and pain while leaving one’s faculties intact so that one can be productive even with pain syndromes. The stimulation of the Sativa components of Blue Cheese will prevent one from being overwhelmed by the relaxation, leaving you relaxed and pain-free, but able to focus on the task at hand. Blue Cheese is recommended by doctors to treat all types of headache as well.

Possible Negative Effects of Blue Cheese

Although the Blue Cheese strain has a sizeable THC content, due to its calming and serene indica genetics it does not tend to produce THC-induced paranoia or anxiety for consumers that are prone to this occurring.

This is of course great news for all, as it makes Blue Cheese a suitable strain for a wide variety of individuals – and greater diversity in the marijuana world is usually a positive thing.

Primarily, consumers of Blue Cheese have reported cottonmouth (dry mouth) and dry eyes, which is, of course, typical of most any ganja strain. Both of these negative side effects are manageable with a little extra preparation, as you can drink plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your high, and also keep moisturizing eye drops close on hand.

Final Thoughts: Blue Cheese Strain Review

This pleasant indica strain has left a real mark on the cannabis community, traveling almost halfway across the globe to California, where it has become a favorite of both patients and ‘cannaisseurs’ alike.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this Blue Cheese strain review, and that you not only found it to be entertaining but also educational and informative. Genetic ‘Cheese’ strains are an absolute must-try for anyone who’s serious about their cannabis consumption, and we have a feeling this one will end up being one of your all-time favorites if you manage to get your hands on a quality phenotype.

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  1. Morvicks Green420

    This is my favorite strain at the moment! I’m a fan of vaping and this is perfect for that. The taste to me is very woody but I never taste the same as what others describe so don’t take that as gospel. The high comes on quick and is definitely indica dominant. When I smoke it, it’s quite late on and end up watching a comedy, laughing my ass off before bed. It’s not the strongest strain I’ve ever had but for me that’s a good thing. I like to go steady as too much in one go gets me paranoid. There is little to no paranoia with this strain. The high lasts around half an hour, I just keep topping up and enjoying. It’s a great strain I’d recommend to anyone!

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