How to Smoke Thai Stick

How to Smoke Thai Stick

What is a Thai stick and how to smoke it?

Even the most experienced cannabis expert may be unfamiliar with the world of Thai chopsticks and how they are made.

According to Merry Jane, Thai chopsticks are essentially a cannabis cigar. Simply put, these are cones wrapped in the leaves of plants.

Thai chopsticks originated in Thailand, which is not surprising given the name. It is not clear how old they are, but they have undoubtedly been around for several centuries, as they were invented shortly after cannabis became popular in Thailand. They originated around the same time as the bong.

Thai sticks were brought to America after the Vietnam War, when the soldiers returned home. These original cigars were more potent than American marijuana at the time, so they were immediately loved. Many believe that the Thai sticks of the past years contained opium, but this information has not been confirmed.

How to make a Thai stick?

how to smoke thai stick

First prepare your cones and bamboo sticks, which are used to make kebabs.

Long before the Americans started making Thai chopsticks, it was believed that bamboo skewers were dipped in opium, which caused smokers to reach wild hai. Today, liquid extracts such as “hash oil” or “sugar water” are applied to the skewer, which helps the cones form correctly around the stick. The choice depends on how much you want to get stoned.

Then the cones are planted on the stick and wrapped with plant material, such as leaves. To secure the structure, the cigar is tied with a hemp rope, and placed in a vacuum for sealing and decontamination.

Most smokers prefer to wrap Thai chopsticks in hemp leaves, similar to the way Southeast Asian cuisine uses banana leaves to wrap certain dishes.

Creating a vacuum for a cigar may seem strange, instead of immediately starting to smoke it. But as experts say, sealing is an essential step in the process of creating a Thai wand, because it allows the cones to be treated. This process helps the oils to penetrate the cigar and evaporate excess moisture. The process of wrapping and vacuuming is often repeated two or three times to ensure that all moisture has left the lumps.

Some experienced and proven smokers prefer to dip their Thai sticks in the extracts and then roll them in kief.

How to smoke a Thai stick?

Although the process of creating Thai sticks is complicated and time-consuming, smoking it is quite another matter. Once your cigar is assembled and cured, you simply untie the string, pull out the wand, and smoke! The space left behind by the bamboo stick creates an air flow, without which smoking would be impossible.

When created correctly, these cigars burn velvety and very slowly, so get ready for the longest smoking session of your life. They say that the gorenje record was as much as 6 hours.

Like many mind

how to smoke thai stick

altering substances, Thai chopsticks had their heyday in the 60s. Currently, many Americans do not have the slightest idea about Thai sticks, as in Thailand this practice is used in exceptional cases.

For the uninitiated, the basic weed terminology is confusing. Especially for those not familiar with the metric system, any discussions about how much is a gram or an eighth or a quarter of weed won’t make sense. There aren’t too many commodities out there sold by the eighth, or by a quarter anymore. Cannabis might even be the last. Still, to this day, no matter where you buy bud, it’s likely going to come in these standard measurements.

To avoid making a mistake at the dispensary counter, and more importantly to avoid getting ripped off, you’ll need to figure out the elements of the marijuana measurement system. No matter how outdated these terms sound, they are still the bedrock of the cannabis industry.

Knowing the basic measurements will also help you figure out just how much to buy. How many joints can you get out of a gram? How long will an eighth of weed last a typical smoker? These are all critical considerations before making your purchase.

Without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the elemental measurements of weed, starting with how much is a gram of weed? Let’s get started.

How much is a quarter of weed?

One-quarter of weed is double an eighth, roughly seven grams (3.5 grams x 2). A quarter of weed is enough to last you an entire week of smoking, provided you smoke a gram a day. A decent sized joint is a gram, so a quarter of weed should roll seven quality joints. Even a few big blunts.

A quarter of weed is starting to get too big to hold in the palm of your hands. You’ll likely have to use both hands to avoid losing any of the precious nugs. You also probably get a better deal for a quarter of weed than you would for a gram of weed or an eighth. Usually, when it comes buying marijuana, the more you buy, the better the deal.

A half ounce of weed is starting to get serious. A half ounce of weed should literally spill out of your hands. It’s enough to cover an American dollar bill. It is roughly 14 grams, four ⅛’s or two ¼’s of weed. Because it’s a sizeable purchase, it’s a good investment if you’d rather avoid heading back down to the dispensary on a regular basis.

For medical cannabis users, a half ounce of weed will last between one to two weeks provided you smoke between one to two grams a day. For the rest of us, a half ounce should last up to two weeks unless you like to smoke a bit more or have a high tolerance

Buying an ounce of weed is when you know you’ve gotten serious about cannabis culture. An ounce of weed is roughly 28 grams, eight ⅛’s, four ¼’s, two ½’s or approximately 28 joints. For the average chronic, that can nearly last a full month of smoking.

An ounce is also a good investment, as dealers and dispensaries often err on the high side when weighing it out. Some dispensaries and dealers even throw in extra if you make a big purchase.  The only tip for buying a full ounce of weed? Make sure you sample the product before making such a big purchase. If you are an indica hound but buy a full ounce of sativa hybrid, you’ll likely regret the decision. Start small, and finish big with the strains you enjoy.

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