How to Start Growing

How to Start Growing

Safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic and a wave of new legalization have many people interested in growing their own cannabis from the comfort and security of their homes. There are very few activities quite like cultivating cannabis indoors, which can make the process look daunting to the beginner grower. But never fear, PotGuide is here. 

The majority of the items needed for your cannabis grow can be purchased at any local gardening center (and many places even have a local hydroponics shop).  So let’s discuss your options, and what equipment you can expect to use.Ad

Selecting Your Grow Space

Consider first how many plants you want to grow, and how big you’d like them to be. Account for the lights above, containers below, air circulation systems (either fans or more advanced setups), and space for you to move around all these things in your measurements. Try to avoid carpet or other areas difficult to sanitize.A homemade grow roomFinding an adequate grow space is the first step to begin growing. photo credit

You’ll also want complete control of the lighting, so blackout any windows. Even leaks through cracked doors, seams, or shutters can disrupt your plant’s development. Airflow is another critical factor. Ideally, you’ll want a space where you can install exhaust fans, but at the very least you will need to be able to circulate the air in the grow space.

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  1. Archer Head

    Hello. I recently purchased a clone and am having issues with discoloration in the leafs. Does this mean my light source is too hot or nutritional issues because I am not currently using any fertilizers? I am also curious to know of good fertilizers to use for best results. And one more question – do I need a dual compartment tent for indoor grow?

  2. Levi Krantz420

    This article is awesome and so informative. I am a beginner in so many aspects of growing cannabis, and traveling cross-country to Toronto to start my first indoor venture. So excited to be breaking into the legal cannabis industry, and thank you very much for such a killer article!

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