Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks Differences

SunRocks and MoonRocks are two of the most potent cannabis experiences available. Caviar cannabis is a high-end term for medications prepared with world-class cannabis bud and top-shelf concentrates. If you live in the United States, these products can be found in high-end dispensaries. Otherwise,

Sunrocks and Moonrocks are the newest, most powerful cannabis products on the market. These next-generation mixes of bud, oil, and kief have pushed potency to new heights. It’s time to find out what makes them so drunk and if they’re really too strong for “regular” good stoners.

Which moon or sun stone would you choose if you had to pick between the two? Both are a strong type of cannabis, not a strain.

Imagine a nug of high-quality cannabis dipped in concentrate, then sprinkled with kief. That’s what Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks are. The distinction? Sun Rocks have been analyzed and found to be more powerful, up to 80% THC, while Moon Rocks clock in at around 60% THC.

Stoners are constantly finding new and innovative ways to spice up their smoking of marijuana. In this day and age, cannabis goods seem to have no end, with some being modifications to tried-and-true methods. We’re referring to sun rocks – a technique for smoking your buds that builds on the foundation laid by moon rocks. It’s also out of this world!

A New Age in Cannabis Products

Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks are two types of cannabis-derived items that have recently gained popularity. It’s said that a rapper-turned-marijuana entrepreneur named Kurupt, also known as “Kurupt’s Moonrock,” created Moon Rocks. His creation is beginning to attract the attention of cannabis enthusiasts looking for a strong new item to try based in Los Angeles.


Let’s start with Moonrocks, which is a cannabis beverage made up of buds, hash oil, and kief. Kurupt’s Moonrocks were making headlines several years ago. With over 50% THC concentrations, the world had never seen such delicious snacks. And they were bursting with flavor to boot. These strange-looking nuggets were both visually stunning and blended three different marijuana products together into one synergistic mix.

A Moonrock is a frosty bud drenched in BHO and covered with kief. Girl Scout Cookies were the preferred buds of origin in California. Extracts applied on top were simply the icing on the cannabis cake, albeit delicious. The hash oil and kief were not always the highest-quality toppings. Appearance frequently prevailed over quality. You couldn’t tell what you were getting until you brought it home for a toke at the dispensary.

In one fell swoop, less scrupulous cannabis businesses took advantage of the situation to enhance lower buds and get rid of low-quality extracts and crystals. Worse, the buyer was paying a premium for the tainted-up questionable end product. Sure, many reputable dispensaries claimed that only top-shelf bud and superior extracts were used in their products, but who can you trust these days? You couldn’t be certain if you were receiving a cannabis product with up to 60% THC content or simply space junk at the time of purchase.

Moon Rocks are nuggets of high-end marijuana, usually Girl Scout Cookies (although different dispensaries use their own strains), that have been dipped in high-THC concentrate such as hash oil. The coated nug is then drenched in kief, the crystal-like residue from the cannabis plant containing the most THC.

The result is something that looks like tiny meteorites – something you might imagine if you have a vivid mind. Moon Rocks have been found to contain average THC levels of 60%, far surpassing the typical strain’s 15%.

You can get cannabinoids from the strain, from the concentrate it’s dipped in, and from the kief that covers it. This is a recipe for an incredible experience.


You’ll feel like you’re in outer space when you spark up a joint of Sun Rocks. They’re made in the same way as Moon Rocks are, but they’ve been tested and certified to have up to 20% more THC. This makes Sun Rocks by far the most potent form of cannabis available for consumption.

The most famous makers of Sun Rocks are “Big Tray Dee” and “Apollo Sun Rocks,” both based in California. As the number of legal cannabis consumers grows, more dispensaries will create their own variations as demand rises.

A Sunrock glows brightly in contrast to a Moonrock, which is dusty. In reality, the components for both are rather similar on paper. The recipe for a Sunrock entails top-shelf nugged in rosin and then finished with kief. The 80% THC levels of Apollo Sunrocks’ and Big Tay Dee’s finest Sunrocks attest to their potency.

A Sunrock is far more spectacular than a Moonrock in terms of appearance. Furthermore, legendary cannabis consumers like Snoop Dogg are afraid of them, according to reports.

Sun rocks are relatively recent to the cannabis business, having only started appearing in recent years. Although you may be familiar with their predecessor, moon rocks, sun rocks are essentially new and improved moon rocks. Simply said, sun rocks are superior buds that have been bathed in BHO extract before being rolled in kief. They’re high-quality buds that have previously been soaked in BHO extract and then wrapped in kief. The potency of sun rocks varies from 50% to 80% THC, depending on your source and the components used.

How to Smoke Moon & Sun Rocks

Because they’ve focused on them, don’t use a grinder. Instead, break up the nug with your fingers or scissors and place it on top of some ordinary cannabis. It can be smoked via a pipe, bubbler, bong, or blunt. While reaching new heights, take tiny breaths to avoid burning yourself or your throat!

Smoking Moon or SunRocks is not the same as smoking regular flower. If you get your hands on these gems, here are some pointers to help you enjoy them to the full.

  1. Don’t grind them: Regular herb grinders will most certainly break these buds, making them difficult to handle. Rather than using a grinder, use your fingers or scissors to gently separate the pieces apart.
  2. Use a pipe, bong, or bubbler: At 60-80% THC, you don’t need a lot of these Rocks to get high. As a result, it’s advised to use a pipe/bong with a little cone to prevent the substance from going to waste.
  3. Mix it with some regular weed: take it and sprinkle into some regular weed.

Sun Rocks Vs. Moon Rocks: What’s The Difference?

To be considered sun rocks rather than moon rocks, the strain must be 100% pure and used to make all components: flowers, oil, and kief. OG Kush is the most common strain used to create sun rocks. Moon rocks, on the other hand, have been available for a while. They’re simpler to produce since you don’t need to filter the oil any further, may be combined with various strains, and typically contain around 30-50% THC. If you’re interested in learning more about sun rocks vs. moon rocks , check out our article Top Secrets Of Moon Rocks: How To Make And Smoke Them

What Are the Effects of MoonRocks and SunRocks?

The Moon and SunRocks have a very distinctive feeling about them. due to their strength, some individuals compare them to dabs, but the highs are rather diverse.

·   How Long Do They Take to Kick In?

Both of these caviar cannabis products are powerful, fast-acting, and devastating. The impact will slam your body and mind the moment you take a hit from a bong, pipe, joint, or vaporizer. If you’re searching for a way to get as high as possible as soon as possible, then look no further.

·   Is There Any Risk to Using MoonRocks or SunRocks?

Yes and no. Caviar cannabis has the ability to overwhelm both novice and experienced consumers. If you’re a seasoned smoker of low- to mid-quality marijuana with little extract experience, it’s possible that you’ll have a difficult time.

However, despite the fact that marijuana is one of the safest recreational drugs in the world, you should exercise caution. Excess use might lead to disturbing mental symptoms including paranoia and anxiety, but physical symptoms are mostly limited to nausea and drowsiness, also known as “greening out.”

Do Sun Rocks Hit Differently?

It’s apparent that sun rocks are quite powerful, but what are the effects? What distinguishes them from normal buds? You can’t really compare moon or sun rocks to other types of marijuana alone; when you consume moon or sun rocks, you can anticipate a strong, long-lasting stone. The flavor of the smoke is far better than that of straight BHO oil, and sun rocks also burn long and slow, making them ideal for smoking out of a pipe or bong. You’ll only need to take a few puffs before you get where you want to be, given how much THC there is!


A Sunrock is essentially a Moonrock, but better. The flower of choice is OG Kush, and high-grade resin and organic kief are the preferred top coatings. Although both are expensive items, a Sunrock will set you back at least $25 per gram as opposed to the typical $15–20 per gram for a Moonrock. You’ll have to pay more if you want that extra 20% THC boost.

It’s generally advised that you break a piece off with your fingers and take a hit from a pipe or bong before grinding it. Neither is suitable for use as a grinder. Furthermore, if you want to smoke out of a Moonrock or Sunrock in the form of a roll-up, add some of these THC meteors sparingly on top of the flower.


Moonrocks and Sunrocks are for the brave fire-breathers only. These infants will literally blow the occasional toker’s head clean off. Such cannabis trifectas are more powerful than most shatter and wax hits, even experienced dabbers have tried. The outer space experience is intense and fast. Only those with a high tolerance can handle the out of this world experience. Maybe you can handle the strong high from a well-made Moonrock, but Sunrocks are uncharted dank territory—only for connoisseur cannanauts.

World’s Strongest Cannabis?

Yes, they are one of the world’s strongest cannabis products available for smoking. However, it is not the planet’s most potent cannabis strain because it is a combination of three distinct types of cannabis. Keep in mind that some waxes or other concentrates may be made to contain 100% THC (though extremely uncommon), but they are not generally accessible to recreational users.

Tips for Consuming MoonRocks and SunRocks

Don’t take smoking caviar cannabis lightly. Expect a wild ride, so be prepared. Use the recommendations below to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

·        Optimise Set and Setting

Set and setting are terms that are often used in the psychedelic community. The notion of “set” refers to one’s mental attitude before entering an experience, while “setting” refers to one’s physical and social surroundings. Meditation and improving your environment with nature and music may significantly enhance the likelihood of a pleasant encounter by preparing your thoughts and optimizing your surrounds.

·        Have Good Friends Nearby

We all have a group of pals we enjoy smoking marijuana with. Many of these friend groups date back to our childhoods. We have inside jokes, music, and several interesting tales in common. Surround yourself with excellent people and smoke together to ride the tide together.

·        Stay Hydrated

It’s horrible to be dehydrated while sober, but being dehydrated while high is much worse. Water in your blood dilutes THC levels, making you feel more awake and reducing the risk of an unpleasant experience.

·        Keep Some Snacks to Hand

Before consuming caviar cannabis, eat a hearty breakfast and satisfy your munchies with light meals throughout the day. Putting food in your stomach before you smoke will help you feel less nervous and give you more energy for the rest of the day.

·        Clear Your Schedule

If you’re going to smoke caviar cannabis, we recommend spending at least half a day on it. Don’t expect to be able to smoke a cigarette and go to work or any other engagement for that matter. Set aside some time and relax while taking in the sights. Head out without stress-free leisure options in mind.

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