Nepalese Marijuana Strain

Nepalese Marijuana Strain

aka Nepal, Nepali, Nepali OG

Wild strains are pure and they grow without interference from humans. Before being harvested and cultivated in Nepal, these herbs grew indigenously all over the world, including the southern Himalayan mountains.

Marijuana plays a religious role in Nepal. For hundreds of years, it was used as a spiritual tool. Cannabis is such an important product in Nepal that the locals have developed various strains native to their country. The abundance of it in the region has led to its growth and distribution throughout the world.

Today’s marijuana industry is challenging because of the increasing hybridization of Nepalese landraces. In addition, it has also spawned legends such as Chemdawg.

About Nepalese Strain

The Nepalese strain of marijuana is a strong hybrid that is primarily indica in nature. It’s a cross between the classic OG Kush strain and Nepali landrace strains. It originates in Asian countries including Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Nepal – deep within the mountains. Nepalese has an especially high THC content because of its location, usually averaging 21%

One interesting characteristic of this plant is its height, which typically reaches six feet. Hiding the telltale signs of pot plants from other neighbors is difficult if they are visible. When the flowers on the plant are not ready to harvest, you may notice small clusters of leaves that can be dispersed. The marijuana buds are usually on the smaller side, but not at all compact.The leaves of the maple tree can be orange, green, or a combination thereof with a thick layer of resin that gives them an opaque appearance.

The taste of the Nepalese is very complex. It has aspects of fruit, spice, sourness, earthiness and even grassy tastes. You’ll soon notice that this strain is not a creeper. You will notice a euphoric body high and soon after, you’ll be unable to move without breaking out in laughter – Relaxed and comfortable. Most people want a mellow high that produces feelings of calm, euphoria, creativity, and focus. With all these effects combined, Nepali OG can be beneficial for relieving physical pain and to relax.

Nepalese Strain Effects

Nepalese strains maintain the highest average THC levels of 14% to 17%, with tests showing it may reach 22%. It has a quick onset, where it induces a head rush in no time.

As a pure strain of sativa, its mental effects are happy and euphoric.In addition to being energizing, exercise also helps regulate your blood sugar levels. Getting inspired often leads to creativity. When people are reinvigorated, they might feel motivated to get creative.

The symptoms of the Nepalese strain become less pronounced when the drug is wearing off. This uplifting strain offers an initial buzzing sensation that gradually flows down to the muscles, relieving them of stress and helping a person complete their mental high. That is why it makes a good cannabis for the morning. There are many popular strains of cannabis that are direct descendants of Nepalese genetics. Read our full review on a hybrid strain by Willie Nelson that was created by fusing Nepalese and South Asian..

Although, the Nepalese can be quite overwhelming. One of the worst things about consuming too much alcohol is that it can lead to a couch-lock. The stimulating effects on the brain can also cause one to pursue extreme thoughts.

Nepalese Strain Type of High

Nepali OG’s high hits rapidly. It’s a deliciously comfortable body buzz with incite couch-lock as well as creativity and euphoric calm, possibly with a case of the munchies.

Nepalese Strain Fragrance

The Nepali OG marijuana strain has been described as having a very citrusy fragrance – like lemon – yet having a soft, floral taste with hints of lavender. The smell has also been described as being woody and earthy from the oils released when it is ground.

Nepalese Strain Flavors

Nepalese strains are like their smell—lemon. It’s sweet and citric, with a similar herbal flavor to lavender. Once you inhale the vapor from this cigar, subtle earthy flavors burst in your mouth.

Nepalese Strain Adverse Reaction

When smoking marijuana, there are always adverse reactions. Nepalese strains have been known to result in adverse reactions as well. One of the effects is dehydration, which is often observed in the drying of eyes and mouth. The symptoms might not be so serious, like dizziness and headache. Thankfully, these are mild and may even go unnoticed during the psychedelics ride.

Nepalese strains, as a pure variety of Sativas, can induce intense psychotropic effects. As such, consuming the strain in excess may make some users feel paranoid. If you want to avoid feeling paranoid after using Nepalese weed, the best bet is to use it in moderation by only indulging occasionally.

Nepalese Strain Appearance

The Nepali OG strain can grow to be quite tall, depending on the environment. Indoors it is about four feet tall and outdoors it could be six feet in height. The buds are medium sized with thick layers of resin coating them that are green in color.

Nepalese Strain Medical Uses

Sativas often induce euphoric and uplifting sensations. Nepalese strains are no different from other types of strains. Thus, Nepalese strains for perfect stress killer. Medical marijuana is a mood booster that can help treat depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The marijuana strains from the Nepalese mountains have high levels of psychoactive compounds. Alcohol makes people both eat more than they normally would and crave foods based on what they were drinking. Those with a sensitive stomach can benefit from using this strain.These psychedelic properties also assist in relieving headaches and nausea.

Nepalese Strain Growing Info

Despite being a pure Sativa, Nepalese cannabis has an Indica structure. This means the leaves of this plant are dense and resin-covered. Moreover, it is shorter and has a smaller stature than other Sativas. Its internodes are also shorter than average. Growers, looking to add a touch of Sativa, choose Nepalese.

It has been grown in high altitude areas 1000m to 3000m above sea level. The Nepalese strain of the fungus is not particularly resistant to molds, but it does have a high tolerance for cold weathers and humidity.

Cultivating an heirloom plant is of course a daunting task. But the plants are actually quite easy to grow, given their adaptability and resistant nature. It is hard and firm because of its Indica-like structure. The hundreds of years it has been exposed to harsh weather conditions also contribute to its sturdiness.

After just a week or two into the blooming phase, Nepalese landrace buds develop a dark green color. Marijuana looks like toasted corn kernels with amber hairs surrounding it. In a few weeks, buds will be covered with crystals and sticky resin.

Nepalese Strain THC Content

Nepali OG cannabis contains higher levels of THC, making it the perfect strain for growing indoors. That being said, the highest amount of THC found in Nepali OG has been measured at around 21% THC.

Nepalese Strain CBD Content

The high CBD content Nepali OG strain has a value of only 0.3%. ISome people prefer to use smoking because it doesn’t offer many medicinal benefits.

Nepalese Strain Flowering Time

  • Indoors

Nepalese landraces can produce up to 35 ounces of tea per square meter within 8-9 weeks.

  • Outdoors

One of the best strains for cold and dry regions, Nepalese landrace cannabis is known to flower by October given the right conditions. It’s also a relatively large producer with an exceptional yield.

The Nepali OG strain is a cross between Nepali landrace strains and the legendary OG Kush. Originating from mountainous regions of western Asia, it has an interesting background and offers many unique features to its users. It is very potent and strong, so be prepared for couch-lock when smoking this bud.

Besides the effects, the taste is simply like none other and worth trying Nepali OG for. It is a combination of citrus and floral, with many notes of lemon, pine, sweetness, sourness, and even spiciness. So in terms of flavor you are in for a real exciting twist. Overall if you’re looking for a

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    Still the best strain I’ve ever smoked. Potent sativa with a huge energy rush but absolutely no anxiety. Couldn’t recommend this enough for seasoned smokers and people looking to add to their shelf.

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