Pine Cone Strain: Description

Pine Cone Strain: Description

The Pine Cone cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Trainwreck. The result is a pungent, piney tasting marijuana with an intense high. Known for its long-lasting psychoactive effects, the Pine Cone strain has been used to help treat PTSD, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders.

What is Pine Cone Strain?

The Pine Cone Strain consists of 55% indica dominancy while the remaining 45% contains more traits from Sativa genetics to give it some uplifting qualities while not blurring your thinking or making you overstimulated like pure indicas would do after being consumed. It also helps if you are having trouble sleeping because this Pine Cone weed will knock you out like a light.

pine cone uses

A lot of people may not know exactly how Pine Cone weed helps them because they are experiencing different symptoms. What’s great about marijuana in general though is that there are many different strains out there that can help with whatever you need whether it be sleep, appetite loss, chronic pain, or anxiety so it may not be the exact strain you need but if you try Pine Cone weed for a little bit and don’t like it then there are other strains out there that might do what you need.

The high from this marijuana is very intense which can make some people feel paranoid when they first use it however I would say that over time with different strains of cannabis (especially those with a higher THC level) have helped me find relief from depression because they help with my mood swings. One thing to note is that Pine Cone buds tend to dry up quickly once harvested which means your smoking experience will be better as well as more flavorful than if you were using fresh bud so in some ways it’s worth harvesting them early.

Pine Cone flowering time: 12 – 15 days

Pine Cone Weed does not have any psychoactive effects which means there is no change in mental state as a result of use and if you enjoy the high from this strain then look for Pineapple Express or Lemon Haze to get an even better experience because they are both Sativa dominant strains. Finding cannabis that works well for your individual needs can often take some trial and error however you can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise from professionals to help you figure out what works best for your situation.

Pine Cone has won many awards including “Best Sativa at 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup” and “Third Place Best Indica at 2011 Medical Cannabis Cup.” This award-winning Sativa dominant hybrid is renowned for its euphoric high which provides an uplifting experience with mild cerebral effects. The THC content ranges between 12% – 15%.

Pine Cone uses a blend of Haze, Colombian Gold, and Neville’s A-B hybrid genetics. The Pine Cone strain has a piney aroma with sweet fruit undertones.

The high intensity affects the body more than it does the mind which leads to feelings of relaxation without sedation. You’ll enjoy creativity as well an uplifted mood that is not too intense or jittery while still feeling motivated enough to get work done along with other everyday activities you need to do like cleaning your home or getting groceries for example. The best time to use this cannabis strain is during daytime hours but many users also find themselves doing even better at nighttime because they have had trouble sleeping throughout their lives due to insomnia or some other difficult sleep disorder-related reason.

pine cone uses

The Pine Cone cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with an even ratio of THC to CBD. As it was released in 2016, the genetics are unknown but based on its lineage and appearance it is most likely a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush which originated from California. This particular marijuana variety has a piney aroma with sweet fruit undertones that won’t be too overbearing or pungent for those who don’t enjoy really strong odors. The high intensity affects more the body than your mind so you’ll feel relaxed without being sedated; this product will give you creativity as well as an uplifted mood that isn’t too intense or jittery while still feeling motivated enough to get work done along with the creativity to think outside of the box.

What are some possible negative side effects?

The most common adverse reactions to the use of Pine Cone include dry mouth and eyes as well as dizziness or headaches if over-indulged in this strong Sativa hybrid (and these symptoms can be managed by drinking water). If experiencing paranoia or anxiety while using this strain, it would best to avoid activities such as driving until feeling more grounded again.

How long does Pine Cone take to grow?

It takes around 12 – 15 days for the pine cone cannabis plant to fully mature from the seedling stage! With a flowering time of between 12 – 15 days and an average yield per square foot of 18 – 20 ounces when grown outdoors or indoors under lights, this one is worth considering if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary. The Pine Cone strain is also known to produce high levels of THC, so it might be best not to use this one before driving or performing any tasks that require your full attention (except maybe hiding under the covers with a movie and junk food).

If you are feeling paranoid or anxious while using this strain, make sure to avoid activities such as long drives until you feel more grounded again!

You may notice some variations in coloration depending on which type of light they’re exposed to and how much direct sunlight they receive each day. If grown outdoors-the plants can grow up 12 feet tall if there’s no wind present!

Pine cone cannabis seeds: $30 – $50


The Pine Cone Strain is a cross between the popular Strawberry Fields and Trainwreck strains. A sweet, fruity fragrance with hints of pine will greet you as soon as you open up this container. This strain has an uplifting effect that will leave you feeling relaxed while working or playing outside on a sunny day. If you are looking for something to help alleviate your anxiety, stress, depression, nausea, pain relief and insomnia then look no further than this bud! It’s perfect if all these symptoms come in waves throughout your days or weeks so it can be hard to find one medication that works well enough to get rid of them all at once.

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    I bought this bud at Fogtown Flower Shop in Toronto. This is one of my favorites now. Very flavorful with a fruity taste and smell. A clean euphoric and motivating high. Great for stress relief and daytime use. Highly recommended.

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