Purple OG Kush

Purple OG Kush

Purple OG Kush is a marijuana strain that was created in the early 1990s. Some say it’s a cross between Granddaddy Purple and the Hindu Kush, but others claim it’s just an old-school indica with purple hues. Either way, this potent weed has gained popularity for its cerebral effects as well as its powerful body high. This blog post will give you everything you need to know about this popular cannabis variety!

What is Purple Kush

The first thing that you need to know about the Purple Kush is its heritage.

Purple Kush is a bud strain that was created in California by West Coast cannabis breeder Josh’s Diesel. Either way, this potent weed has gained popularity for its cerebral effects as well as its powerful body high.

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Purple kush description: a traditional Indica-dominant hybrid that produces an array of powerful, relaxing effects and a sweet aroma. The purple hue of this strain is a result of the Granddaddy Purple genetics that were mixed with the Hindu Kush but it’s the purple ogs or “s” in their name which stands for super dank weed! 

The THC content of this strain ranges from between 18-23%, so be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart! It has a grape aroma with woody undertones and earthy notes, which is followed by hints of sweetness on the exhale.

I buy Purple Kush on the internet. PurpleOG Kush is a traditional Indica-dominant hybrid that produces an array of powerful, relaxing effects and a sweet aroma. This potent weed has gained popularity for its cerebral effects as well as its powerful body high which can be felt within minutes after smoking or vaporizing. It also gives you deep physical relaxation – perfect to unwind in front of your favorite movie! You’ll find yourself yawning often too so we recommend taking some time before bed if sleep isn’t what you’re looking for tonight!

Side effects of using the drug and medical uses of Purple OG Kush

Purple OG Kush is a popular medicinal marijuana strain and it’s known for its ability to relieve many different symptoms. It has been found that Purple Kush may be able to provide relief from chronic pain, anorexia, nausea, anxiety disorders as well as insomnia. There are also some side effects when using the drug, which include cottonmouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and paranoia.

This combination provides the user with an even better high than they would experience from just one plant. There are a few different types of Purple OG Kush, which include the following: Royal Purple Kush, Lavender Kush, and Grand Daddy Purp. The first two strains can be found as hybrids and some dispensaries may have them in stock. However, when it comes to purchasing Granddaddy Purp you will need to go through someone who has grown it themselves because this is not something that most stores carry.”

“Purple OG Kush is also known for the fact that its smell can range anywhere between sweet grapefruit or sour lemonade scents depending on how much terpenes are present within the flower itself”

Some people incorrectly assume that marijuana use means that it’s not possible to be productive but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people will report an increase in their creativity and productivity after consuming cannabis because they can think more clearly due to its psychoactive effects.

“Purple Kush is known for carrying a piney scent with a flavor reminiscent of grapefruit or sour lemonade.”

The strain has been reported as being effective at treating pain caused by anxiety disorders, such as PTSD; insomnia or any other sleep disorder; chronic migraines; muscle spasms like those found within multiple sclerosis patients who suffer from tremors or Parkinson’s disease sufferers”

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“People using Purple Kush have claimed that this plant possesses anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce swelling and soreness”

Purple Kush is a potent Indica-dominant strain that typically delivers an intense full-body high. Patients report feeling happy, euphoric, sleepy, or even sedated after smoking this flower – but it can vary quite drastically from person to person depending on the THC content in their particular batch of Purple Kush.


The strain usually flowers between 56-63 days with a medium to high yield.


Outdoors, this plant is ready for harvest in October or November and indoors it can be harvested at the end of September (or beginning of October) and will produce yields up to 400g/m².

To grow Purple OG Kush, you’ll need some patience since these plants aren’t particularly mold-resistant – if they’re grown outside during humid summer months, watch out! You may not want them near anything that could get wet like vegetables in your garden beds. These cannabis seeds are recommended for those who have experience growing their weed from seed because they require more attention than other cannabis seeds.

Purple OG Kush FLAVOR:

The smell of these cannabis seeds is earthy and fruity, with a hint of pine. The taste is more surgery than sweet. This strain has an effect that starts as cerebral but then quickly turns physical; it’s perfect for daytime pain relief!

Effects: A pure indica, this marijuana plant makes you feel relaxed and sleepy while providing plenty of energy in lower doses. It’s popular among those who work because many find it helps them stay focused on their tasks at hand without feeling weighed down or bogged down by the day-to-day stresses they may be experiencing. As Purple OG Kush comes from a hybrid mother-strain father pairing, expect some variation in the high depending on what kind of Purple Kush you have.

Purple OG Kush Appearance:

The buds are bright green and covered with a thick layer of frosting that’s tinged purple or magenta. The leaves are dark, glossy, and shiny, looking almost as if they’ve been coated in oil. While not always perfectly round, these nugs usually take on an elongated form; sometimes even resembling pencil eraser tops. If properly manicured and taken care of, this strain will grow to about eight inches tall at full maturity, though it can be grown indoors for much less height given enough space. This marijuana plant is heavy-bodied but light-headed without being overly sedating; often causing a nice, even mood elevation.

Purple OG Kush Taste:

The flavor is extremely unique; skunky and sweet at the same time. The aroma of Purple OG Kush has been described in various ways, ranging from spicy to fruity with an overall earthy quality that’s impossible to miss. Many people experiencing this strain for the first time will note a refreshing tingle on their tongue after taking a hit that intensifies into peppery spice when exhaled through the nose. This marijuana variety hits you hard but eventually leaves you feeling like your head is resting comfortably on a soft pillow – perfect for any occasion where relaxation would be needed or desired!

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    I’m an indica lover so this was meh for me. It did everything you want an indica to do it just didn’t last as long. The high or the regular indica effects. The true smokers and indica lovers will have to smoke a little more than normal to feel it. Other than that it’s fine. Taste was nice, what you’d expect from an OG.

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