Rough Rider Indica

The Rough Rider Indica is great for energizing you up in the morning if you’re prone to sluggish mornings. It’s invigorating and rejuvenating, and it may help you feel more focused and awake. It’s also very tangy, zingy, and citrusy, hence the name.

Rough Rider Indica is a cannabis strain created by Crockett Family Farms, a Colorado-based cannabis breeder. The 2015 Cannabis Cup in Michigan produced a concentrated live resin of Rough Rider Indica that won second place in the Best Sativa category.

What Is Rough Rider Indica?

The Rough Rider Indica is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the indica Tangie and the psychoactive marijuana strain Lemon Skunk. Lemon Skunk is a combination of two skunk phenotypes with strong lemony, citrusy undertones. The Rough Rider Indica has a sweet, citrusy, lemony-orange flavor profile that’s highly influenced by these genetics.

Rough Rider ‘s cerebral effects are strong and rapid-acting, resulting in a greater degree of attention and concentration. This strain also offers a brief energy boost, which is why it’s so popular amongst “wake-and-bakers.” Because of its effects, the Rough Rider Indica is only suitable for use in the morning or afternoon.

Rough Rider Indica Aroma, Fragrance, and Appearance


Rough Rider smells like a delicious, citrusy blend of lemon and orange. Undertones of ground, spice, and pine are also present.


On the inhale, Rough Rider has a smooth, lemony citrus flavor with a tart orange aftertaste.


The Rough Rider Indica is a tall, strong plant that may reach up to 80 inches in height outside. The flowers are rather huge and covered with trichomes, as is the entire plant. The leaves are yellowy-green with orange, clementine-colored pistils grouped around them.

Rough Rider Indica Grow Info

Rough Rider is a mold and mildew-resistant strain that is simple to produce. While Rough Rider Indica seeds may be cultivated both indoors and outside, it flourishes in an environment with a 50% relative humidity level. This plant thrives at temperatures ranging from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because it may reach enormous heights, the Rough Rider weed must be pruned and trimmed on a regular basis to keep its height and form in check. The Rough Rider weed’s indoor flowering time is 8-9 weeks, with an 11 ounce per square meter yield. Outdoor growers should expect a higher average yield of around 15 ounces per square meter. It is generally ready for harvesting beginning in the middle of October.

The Rough Rider plant’s buds will be improved by curing them. To begin, the buds must be dried for seven to ten days. Hang or place them on a drying rack for this period of time to prevent mold growth.

When the buds are completely dry, put them in an airtight container, such as a wide-mouthed mason jar. Before storing them in a cool, dry location like a closet, seal the lid tightly.

Open the lids at least three times a day for five to ten minutes during the first week. Any moisture will be released, allowing the buds to breathe. You will only have to repeat this a few more times after the first week to avoid mold growth. After two or three weeks, Rough Rider buds should be fully cured. For better results, you can continue curing them for 4-6 weeks

THC levels in Rough Rider range between 17 and 19 percent. Analytical 360, a Seattle-based cannabis analysis laboratory, found THC levels of as much as 27% in Clementine samples. As a result, beginning users should take it easy. CBD content is typically low in Rough Rider Indica strains, with the exception of 1 percent on one sample that was checked for CBD. The majority of Rough Rider Indica strains have CBD levels below 1%. A single sample that was tested for CBD had a concentration of 0.19 percent; this is less than 1 percent.

Medical Benefits of Rough Rider Indica

According to several Rough Rider reviewers, this strain makes them feel joyful, uplifted, and euphoric. As a result, medicinal cannabis users who suffer from depression or anxiety could benefit from Rough Rider.

Rough Rider Indica, on the other hand, has a sedative effect. It increases energy at first, which may aid in overcoming tiredness. However, over time, the Rough Rider Indica also instills a sense of calmness. As a result of this, some people may find it beneficial for stress release and relaxing purposes after the initial energizing effects have worn off.

Some Rough Rider users claim that it is somewhat helpful in reducing pain. As a result, it may help to alleviate minor muscular aches and pains for a short time.

Possible Side Effects of the Rough Rider Indica

Some Rough Rider users may experience minor side effects such as cottonmouth and dry eyes. Some users, on the other hand, have said that Clementine made them feel anxious or dizzy since it has a THC level of up to 27%.

Final Thoughts

The Rough Rider Indica is a potent and enjoyable strain that can be used by both casual and professional marijuana users. It’s claimed to improve your mood while also increasing attention and energy levels. These effects are why the Rough Rider is so popular among cannabis consumers who like to wake-and-bake.

The Rough Rider Indica is a strain that has been used in Central Asia since ancient times. It’s valued for its uplifting and relaxing effects, which can help with chronic tiredness, stress, and mood disorders. It’s worth noting that the THC concentration in this variety can reach 27%, so it might not be suitable for everyone.

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