Shiva Skunk Cannabis Strain

Shiva Skunk Cannabis Strain

Shiva Skunk is a popular pure Indica strain of cannabis. This plant was first created in Amsterdam by notorious cannabis growers Sensi Seeds. By crossing Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5, Sensi Seeds created this potent flower that packs a long-lasting high. This strain fills the role of “beginner” Indica incredibly well because it’s potent high is not too much to handle for beginners. New medical cannabis patients may also find that this strain’s THC test data often lands somewhere between 13-20%, an excellent medium level of THC concentration.

Shiva Skunk buds often take on beautiful spade shapes in shades of mint and seafoam green. Expect to find olive and forest sugar leaves amongst these buds, in addition to some fuzzy orange hairs and a dusting of tiny off-white trichomes. This bud, as the name suggests, is quite the stinker. In fact, its pungent, skunky, citrus scent has become notoriously popular where this bud is sold. If you’re sensitive to or flat out don’t like the pungent smelling strains, avoid this strain as it’s flavor is even more pungent than its scent.

Due to Shiva Skunk’s notoriety, growing this strain has become a frequent pastime of medical patients and a staple of licensed grows alike. The strain’s popularity amongst the cannabis growing community is completely deserved. This easy-to-grow strain requires very little attention unlike some incredibly demanding strains. With a flowering time of just 7-9 weeks, many can expect to see between 3-6 ounces of bud per square foot of plant. This strain is also quite popular in grows where space is a concern, as this short, stout little plant never exceeds 30 inches in height.

Shiva Skunk Experience

Shiva Skunk is named after the Hindu God, Shiva. Also referred to as the “Lord of Bhang” and the “Lord of Dance,” Shiva is regarded as the patron of yoga, meditation, and arts. Named in honor of the deity, you can count on Shiva Skunk to make you feel a little meditative, blissful, and one with your own body.

Great for gentle stretching, the indica body relaxation is likely to make you feel limber and peaceful. Yet, the combination of the physical and euphoric effects can border on psychedelic, especially if you find a high-THC flower. Save this strain for a time when you really want to sink in and experience a high.

Though Shiva Skunk has medical value (we’ll get to that in a minute), this is a great recreational strain. It’s not one you’ll want to take to a club unless you prefer to be slow-moving.

However, it cultivates a very distinct mind and body experience. Shiva Skunk can be creative and enlightening, allowing you to sink into a meditative space.

Shiva Skunk can also be quite silly. You’re likely to find yourself in a giggle fit and ready to have a jolly good time. This strain is considered one of the most powerful of the Skunk strains, so be ready for an interesting cannabis adventure.


Shiva Skunk possesses otherworldly potency that does not overwhelm users, most of the time that is. Depending on where one buys the weed, quality and THC content may not be the same. At any rate, it has been tested to have as high as 20% THC content making it incredibly potent.

Used in moderation, the strain surprisingly begins with a euphoric sensation kicking in. Being 85% Indica, one would think it hits the body first and hits hard. But no, as we alluded to earlier, its effects are unlike others.

Meanwhile, as it continues to work its way to the head, users start to feel their mind clearing. As a result, they are more focused. Furthermore, it also allows the creative thinkers to crank up one idea after another. Such feeling of elation, of course, makes people feel happy and good about themselves.

As the Indica traits work its way to the body, though, users soon find themselves completely relaxed. Shiva Skunk does deliver a sedating effect that makes its users lazy. Although intense, the numbing sensation does not cause a stoney effect, but the constant buzzing sensation can make one believe they are on the verge of psychedelic.


First of all, the buds emit a pungent odor. It has a skunky scent with a hint of something sweet and earthy. For some, the aroma may be a tad bit too much but for most others, smelling it is enough enticement to use it. In other words, most users should find its fragrance appealing.


Much of its scent carries over to its flavors with a distinct taste of berry thrown in. What makes it a delight is the taste of menthol that makes it smooth to the throat.

Adverse Reaction

The deity does not like it when people abuse it and uses too much. As such, it comes with punishment. In most cases, it causes people to have dry eyes and mouth. A good way to atone for the sin is to drink a lot of water before and during its use.

In some cases, hardheaded people feel the need to use a little bit more. In exchange, they may experience a mild headache or feel dizzy. Perhaps realizing that the deity is not to fool around with, some may also feel paranoid.

Medical Benefits of Shiva Skunk

  • THC: 18.0 – 21.0%
  • CBD: 0.74 – 1.03%
  • CBC: 0.1 – 1.14%
  • CBG: 0.13 – 1.13%
  • CBN: 0.08 – 0.23%
  • THCV: 0.33 – 1.95%

Thanks to its number of medical applications, Shiva Skunk is widely sought after by marijuana patients looking to treat a number of conditions.

  • Medical cannabis consumers will appreciate the pain-fighting properties of this strain.
  • Many people report that they also find relief from eye pressure with Shiva Skunk, along with headaches. It may help physically dull the pain as well as keep you from focusing too intensely on the discomfort.
  • Those who experience chronic stress, depression, and anxiety also tend to appreciate the contemplative euphoria of this strain. If you really need to see things from a different perspective, Shiva Skunk can help facilitate the process.
  • As an indica-dominant hybrid, Shiva Skunk is also great for sleep. As the high continues, you may find that your eyes start to grow heavy and you’re ready for a nice long nap.

Shiva Skunk is a highly sought after strain among medical cannabis users. Patients, especially those with chronic illnesses are the ones who have to endure the pain due to their state of health. Using this strain, they unleash the mighty power of a deity to obliterate the pain. And if the stress levels of some other people are too much, that is also wiped out.

During its come down, it is normal for most of the users to feel drowsy. As their eyelids become heavier, they soon drift off to sleep. As such, it can be an insomniac’s best friend. Once they wake up, expect to feel very hungry too. In that way, it can also be useful to anyone having problems with their appetite.


Shiva Skunk is one of the easier strains to grow, so that is good news for beginners who want to try cultivating cannabis. If legally allowed, it grows well outdoors in a warm climate. Keep in mind that it does not grow as well in a cooler environment.

Indoor, combining it with the Screen of Green training method should improve its yield. While it grows well with soil as a medium, the best way to cultivate the plant is hydroponics.

Flowering Time


A little work is needed when growing inside a grow tent. For instance, trimming its leaves will allow light to reach more parts of the plant. At any rate, it can be triggered by the seventh week. Once it is ready, growers can pick up some 16 ounces of buds each square meter.


In an open space where it is free to grow wild and free, each plant can produce at the very least 16 ounces of buds. It starts to flower during the last days of October.

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  1. Jameel Flores

    This strain is insane, the effects leave you thinking you just smoked a Sativa . Love this strain it’s the only Indica I’ll smoke. Feels creative and colorful.

  2. jaggedbrain

    I first tried the Shiva in Canada and it was fantastic. Clean, clear headed high, great for first timers, low tolerance users or anxious smokers.

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