Shiva Strain

Shiva Strain

Shiva Skunk by Sensi Seeds is among the most powerful varieties in the Skunk family, crossing the famous Skunk #1 with the resinous and hardy Northern Lights #5. This potent indica inherits the sweet, pungent aroma typical of Skunk varieties and the high-yielding potential of its Northern Lights mother. Its effects tend toward the lazy side of the spectrum, so evening use is recommended.

On the occasion of Maha Shivratri, which marks the day Lord Shiva saved the universe from darkness and married Goddess Parvati, cannabis takes the mandate spotlight as devotees flock at Pashupati, one of Nepal’s holiest Hindu temples, in the capital city of Kathmandu.

Grabbing onto clay pipes or chillum and smoking pot, dreadlocked sadhus make way to station their belongings and share this ‘prasad’. Some call it as a means to acquire euphoria, others use it to stave off worldly desires.

However, its association with Mahadev is quite the simple tale of literal medicinal use. According to Atharva Veda, Cannabis is one of the five most sacred plants. It was during the Samudra Manthan when Lord Shiva first discovered it.


Legend says that during the Samudra Manthan, devas (gods) and rakshasas (monsters) shook the ocean to obtain Amrut (a drink to immortality). However, due to the constant churning, Halahala, a lethal poison was released that threatened all creation.

To protect everyone, Lord Shiva drank this poison, which even got him the name of Neelkanth (blue throat). In order to soothe the pain, he was offered bhang (seeds and leaves of cannabis). Much of the medicinal lore around weed comes from such stories where Lord Shiva uses the plant to cure an ailment.

Bhang has been traditionally associated with Shiva worship which is why he is often called the ‘Lord of Bhang’. However, Lord Shiva is first and foremost the God of all creation and destruction in Hindu mythology, with a particular liking for all that is rejected – corpses, intoxicants and the likes.

This preference for taking what is rejected by society extends to his love for cannabis. The destruction aspect of his personality also extends to the metaphysical world – he is the destroyer of ignorance and illusion, and this particular trait is enhanced by his use of cannabis.

In almost utter contrast to using the drug as escape, the Vedic texts tell of how Lord Shiva used it to turn inwards and gain the ultimate mastery of his senses, but they also repeatedly warned that he is the only one who is capable of using it – therefore, mere mortals should refrain from even attempting.

But every year, on Maha Shivratri devotees celebrate the festival by consuming bhang, smoking weed and chillums. Even though weed isn’t directly associated with Lord Shiva apart from its spiritual and medicinal value – people believe that it brings them closer to Lord Shiva.

On the occasion of Maha Shivratri, which marks the day Lord Shiva saved the universe from darkness and married Goddess Parvati

About Shiva Skunk

Shiva Skunk is a popular pure Indica strain of cannabis. This plant was first created in Amsterdam by notorious cannabis growers Sensi Seeds. By crossing Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5, Sensi Seeds created this potent flower that packs a long-lasting high. This strain fills the role of “beginner” Indica incredibly well because it’s potent high is not too much to handle for beginners. New medical cannabis patients may also find that this strain’s THC test data often lands somewhere between 13-20%, an excellent medium level of THC concentration.

Shiva Skunk buds often take on beautiful spade shapes in shades of mint and seafoam green. Expect to find olive and forest sugar leaves amongst these buds, in addition to some fuzzy orange hairs and a dusting of tiny off-white trichomes. This bud, as the name suggests, is quite the stinker. In fact, its pungent, skunky, citrus scent has become notoriously popular where this bud is sold. If you’re sensitive to or flat out don’t like the pungent smelling strains, avoid this strain as it’s flavor is even more pungent than its scent.

Due to Shiva Skunk’s notoriety, growing this strain has become a frequent pastime of medical patients and a staple of licensed grows alike. The strain’s popularity amongst the cannabis growing community is completely deserved. This easy-to-grow strain requires very little attention unlike some incredibly demanding strains. With a flowering time of just 7-9 weeks, many can expect to see between 3-6 ounces of bud per square foot of plant. This strain is also quite popular in grows where space is a concern, as this short, stout little plant never exceeds 30 inches in height.

Due to its nature as a pure Indica, users should expect this high to be incredibly body-centered, often leaving users with a completely clear mind. Many users have reported enjoying the intense feeling of being stoned right off the bat with this bud. This bud is almost always recommend for use in the evening, as it has a crazy powerful body high that can leave even some experienced smokers physically sedated, much to the delight of cannabis patients who suffer from chronic pains, stress, and migraines. While providing this intense, relaxing body high, Shiva Skunk manages to clear your mind of any negative thoughts you might be dwelling on, providing the opportunity to fully enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing. Users who suffer from depression and anxiety find that Shiva Skunk helps them shed their moody shells for happy, social experiences with friends and loved ones.

What is the Shiva Skunk Cannabis Strain?

Considered to be one of the most potent members of the Skunk family, Shiva Skunk racks in a crazy relaxing, meditative body buzz, that’ll leave you feeling melted and lazy. If you’ve got plans, be sure to clear your calendar when you embark on a journey with Shiva Skunk, just a few puffs, and you won’t want to go anywhere.

The genetic combination of Northern Lights No. 5 and Skunk No. 1, Shiva Skunk was initially bred in 1987 by the masters over at Sensi Seeds. The name Shiva didn’t catch on until later; originally they called this strain NL#5xSK#1 which is a logical choice if you take a look at its parental lineage.

Nowadays, the name Shiva Skunk has been adapted, now representing the Hindu god Shiva, who was rumored to have also loved cannabis – it’s pretty hard not to, after all. Shiva Skunk is definitely an indica, with an 85% indica, 15% sativa makeup. This cannabis strain is best reserved for evening use when your schedule has emptied enough for you to relax, unwind, and not worry about what’s to come tomorrow.

Shiva Skunk Aroma

The smell of Shiva Skunk has been best described as sharp and pungent, but extremely pleasant. With an overall sweetness that reeks intensely of skunk and earth, this cannabis strain has a pretty typical aroma when compared to other Skunk types. For its weedy smell, Shiva Skunk can thank its father Skunk No. 1.

Shiva Skunk Flavor

The flavor of Shiva Skunk, although not as pungent as the scent, is still quite powerful. Tasting sweet and almost a bit milky, along with refreshing hints of berries, methol, and trees, all of the notes pair up together to produce an oddly delectable tasting strain. People who have tried this cannabis before describe the smoke as being smooth, even for heavy coughers, so you won’t have to worry about your throat hurting afterward.

Shiva Skunk Appearance

Shiva Skunk buds tend to be round and dense, almost having the look of a tightly wound ball of yarn at times, with the sugar leaves appearing a bit more stringy than with some other strains. The coloration of this strain is quite classic for a Skunk type, with yellowish-green sugar leaves and bright orange pistils, topped off by a glassy coating.

Shiva Skunk THC Content: Highest Test

Shiva Skunk is, by no means, the most potent strain on the market, but its relaxing and rejuvenating effects make up for what it lacks in THC content. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t strong; ranking in between 10-20% THC on average, Shiva Skunk sits in that medium potency range for cannabis strains of the 21st century. The highest lab results show this marijuana reaching 20% THC, which is an especially decent amount for those who like to get pretty high after just a bowl of Mary Jane.

Shiva Skunk Marijuana Strain Grow Info

Easy to grow even for complete beginners and compact in size, Shiva Skunk is an ideal strain to cultivate if you love growing indicas and are looking to save some space. Being an indica, this cannabis strain has a relatively short stature, typically only reaching 30 inches or less. This means you could plant this strain in just about any room indoors, so be it the right conditions are met. Shiva Skunk can be grown successfully both indoors and outdoors, and the plant prefers a Mediterranean climate (think of a sunny valley in Italy). You’ll want to avoid exposing the crops to any cold weather, though. Frigid conditions can completely destroy your harvest. Indoors, similar warm temperatures must be mimicked.

Shiva Skunk grows in both soil mediums as well as hydroponics, but the short plant seems to prefer a water base over all other options. The method known as Screen of Green appears to go well with Shiva Skunk, so be sure to research this technique if you’d like a straightforward way of achieving a more hearty yield. The typical flowering period for this marijuana strain is around 7-8 weeks, which is quite quick when compared to other strains. Outdoor harvest can be pushed to early-October or even late-September, which gives the cultivator plenty of time to secure their crops before any chillier weather settles in.

Indoor yields range upwards of 16 ounces per meter squared, and outdoor yields reach about 16 ounces of consumable bud per plant. For an indica which naturally has smaller yields, these numbers are pleasant and encouraging to see for many growers.

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  1. Arlene Barnett

    Nice skunk strain for evening medication. Lucky for me I got 2 different Shivas at the same place in Toronto. Good growing huge buds, huge but not so dense. Great tasting smoke especially after the cure like a citrus chocolate. Very tasty!

  2. Smokey Boy

    Long lasting couch-lock stone efficient extremely powerful smell, keep in an airtight container and don’t leave loose. Great for sleep. I would def recommend this strain.

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