Smooth Operator Strain Information

Smooth Operator Strain Information

Smooth Operator is an ideal cut for consumers seeking mental alertness wrapped in a haze of mid-level sedation. Developed by Colorado Seed Inc. through crossbreeding Hawaiian Purple Trainwreck with Rug Burn OG, this strain produces aromas of sweet fuel and citrus trees. Its effects are initially heady and mentally stimulating, but slowly settle into the body where its ocean grown heritage blossoms into a functional sedation that becomes weighty

Smooth Operator marijuana strain is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. The kush was engineered at Colorado Seed Inc. The herb has enticing scent of diesel and citrus. The buds are small, green, and drip with resin. Smooth Operator marijuana is good for evening and night time use due to sedative properties.

Type of High

Smooth Operator marijuana induces moderate cerebral euphoria. Improves focus and mood, relieves stress. Followed by deep sedation and sleep. Helps to control pain, nausea and insomnia.


Smooth Operator cannabis strain is a cross between HawaiianPurple Trainwreck and Rug Burn OG.

What is Smooth Operator

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Smooth Operator is a good strain to use when looking for mental alertness.  Developed by Colorado Seed Inc. using the lineage of Hawaiian Purple Trainwreck with Rug Burn OG. Aromatic sweet fuel and citrus tree aromas are presented for your delight. Initially a heady and mentally stimulating feeling will be expressed followed by a delightful full body effect. 

Smooth Operator is a well-balanced hybrid developed by prolific Boulder-based growers Colorado Seed Inc. A cross between Purple Trainwreck and Rug Burn OG, it carries a complex, diesel-tinged aroma and a dynamic, multilayered high. Smooth Operator’s THC content has been measured at between 19% and 25%.

Smooth Operator’s flowers are marked by a small to medium size and a conical shape. The tapered, pinecone-like buds have the dense internal structure often associated with indica-dominant varieties, composed of tightly-curling leaves. These leaves themselves are a pale shade of sage green and are shot through with vivid orange pistils. Finally, icy-looking translucent trichomes cover all visible surfaces of these chunky buds, accounting for their potency.

Somewhat contrary to its name, Smooth Operator may not have the smoothest aroma. A first whiff of the buds may pick up on some sweet citrus, but closer inspection may detect some harsh fumes of diesel lurking underneath. This pungent gasoline funk becomes more intense as the buds are broken apart or ground up. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, meanwhile, Smooth Operator is anything but — it can give off a heavy, acrid smoke that can be difficult to ingest without coughing. On the exhale, this smoke tastes simultaneously fruity and sour.

The high from Smooth Operator may take some time before settling in, possibly leading consumers to forget they’ve ever smoked. Eventually, the strain exerts an increased blood pressure around the temples and cheekbones. These strange sensations seen dissolve into a spacey, keyed-up mindset in which thoughts may seem to take on a new intensity. Smokers may find themselves turning over the same ideas or concepts or may jump from one to the next in free association. While this frame of mind can help users accomplish work on detailed tasks, it may also result in some sensory distortion that can make smokers feel more trippy than focused. Subtle visual or auditory hallucinations may come alongside an uncanny feeling of time moving more slowly. Those who are so inclined can push these psychedelic vibes to the max with moody music (perhaps Sade’s Smooth Operator?) or an engaging movie.

After about an hour — maybe sooner if intake is increased — Smooth Operator comes to embody its name with heavy physical effects. Users may feel a marked relief from any joint pain or muscular tension and may be able to breathe more deeply and fully. The strain’s mental properties may lose some of their cerebral edge at this point, making Smooth Operator better suited to binge-watching or board games than to serious productivity. Because of this gradual decline in energy levels, Smooth Operator is recommended for late afternoon consumption when it can be fully appreciated.

Smooth Operator’s versatile recreational properties can have some application for medical cannabis patients as well. Its tuned-in thinking can aid concentration for those with attention deficit disorders. Its upbeat mood may also temporarily relieve the difficult symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Physically speaking, the strain can soothe aches and pains, whether mild or chronic. It can also take the sting out of common inflammations like nausea and headaches. In a properly relaxed set and setting, this bud may even counteract insomnia, lulling smokers into a fulfilling sleep. Because its early cerebral stages can lead to obsessive, recursive patterns of thinking, Smooth Operator is not recommended for patients who are prone to paranoia or panic.

Colorado Seed Inc has not made seeds of this strain available for purchase online. As such, those looking to grow this bud at home should obtain clippings from mature, healthy plants. These can be grown as genetically identical “clones” and may thrive indoors or out. Plants tend to have a short and bushy stature with strong lateral branches. Gardners who’d like to bring out the purple hues that may be passed on from parent strain Purple Trainwreck should expose their crops to nighttime temperatures that are between 10 and 15 degrees below average, just before flowering begins. Smooth Operator flowers within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors.

With its smooth, even-handed high, Smooth Operator is a must-try for indica and sativa lovers alike. If you’re toking this pungent bud in public, though, note that its odor is likely to attract some attention.

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Smooth Operator Effect And Attributes

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Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Smooth Operator is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Purple Trainwreck with the infamous Rug Burn OG. This lethal combination of parent strains ends in a powerhouse bud with a THC level that is said to be off the charts. The effects come at you with an almost smooth lift that slowly pulls your mind into a cerebral state of focus and clarity. This effect will soon drop slowly off into a stoney introspective state that erases your focus and clear-headed thought and replaces it with hazy bliss. While your mind goes up and down in tingly waves, your body will start to smoothly sail into deep relaxation, ending in a slight case of couch-lock in which you are still functional if need be. Thanks to these effects, Smooth Operator is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as depression, nausea, glaucoma, and anorexia. Smooth Operator has a harsh chemical fruity flavor with hints of sharp spicy diesel on the exhale. The smell is very pungent and citrusy with a diesel earthy overtone that strengthens as the nugs are burned. Smooth Operator buds have small piecey light green nugs with sparse amber hairs and a coating of bright amber crystal trichomes.

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  1. Douglas P.

    This was the first nug I bought and tried on my Canadian vacation. It definitely had wonderful taste and smell also great keef, so overall a great strain and worth the money.

  2. Nani Lama

    Definitely one of my favorite strains. the body high is fantastic and after a few puffs you’ll definitely have an ‘Aha!’ moment in which u understand it’s name. it’s a thick, slow, nice high that comes on like a deep tissue massage. Great strain.

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