Snow Lotus Cannabis Strain

The Snow Lotus strain has a THC concentration that is too high for non-experts. After using this variety, users frequently remark that they are more focused. It features a subtle diesel scent with undertones of sweetness in the taste.

Marijuana users, on the whole, seem to view the plant through a narrow lens. Cannabis is either indica or sativa to them, with rare ruderalis genes thrown in for good measure. It’s thought that indica-dominant crossbreds are sedating. Sativa-dominant strains, on the other hand, offer an energy boost.

However, there are also well-balanced hybrids and strains with a small leaning one way or the other. The consequences of these strains can provide relaxation or stimulation. Snow Lotus is a great example, and it’s quickly becoming a recreational and medical marijuana favorite.

What Is the Snow Lotus Strain?

It’s a modest indica-dominant cross created by Bodhi Seeds. Afgooey and Blockhead were used as parent strains.

The Afgooey strain is a powerful cannabis hybrid that does not necessarily provide indica-dominant hybrids with the sleepy effects associated with indica-dominant strains. It provides a pleasant body buzz, which comes from Blockhead. Its cerebral high, on the other hand, may be said to be considerably stronger and linked to the Lotus variety.

Users notice how quickly the Snow Lotus high takes hold of them. Even seasoned cannabis users are surprised by the speed at which it affects them. The cerebral high helps to relieve any anxiety you may be feeling while also boosting your spirits. Many consumers claim that Snow Lotus makes them happy and boosts their self-esteem.

The body high may assist with muscle aches and pains. You could use Snow Lotus in the daytime, knowing that couch lock is unlikely. Towards the end of the experience, you might notice a significant increase in your hunger.


The scent of a White Water Lily is difficult to disguise. Earthiness and diesel are also present. A pungent skunk odor is revealed when the buds are ground.


There is a little chemical flavor when you take Snow Lotus, but it’s generally quite minor and instead focuses on the sweet citrus taste. On the exhale, there is also a pine flavor that becomes more distinct.


This is a small, compacted-looking bud with somewhat green leaves. This strain’s powerful resinous, sticky trichome-encrusted buds are proof of its potency.

Snow Lotus Grow Info

Snow Lotus, given its genetic composition, is a simple plant to cultivate. It has sturdy limbs and is a short plant with powerful branches. As a result, you can use various training methods to stimulate the branches to grow laterally. You may grow Snow Lotus indoors or outside, as it is resistant to abrupt temperature changes. The Snow Lotus’s DNA makes it easy to grow.

Snow Lotus is ready to harvest by the end of October when grown outside. It contains roughly 12 ounces of bud per plant. Indoress, it takes 7-9 weeks to flower and yields 10-12 ounces per square meter planted. To maintain the height in check, those who cultivate this strain indoors should utilize Low-Stress Training (LST) methods.

Another problem is that Snow Lotus seeds aren’t yet available in feminized form. As a result, half of the seeds you plant will most likely develop into male plants. It’s critical to keep an eye on your crop and remove any male plants as soon as possible.

THC and CBD Content – Highest Test

According to tests, Snow Lotus has a THC concentration of up to 25 percent. It’s fairly strong, so it’s not advised for beginners. There isn’t much CBD in this strain to counteract the high THC content. This means that Snow Lotus is even more potent than the 25% THC suggests. You’ll rarely find less than 0.1 % CBD in this strain.

Medical Benefits of the Snow Lotus Strain

Snow Lotus is popular among recreational users because of its high THC concentration and tendency to make them feel better. However, it is also becoming a major player in the medical marijuana industry. Its ability to make people happy explains why it’s so popular among individuals who are sad. Because Snow Lotus works fast, those who are anxious may find it beneficial as well.

This strain’s pain-relieving qualities are enough to help with chronic pains and aches. You might want to give it a try if you have a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to eat because it increases hunger.

Possible Side Effects of the Snow Lotus Strain

When compared to other strains, Snow Lotus is one of the most potent. Because it’s so powerful, there are always going to be a few negative consequences. If you overindulge in Snow Lotus, you run the risk of getting headaches and dizziness. These problems can also arise if you’re a first-time user or have a low THC tolerance. People who are prone to anxiety or paranoia may notice that these fears are amplified by this product.

Aside from the aforementioned, minor adverse effects such as cottonmouth or dry eyes may occur.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Snow Lotus is a powerful cannabis strain that may benefit your mood. It has an uplifting and energetic high that relaxes the body as well. Snow Lotus is a potent cannabis plant that can help you feel better.

Users with a low THC tolerance should avoid it. Snow Lotus is utilized to treat depression, tension, and chronic pain by marijuana users with a medical card. It’s simple to produce and doesn’t require much space.

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