Snow Lotus Cannabis Strain

The Snow Lotus strain is a powerful THC variety that makes it unsuitable for first-timers. Users report feeling more focused after using this strain, and it produces an uplifting and energetic high. The fragrance is somewhat diesel, but the taste is earthy with undertones of sweetness.

Marijuana users, on the whole, appear to have a limited perspective on the plant. For them, marijuana is either indica or sativa, with harsh ruderalis genes sprinkled in. The hypothesis is that indica-dominant crossbreeds cause sleepiness. Sativa-dominant strains, on the other hand, provide an energy boost.

However, there are also well-balanced hybrids and strains with a lean toward either side. The effects of these strains can provide sedation or energy, depending on the user’s needs. Snow Lotus is a great example, as it has quickly become a recreational and medical marijuana favorite.

What Is the Snow Lotus Strain?

It’s a hybrid that is indica-dominant. It was created as a cross of Afgooey and Blockhead by Bodhi Seeds. The elusive and flavorful Sativa-dominant hybrid from the Thai island of Koh Samui is a rare breed. It primarily delivers a physical high, which comes from Blockhead. Its cerebral high, on the other hand, is arguably more powerful and is linked to the Afgooey strain.

Users are flabbergasted by how rapidly the Snow Lotus high takes hold. Even seasoned cannabis users are surprised by how swiftly they become intoxicated. The cerebral high reduces any worry you may be experiencing and also boosts your mood. Many individuals claim that Snow Lotus makes them feel happy and good about themselves.

The body high is a calming influence and may help with pain. You won’t feel drugged, but you may become more creative and productive as a result of it. As a result, you could use Snow Lotus in the afternoon knowing that couch lock isn’t an issue. Towards the end of the experience, you might notice a significant increase in your appetite.


The scent of the White Thai is difficult to disguise. Earthiness, as well as diesel, are also perceptible. When you grind up the buds, you’ll notice a pungent skunk odor with traces of ammonia.


When you chew Snow Lotus, it has a chemical flavor to it. However, because the taste is usually quite subtle, you’ll be more concerned with the sweet citrus notes. There’s also a pine aftertaste that becomes stronger on the exhale.


The buds of this plant are small and tightly packed, with thin, brownish-green leaves. The bud’s resinous, adhesive trichome content indicates its incredible strength.

Snow Lotus Grow Info

Snow Lotus is a highly adaptable plant that thrives in almost any climate. It has a fast growth rate and robust branches. As a result, you may utilize certain branch training methods to help the branches develop laterally. Because it is tough as nails in the face of climatic shocks, you can grow Snow Lotus both indoors and outdoors. The DNA of Snow Lotus makes it simple to cultivate.

The Snow Lotus is ready to pick after four months when grown outside. It produces around 12 ounces of bud per plant. This strain takes 7-9 weeks to bloom indoors and provides 10-12 ounces per square meter planted. To keep the height in check, those who cultivate this strain indoors should utilize Low-Stress Training (LST) methods.

Another disadvantage is that Snow Lotus seeds are not available in feminized form at the moment. As a result, half of the seeds you sow will most likely develop into male plants. It’s critical to keep an eye on your crop and weed out any males as soon as possible.

THC and CBD Content

Snow Lotus has an extremely high THC level of up to 25%. It’s not suitable for beginners, and it’s quite powerful. There isn’t much CBD to counteract the strong THC content, making Snow Lotus even more potent than the 25% THC indicates. This strain typically contains less than 0.1 percent CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Snow Lotus Strain

Snow Lotus is popular among recreational users for its high THC concentration and propensity to make them feel happier. It’s also gaining ground in the MMJ business. Because of the happiness it provides, Snow Lotus is liked by those who are depressed. Snow Lotus has a quick onset time, making it beneficial for individuals dealing with stress.

A strain that is both relaxing and invigorating, this indica-dominant hybrid has a trippy high. It’s ideal for treating bouts of chronic pain and aches. If you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to eat, you might want to give it a try.

Possible Side Effects of the Snow Lotus Strain

Snow Lotus is a powerful hybrid that’s always going to have some unwanted side effects. If you overdo it, you might get a headache or dizziness. These problems can also arise if you’re a novice user or have a low THC tolerance. People who suffer from anxiety or paranoia may find that these worries are exacerbated.

Other side effects may include cottonmouth or dry eyes, in addition to the above.

Final Thoughts

At last, Snow Lotus is a powerful cannabis strain that may assist you in feeling better. It provides an exciting and energizing high as well as a relaxing body effect. Snow Lotus is a strong marijuana variety that can help you feel happier.

It’s best for novices and users with a low THC tolerance to avoid it. MMJ patients use it to treat sadness, tension, and chronic pain. Snow Lotus is a simple plant to grow and doesn’t take up much room.

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