Socal Herbal Remedies Best Strains

Socal Herbal Remedies Best Strains

A lot of people use heavy drugs to help relieve these issues. However, they become so reliant on these drugs to the extent that they become dummies. SoCal herbal remedies were introduced to help remedy certain conditions without causing damage to your health. It contains a wide range of medications capable of relieving any mental problem without nasty side effects. Anyone, irrespective of their age may use these herbal remedies.

SoCal herbal remedies have only recently been introduced into the market but are already becoming popular, and this is because they provide useful results. It has received lots of positive reviews in just the short time that it has introduced, and this points to its popularity.

According to customers one thing that makes SoCal herbal remedies so popular is the fact that it’s available at very reasonable prices and also offers great value for your money. It gives you more quantities but at less price. For just $25, you get 250 grams. The product becomes, even more, cost-effective when you buy it in large quantities.

The bonus is that when you make an order for SoCal herbal remedies, you can expect to receive them on the same day since they are shipped on the day, you make your order. Also, it doesn’t require much time to deliver the product. It’s possible to place your order from just about anywhere you are in the world since it is done online. Users have also had lots of praise for the customer service department. They say that each question they have about the product is answered typically within one hour.

socal herbal remedies best strains

SoCal Herbal Remedies Strains

So what are the SoCal kratom best strains for both relaxing and pain relief? In this section, we tell you the answer.

Green Vietnam

Green Vietnam is the first SoCal herbal strain, and it’s known for the subtle effects that it brings to the body. It gives you energy but doesn’t make you feel anxious or jittery. The strain is taken in very small doses, for instance, 4 grams. It gets absorbed into the body slowly, and you will feel its effects for at least 3 hours. After taking this SoCal kratom strain, you will feel a lot more refreshed and energized.

The strain is ideal for your partner if they have morning blues. Just take a small dose and feel the compelling desire to work. The dope will make you seriously fall in love with what you are doing. The secret of having an energized morning is to quit your usual coffee or tea and substitute it with this strain. I can tell you that you will want to have more of it.

socal herbal remedies best strains


This SoCal kratom elephant strain is yet another relaxing and energizing kratom. Once you take it, it leaves you with lots of energy just 5 minutes after taking the dose. Also, the remedy has great pain relief properties. If you have a migraine or pain, all you need to do is to take a small dose of SoCal herbal remedies and watch your pain disappear in only 30 minutes. The results of the strain take hours on your body. This is another strain you may want to kick-start your morning and get that punch of energy you need when the day begins.


What makes Bentuange different from other SoCal kratom strains is the fact that it has a very distinct taste. Its taste resembles that of a smoky burnt flavor and is perfect for those who love to smoke. Take this strain after a tough day and when you need to relax. Just a small dose of the Bentuangie strain is enough to help you relax, and it will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. The strain also acts as an alternative to your smoke.

Among the advantages of Bentuangie strain is that it soothes any pain. It also works wonderfully for relieving you of insomnia. The effects will last for a minimum of three hours in your body before it starts to fade away slowly. You can also take this strain together with the Green strain.

Green Hulu Kapuas

If there is one of the best SoCal kratom strains to try, it is Green Hulu Kapuas. This strain has long-lasting effects, and it transforms from one stage to the next within your body. A dose gives you a gentle stimulation that lasts for 3 hours and later changes to sedation. This sedation phase lasts for 5 hours. The dosage varies from one person to the next. If you only have minor fatigue, you can take 3-5 grams. Just like Bentuangie, this herbal strain is also an effective pain reliever. However, its effects tend to be more long-lasting. You can also mix this strain with others for more relaxing results.

Red Sulawesi

The Red Sulawesi SoCal strain is your ultimate anxiety reliever. Within just minutes of taking it, it banishes your anxiety and leaves you feeling more relaxed than you did before. Experts recommend that you take a small dose of this strain just before you retire to sleep and fall sleep while leaving all your worries behind.

Chocolate Red Bentuangie

If you want a SoCal strain that works magic for mood lifting and strain relief, this is it. Taking Chocolate Red Bentuangie lifts your mood giving you the energy you need for the day and at the same time ease your debilitating pain.

We know that after working for the whole day in the office, anyone can have their mood upset. This might affect your family life when you get back to your home. Therefore, you can take Chocolate Red Bentuangie to cheer up your mood. This way, you will have better quality time with your with your family. Don’t let that bust-up with your manager at the job, or those work-related stress affect your family.

Other Products

Other than all these strains, SoCal herbal remedies also produce many products like:

· Essential oils
· Ginseng
· Green Tea Extract
· Herbal teas
· Handcrafted herbal soaps
· Blue lotus and,
· Various natural stems and flowers

All the products mentioned above are effective in helping ease your mental issues.

Best of all, these products are herbal, meaning they have derived from plant matter, and therefore don’t carry any nasty side effects that you get when you take those exotic pills. The products are available either in processed or raw form but both guarantee effective results. The natural products have relaxing properties, with some of them even coming with a pleasant smell which on its own is enough to make you feel beautiful. For instance, Lavender has a sweet, pleasant smell that gets to your nose and the brain, making you feel as light as sky clouds.

Essential oils

These are pure extracts of natural plants. Essential oils confer several benefits to your skin and also have a lot of advantages to your mental health. These oils are often used under aromatherapy, which is a holistic treatment to improve physical, psychological and emotional health.

The oils have used for decades due to their natural healing properties. Below are some of the most common benefits of essential oils:

· Improve digestion
· Provide relaxation to your body parts as well as calming sore muscles
· Protect you from flu and cold symptoms
· Balance hormones
· Alleviate pain
· Reduce stress
· Health skin conditions
· Works wonders for home cleaning
· Disinfect and deodorize

The oils are most commonly used for beauty treatments the world over. They also have lots of relaxing qualities. You may relax your mind and at the same time increase your attraction using these oils. The naturally extracted oils can easily be found at SoCal Herbal Remedies and are available for cheaper rates than what they go for at retail outlets.

Also, using these oils is very easy. You may have it applied straight to your skin, massage your head with it or even mix two oils and come up with your healing treatment. Below is a list of the best oils:

· Lavender
· Lemon
· Tea tree
· Peppermint
· Eucalyptus
· Sweet Orange

Herbal Teas

Did you know that tea is one of the beverages recommended for good health, happiness and wisdom? Teas are famed for their wonderful properties which make them able to cure a raft of diseases including cancer, heart disease and diabetes among other things. Teas also lower cholesterol levels, boost stamina, stimulate mental alertness and promote weight loss. They have less caffeine which is good for your heart health, and as you know, a healthy heart makes you live longer. People have used herbal teas for centuries because of their advantages. They are made up of flowers, petals, leaves, seeds, roots, and stems of different plants. With herbal teas, you can try its flavors as much as you want. They are available in hundreds of different varieties. Another added advantage of herbal teas is their aroma. You will feel relaxed and refreshed by its aroma even without taking the first sip. When it comes to herbal tea, no time is perfect for a healthy cup. But if you want to have a more relaxing day, take it in the morning. Alternatively, you can make it when you are busiest at work, so it banishes all the anxieties.

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