Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

aka Sour D, Sour Deez

Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel strain has a name for being one of the most pungent strains of all time, and for good reason. It emanates an extremely strong odor of skunk, gasoline, and lemon. So it may not be one of the most tastiest (unless you love those dank strains, of course), but it really does pack a punch in terms of effects. Sour Diesel has the incredible ability to energize and uplift, making it a perfect choice for those suffering from mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder.

Sour Diesel, sometimes abbreviated as Sour D, is an extremely popular strain, distinguished by the fuel-like chemical smell of its flowers. It has a mostly sativa head high with some subtle physical indica relaxation, making it popular among recreational and medical users alike. This is a potent strain, with a THC content that had been measured at between 20% and 25%.

 All About Sour Diesel

  • Effects: Uplifted, Energetic, Aroused, Talkative, Tingly
  • Side Effects: Paranoia, Dizzy, Headache, Insomnia
  • Common Usage: Arthritis, Bipolar disorder, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension, Muscular dystrophy, Muscle spasms
  • Terpenes: Pinene, Bisabolol, Carene, Camphene, Phellandrene
  • Taste: Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Pungent, Skunk
  • Color: Green

Sour Diesel weed is categorized as a sativa marijuana strain, with very few indica-like elements within its personality, featuring a 90% sativa and 10% indica ratio. Those who regularly enjoy consuming Sour D, have reported feeling effervescent, simply bubbling with excitement and vibrance.

If you are searching for a marijuana strain that will provide you with some serious couch-locking, body-melting relaxation, Sour Diesel is not the one.

Expect to feel immediately revitalized after consuming Sour D, which makes it a brilliant candidate for a wake ‘n bake sesh.

Instead, expect to feel immediately revitalized after consuming Sour D, which makes it a brilliant candidate for a wake ‘n bake sesh, because it will get your head feeling crystal clear first thing in the morning. Chances are, you probably will end up not even needing those cups of coffee.

In addition to smoking Sour Diesel first thing in the morning, it is ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up once you are beginning to experience low energy or exhaustion and need a little something to restore you.

Although Sour Diesel’s genetic lineage is technically not 100% known, it was developed in the 90’s and is thought to have the parent plants of Chemdawg and Super Skunk, both considered extremely potent and heady strains. Expect to feel light and airy once you’ve had your first puff of this extraordinary marijuana strain.

Sour Diesel Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel strain has the term “diesel” in its name for a pretty specific reason. Believe it or not, Sour Diesel has one of the stinkiest, most pungent aromas of any marijuana strain, which is partially what has brought it such success and fame throughout the marijuana world.

Not only is its aroma pungent and skunky, but you can also expect notes of lemon zest and other citrus fruits hidden in the flavor, likely being the reason why it’s called “Sour”. When smoking this marijuana strain, its flavor is earthy and sometimes laced with a little dash of citrus fruit. Most of all, expect Sour Diesel’s skunky and pungent nature to overwhelm the other elements of its taste, leaving and citrus or spice fairly subtle.

Appearance-wise, Sour Diesel is known for its classic pot look, with leafy green sugar leaves and slightly pinkish-orange pistils that bring some color and life to the image of this reefer crop. The nuggets of Sour Diesel are often very frosty, covered with a multitude of tiny shining crystals that all signify the extreme potency of Sour D.

Expect the scent of Sour Diesel marijuana to linger a while, even after you are done smoking it. Keep this in mind if you are trying to be discreet with your consumption. Once you’ve had that first puff, you will feel the flavor of the bud in your mouth, and the high of the Sour Diesel weed should pack a real punch after just a few hits, depending of course on your tolerance and the quality of the batch of bud itself.

Sour Diesel Strain Origin

Created in the 1990’s in California, this strain has a lot of legend, but few facts. Fans claim it descends from Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91. What is known is that it is one of the best genetic hybrids on the market today.

Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Grow Info

Plant physiology: Sour Diesel is known to grow fairly tall but doesn’t exhibit the classic “sativa” Christmas-tree shape. The large primary flower reveals its hybrid heritage with strong Afghani characteristics yet is not overly compact with densely nested bracts like many other Afghani-based hybrids.

Average yield: Yields may easily reach more than 1 gram per watt indoors, and Sour Diesel may produce massive plants outdoors with yields at more than 10 pounds per plant when planted in 300-gallon containers.

Sour Diesel

Flowering time: Indoors, Sour Diesel likes at least 70 days in bloom, with many cultivators pushing past 80 days.

Ideal light-intensity setting: Sour Diesel can grow on the tall side, so providing enough light to penetrate into the canopy is necessary while being careful not to let the flowering tops grow too close to the light source if growing indoors.

Ideal cultivation environment temperature: It’s important to keep temperatures lower than 78°F for the last couple of weeks of flowering in order to preserve the highly volatile monoterpenes that make up Sour Diesel’s aromatic profile.

Water needs: Sour Diesel may produce a considerable amount of foliage, so frequent watering is recommended.

Ideal cultivation environment relative humidity: A relative humidity of less than 60% is recommended to avoid problems with mold and mildew.

Nutrient needs: Be careful not to overfeed Sour Diesel, as the primary inflorescence can grow quite large and therefore produce “larfy” (i.e., underdeveloped, airy) buds. Watch out for nutrient deficiencies and lockout, especially with calcium and nitrogen.

Cannabinoid profile: Sour Diesel is a type 1 cannabis variety with THCA amounts that may exceed 20%.

Terpene profile: Sour Diesel, along with OG Kush, brought the gassy terpene profile to modern cannabis hybrids. Rich in the monoterpenes limonene and myrcene, Sour Diesel has a complex aroma mixed with fruit, flower and skunky gas. It’s as if you dropped a skunk in a tank of petroleum and then tried to clean it with lemon Pledge.

Susceptibility to diseases/conditions: Sour Diesel is suspected of being an early vector of hop latent viroid (HpLVD), so use clean stock and test plants regularly.

Best Climate For Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel grows best in sunny, warm areas. Growers consider it a difficult strain to cultivate outdoors because it’s prone to powdery mildew. If you want to grow outside you want a dry and hot climate. The less humidity, the better.

If growing indoors, you are going to want to use high-intensity lights in a dry, sterile room. Indoors it’s easy to keep the plant compact and, on average, takes about 10 weeks for flowering. To learn more about cultivating both indoors and out, check out our grow guides to get your best grow right the first time!

Outdoors these ladies can get big (think Brienne of Tarth big). If you have the right climate, go for it! These big ladies produce massive yields.

Sour Diesel Effects

  • THC: 24 – 26%
  • CBD: 0.01 – 0.52%
  • CBC: 0.38 – 0.96%
  • CBG: 0.2 – 1.18%
  • CBN: 0.05 – 0.17%
  • THCV: 0.4 – 1.88%

Right after smoking Sour D, a pleasant cerebral high is not to wait long. It provides a soft euphoric feeling and a boost of creativity, which made it rather popular among various artists. According to the reviews, this weed is great for conversations and to uplift mood. A little presence of Indica also tends to relax the physical body, without sedative effects. On average, the high lasts about 2-3 hours, depending on one’s tolerance. The side effects are pretty gentle, like cottonmouth and dry eyes. But, as always, overconsumption may cause paranoia and other unpleasant consequences.

Those who search it for medical use won’t be disappointed, as well. This strain is a great help to relieve depression, and especially anxiety. Also, it often induces hunger, which is beneficial for people who suffer from a lack of appetite.

Medical Benefits of Sour Diesel

Those who regularly enjoy Sour Diesel weed most often report mental disorders as their medical condition. Sour-D is very well known for assisting those struggling with mental conditions, for it has an incredibly powerful effect on the mind and emotions.

It is a wonderful marijuana strain for bringing positive energy back into life, ideally suited for those dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress. If you are consuming Sour Diesel for this reason, it is best to smoke a balanced amount of the strain and not over-do your consumption.

ver consuming any strain of marijuana while dealing with a mental condition can cause any symptoms to become worse and possibly increase paranoia, anxiety, stress, etc. It is vital to know your limits with cannabis and stick to them if you want to have the best experience possible.

Additionally, Sour Diesel is a replenishing marijuana strain, so if you are an individual that often experiences fatigue, you can count on Sour-Deez to pick you right back up, set you down on your feet, and get your day going once again. Even where coffee just can’t seem to do the trick, the Sour Diesel strain is there to help. If experiencing fatigue, consume a slightly larger dose than usual of Sour Diesel weed, in order to really make sure your day gets going.

Furthermore, headaches and chronic pain are immensely affected in an upwards manner with the consumption of Sour Diesel weed. If you are handling pain throughout your body or in a targeted region, the best and longest-lasting method of consumption would be through an edible, concentrate, live resin, hash or shatter. All of these forms are extra potent, and therefore will be the most ideal for healing your body from any pain for an extended period of time.

Sour Diesel Adverse Reaction

As with all strains of cannabis, when dealing with a mental disorder, there is a risk of over-consumption leading to greater anxiety, stress, sadness, or paranoia. It is so important to know your limits and take it easy at first, especially if you are new to consuming marijuana.

If you begin feeling more anxious than usual, try and take deep breaths or meditate to relax, and always remember that the high eventually will pass if you are feeling especially worried. Aside from this known risk, the most commonly reported side effects from consuming Sour Diesel are dry mouth and dry eyes.

The most commonly reported side effects from consuming Sour Diesel are dry mouth and dry eyes.

Thankfully, this is easily treatable by drinking plenty of fluids and staying hydrated, especially in the moments while you are high and not just the before and after.

If your eyes are feeling in dire need of moisture, some eye drops can help to bring back the hydration and are often an inexpensive purchase at your local drug store. Most of all, be sure to keep these resources readily on hand if you know that you tend to experience these side effects; eye drops and a tall, cold glass of water are a must.

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