Spirit in The Sky Strain Information

Spirit in The Sky Strain Information

Spirit In The Sky is a marijuana strain. We’re still learning about the flavors and effects of Spirit In The Sky. If you’ve smoked, dabbed or consumed this strain before, tell us about your experience by leaving a review.

Spirit in the Sky cannabis strain by Exotic Genetix is an evenly balanced hybrid with a THC average of 16-17%. It smells of pungently sour grape juice and has just as memorable of a yield. The flavour is earthy and similar. This strain is a true black beauty in every phenotype. Buds are bright spades with purple undercurrents and dark amber hairs. It can treat mood swings, depression, pain and fatigue. Ideal for daytime and evening usage.

Type of High

spirit in the sky

Spirit in the Sky cannabis strain’s high offers clarity as soon as the exhale comes, paired with an aspirational bliss. Users will feel motivated and energetic for a variety of situations. This feeling is long and has a nearly undetectable comedown.


Breeder: Exotic Genetix
Genetics: Spirit in the Sky cannabis strain is a cross between Peyote Purple and Starfighter F2 cannabis strains.

About Spirit in The Sky

Spirit in the Sky is an indica/sativa variety from Exotic Genetix and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±53 days) and outdoors. Exotic Genetix’ Spirit in the Sky is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

This all started off as an experiment to test the outcross transferability in the so called S1 lineage of peyote despite the male population found in it’s origional seedstock. Lets just say i was quite shocked to say the least. The transfer dominated any expectations i ever could have envisioned. Not a single touch of skethiness in the offspring, and nothing but true black beauty from pheno to pheno. This dream girl gives up Jet black greasy colas with strong smells of super sour grape juice. She’s no slouch when it comes to yield either. Easily placed into the medium to heavy yield category as a multi topped bush can produce quite a pull. You wont get killed with a long drawn out flower time either as she finishes up in only 8 weeks. Once you go black… You wont wanna go back!

Mother: Peyote Purple
Father: Starfighter F2
Family: 50/50 Hybrid
Sex: Reg
Growing Conditions: Multi Topped Bush
Height: Medium-Tall
Indoor Flowering Time: 50-56 Days
Yield: Medium-Heavy Producer

Genetics: Spirit in the Sky cannabis strain is a cross between Peyote Purple and Starfighter F2 cannabis strains.Stopping at Nectar on Sandy for my obligatory Friday free-roll, I told my budtender that I was looking for something a little more deluxe than my customary $6 grams. I was enthusiastically handed a gram of Spirit in the Sky. “A beautiful nug.” as she put it. I was struck by the name, as is usually the case, and eagerly accepted.

And indeed it is. Sporting more frosty crystals than I’ve ever seen, as well as those cool little orange hairs that usually signal something special, I was quickly filled with anticipation. The next afternoon I sat on my back porch and rolled a fatty. I was impressed at the roll-ability, the perfect texture and even volume.

spirit in the sky

I lit up with my smoking (and life) partner. We immediately enjoyed the smooth, fruity smoke which sent us into coughing fits like first-timers. It gave us an energetic, happy high with a quick come-on that is long-lasting in it’s undulating waves. Feeling obligatory, we cued up Norman Greenbaum’s eponymous hit as the bubbly, euphoric energy took over.

This hybrid strain sports a strangely high CBD percentage (1.29%), which accounts for the feeling of full body relaxation that we quickly dubbed “goofy muscles”. This would be a perfect smoke for a movie at the end of the night, it’s euphoria melting into sleepiness at about the hour mark. However, being a sunny afternoon, that was not part of our plans. So we gathered up some friends and the rest of the bud and headed to the Alberta Street Fair.

Just missing the fest, we bought some cheap beer and chilled in the park. Always an important factor for me is how a weed “drinks”. And I can attest that this bud pairs beautifully with Olympias; the beer-nergy quickly counteracting the strain’s sleepier aspects, returning you to the euphoric talkiness of the initial hit.

Stomachs grumbling and energy renewed, we headed to Solae’s. Finishing another joint while sitting mesmerized by the blues of Lloyd Allen, we ordered the chicken wings with collard greens and cornbread. Our taste buds exploded. Here was great food, undoubtedly made greater by the bud. This weed “eats” too.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 16% – 17%, CBD: 2%

Spirit in the Sky is a super rare evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the infamous Peyote Purple X Starfighter F2 strains. Are you ready to meet the spirit in the sky? Well, one hit of this lady and you’ll be there. Spirit in the Sky hits you pretty much as soon as you exhale with a growing sense of clear-headed euphoria that leaves you blissfully happy. You’ll be energetic and motivated, making this bud perfect for hitting the great outdoors or just hanging out with friends. These effects are incredibly long lasting in nature and don’t really have a comedown. Coupled with its high 16-17% average THC level, Spirit in the Sky’s effects make it perfect for treating patients suffering from conditions such as mood swings, chronic fatigue, depression, and chronic pain. This bud has a sweet earthy flavor with hints of spicy grape upon exhale. The aroma is of fragrant lavender and sweet fruity earth, with a slightly spicy effect that’s released as the nugs are burned. Spirit in the Sky buds have thick bright neon green spade-shaped nugs with dark amber hairs, rich purple undertones, and a thick blanket of oversized chunky crystal trichomes.

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  1. Paul Price

    Amazing strain! I truly enjoyed this strain while vacationing in Canada. I’m vaping in a cartridge and it’s very powerful. First commercial vape purchase will not be my last. I’d def recommend.

  2. Ricky Beats

    Few days ago I’ve tried the Spirit Of The Sky and it’s quickly become one of my favourite strains. Highly recommended!

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