Stormtrooper Cannabis

Stormtrooper is an incredibly potent cannabis strain that necessitates some preparation before you can use it. Get yourself a comfortable pillow and clear your calendar; this strain will have you out cold in no time. Stormtroopers are an essential component of the Star Wars franchise, as white armored, blaster-wielding Empire tools are to the movies. Buy Znickerz online to relax.

The Stormtrooper’s most notorious feature is their inability to hit targets, which remains unshakable even after they fire hundreds of times. How much would you be surprised if the reason for their failure was simply a little too much THC?

While we can’t be sure what strains stormtroopers smoke in a galaxy far, far away, we may come very close with a few strains on this planet. The Stormtrooper strain – a cultivar with some of the highest THC levels on the planet – has been created by growers at Lakewood’s Infinite Wellness Center to capture the feeling of uselessness and a little bit of general spaciness. Let’s have a look at this ethereal, spacey strain to see if it really will keep you from shooting straight.

What is the Stormtrooper Strain?

The Stormtrooper variety is the result of Infinite Wellness Center’s attempt to produce strains with as much THC as possible. The name was chosen due to the strain’s strong THC content and its tendency to put people in a stupor, as well as its origins. Skywalker was crossed with another popular potent strain called Jedi 41, also known as Crystal Storm, making it.

In a way, Stormtrooper is the ultimate Star Wars strain because it mixes an intense, spacey lethargy with a proud heritage of other Star Wars strains. Because of its extremely powerful effects, many people enjoy smoking Stormtrooper because of its long-lasting effects that can be felt for hours at a time.

Your spirits will lift and you’ll feel almost intangibly pleased with yourself the moment you first smell the strain’s delicious smoke. This rush of satisfaction and self-esteem will continue throughout the high, eventually morphing into a dreamy, almost spacey high. This surge of euphoria continues as the high develops, turning into an otherworldly state of mind.

Everything around you will feel vaguely distant and ethereal, leaving you not quite sure if you are standing, flying, or floating. However, you will most certainly be locked to the nearest comfortable surface as the couch lock kicks in incredibly hard.

After a good few hours of this cerebral, pleasant high, you will all of a sudden fall into a deep, dream-filled slumber. You will be pretty much unwakeable, no matter what anyone tries to do, so make sure that you have a clear schedule. Better yet, take it at nighttime.

The high is mostly felt in the head, producing a powerful head rush. The body high, on the other hand, is apparent, revealing the limited Sativa influence in its crossbreed makeup. Expect to wake up feeling revitalized, enthusiastic, and full of hope for the future.


You generally anticipate a distinct flavor profile when you consume cannabis with so much THC and strong effects. There is an assumed link between strains high in THC and diesel or kush scents. While Stormtrooper does have a typical, strong scent of kush, it also has a number of other components that keep things interesting.

The initial aroma is certainly kush-like, but there is an almost unctuous richness as you smell it, almost like the smell of melting butter. This is backed up by plenty of those familiar diesel flavors, demonstrating its incredibly intense genetics.


As you break your Storm Trooper buds open and light them up, you will undoubtedly find that same kush quality in its flavor. Trying to describe the taste of buttery kush is difficult using the limited English language. Still, the best way to think of it is a creamy, substantially satisfying herbaceousness. It won’t taste like any particular herbs, but that’s what it will remind you of.

The diesel is also a lot more noticeable when you smoke it. There is a little bit of sourness, which manages to contrast the more robust flavors of this bud and make it a more well rounded tasting experience.


Buds of the Stormtrooper strain are quite compact, and are actually shaped a bit like a stormtrooper’s helmet. They are ordinarily green, but the green is a lot darker and more intense than most other buds. This gives it a gorgeous forest-y look.

While many white trichomes are coating the surface, it isn’t enough to make it look like the armor of a stormtrooper. However, to soften this disappointment, the under layer of extremely fluffy orange trichomes lets you know that you are in for an incredible experience once you start to smoke it.

Stormtrooper Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately for hopeful home growers, Stormtrooper strain seeds are not especially common, even online. While you might get lucky and find some seeds at your local dispensary, your best bet is to try and find someone already growing it themselves.

In this way, you can get a clipping from the plant and grow a clone. This clone will be an identical copy of the source plant, so make sure you ask your growing friend precisely what tricks they used to help it flourish.

Thanks to the relatively few plants being cultivated by home growers, there isn’t a lot of information about this strain. However, once you get it in the ground, it’s likely to survive both indoors and outdoors equally well.

The Stormtrooper cannabis strain is likely to survive both indoors and outdoors equally well.

As this strain is principally an indica-leaning hybrid, it will tend to grow very indica-like in its appearance. So, expect your Stormtrooper to grow short and bushy, with especially dense foliage.

To encourage a healthier growing pattern, make sure you are regularly trimming the plant’s underbrush. This will ensure your Storm Trooper plant doesn’t focus too much of its growing energy on unnecessary, non-bud producing foliage. You can also promote more lateral growth by clipping off the plant’s tip in a process known as “topping.”

This will make the plant grow more sideways-leaning branches, which are more likely to result in greater bud production thanks to extra access to sunlight.

THC Content

After harvesting your Storm Trooper, expect an insane quantity of THC in your bud – so much so that you likely won’t believe it at first.

The highest test of the THC levels found in Storm Trooper is around 45%, which almost makes it a nugget of pure THC. While many individual samples will probably test at less THC, the fact that you can get such incredibly high THC levels in a strain is almost unheard of.

CBD Content

Unfortunately, while Storm Trooper contains a high level of THC, it lacks any CBD. This is not an issue since the amount of THC present is more than enough to provide a wide range of medicinal advantages.

Medical Benefits of the Stormtrooper Strain

Thanks to its incredible potency, Stormtrooper could treat all manner of different conditions.

For starters, anyone suffering from insomnia or an inability to sleep properly will massively benefit from this strain. While it won’t knock you out completely after taking it, a few hours after you first smoke, this strain will see you face down on your pillow, incapable of being woken up.

This also ties into its incredible mental effects, because it is a wonderful way to suppress mental anguish or stress. After smoking Stormtrooper, it will be pretty much impossible to consider any stress or anxiety you are suffering from.

This is also why a lot of people use Stormtrooper to treat their depression, as it makes it very difficult to dwell on negative thoughts or feelings.

Those struggling with chronic pain are in luck as well, as they might find some relief from their continuous pain. Ultimately, Stormtrooper is all about providing as much of an effect as possible; due largely to its otherworldly THC content.

Of course, with such intense potency comes a few side effects as well.

Possible Side Effects of the Stormtrooper Strain

When you get a strain with such a long list of useful medical benefits, it is only fair to expect that it comes with a few side effects. In the case of Storm Trooper, most of its problems stem from users being unprepared when smoking it.

You can certainly expect both dry eyes and dry mouth to plague you after smoking, but they aren’t too bad. This is because of the munchies that it creates, which naturally lead to you drinking plenty of water, helping to fight off any dryness that might be affecting you.

The main side effects of Stormtrooper are mental and are linked to overuse. Thanks to its high levels of THC, it is very easy to smoke too much at once. This can lead to feelings of paranoia, as well as a heightened sense of anxiety.

The big problem, though, is the psychedelic effects it starts to create after smoking too much. Anyone familiar with common psychedelic drugs would understand, but it can be pretty disorientating if you aren’t used to it. The walls will shift and undulate, and you might find yourself struggling to articulate or even fully wrap your head around what’s happening in the immediate environment.

However, as long as you are exceptionally careful with your dosage, you should be okay.

Final Thoughts

The Stormtrooper strain is not only an excellent way to pretend you are an imperial stormtrooper fighting in the Empire; it’s also an excellent example of a high-potency strain. With its heavily indica effects and the speed with which it takes hold, this strain will ether knock you out or elevate you with never before seen levels of THC intensity.

Take care with this strain, as it is super easy to smoke too much. But, if you are careful and know your limits, you are in for an incredible, spacey experience in a galaxy far, far away.

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