Super Glue Marijuana Strain

Super Glue Marijuana Strain

aka Tacky Glue

Super Glue is a potent strain, and has a whopping average THC level of 28%. If you’re not careful with a strain like Super Glue, you’ll be stuck to the couch like glue thanks to its heavily sedating effects. Besides that, this strain has a spicy and citrusy flavor profile, for an ultra earthy and refreshing smoke.

With the ability to offer a high that can melt away tension and release anxieties, Superglue is one of those buds that is worth getting to know! We love a well-balanced hybrid, and today we are going to be reviewing one of our favorites from the marijuana market.

If you are looking for a hybrid bud that can offer a delicious taste explosion while providing a pretty potent high that will see you feeling stress-free within minutes, then this is the bud for you. Stick around to find out what this flower has to offer if you are looking for medicinal benefits, and the high you can expect if you’re looking for a good time.

super gule
  • Effects: Giggly, Energetic, Focused
  • Side Effects: Thirst and dry mouth, Dry eyes, Insomnia
  • Common Usage: Arthritis, Glaucoma, Multiple sclerosis, PTSD
  • Terpenes: Humulene, Carene, Geraniol
  • Taste: Berry, Lavender, Lime, Pine
  • Color: Green

What is Super Glue Strain?

Brought to us by the well-established Seedism Seeds, Superglue is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid that combines a couple of the most well-cherished buds in history.

A potent cross between the much-loved Northern Lights and an Afghani landrace, this bud provides all the relaxation associated with a good indica, with some of the cerebral stimulation seen in sativa strains. For those who love a mind-opening bud but don’t want to be finding themselves on mental overdrive for hours, this offers the ideal balance.

Coming in third place at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup, Superglue packs a pretty great balance of both THC and CBD, with CBD levels around 1% and THC reaching up to 28%, so it is undoubtedly one for both recreational and medicinal use.

If the name doesn’t entirely give it away, Superglue can leave you in a state of couch-lock if taken in a high enough dose, but what we love about this bud is that it is unlikely to leave you rendered stationary unless you plan on going to town and smoking too much.

Superglue offers a long and slow high, making it ideal to start the early evening so that by night time you should get the full benefit of those sedative qualities. It is not ideal for those who are new to the marijuana scene, as the high can be a little potent if you’re not used to it, so bear this in mind here.

Superglue Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

super gule

When done right, Superglue is a real beauty to behold, with a typical indica stature that is tall, slender and just stunning. Large flowers with a spade-like appearance cover the stems of this plant, with tightly curled leaves and intertwined with rust-hued hairs and a thick coating of frosty white trichomes. Pale green in color, the twisted hairs that appear throughout add a much-needed pop of color to this lovely bud.

In keeping with its heritage, Superglue has an aromatic sandalwood aroma upon breaking up, and we sure have Afghani to thank for that. However, without a grinder you’re unlikely to get that hit of woody tones, because this is one compact bud that cannot be easily broken apart, so come prepared!

Upon first handling, Superglue smells slightly sweet, slightly resembling a mixture of sweet lemon and caramel, with notes of pine and earth that give it a delightfully fresh scent. Lighting her up releases those richer pungent notes of sour, slightly skunky aromas that will compel you to give her a try.

As you might imagine from the array of scents, the taste of this intriguing hybrid is not to be missed, with a pungent woody taste that has strong citrus undertones that make for an almost spicy sensation at the back of the throat. This is thick smoke, and can be a little overwhelming if you’re not prepared, so those who struggle with asthma or any respiratory problems may want to opt for another strain or a different method of consumption.

Effects and Medicinal Benefits of Superglue Strain

super gule
  • THC: 21 – 23%
  • CBD: 0.06 – 0.5%
  • CBC: 0.27 – 1.27%
  • CBG: 0.19 – 2.38%
  • CBN: 0.07 – 0.19%
  • THCV: 0.31 – 1.05%

Let’s start by saying that this hybrid isn’t necessarily going to lead you into a zombie-like stupor from a few hits, so don’t let the name put you off. Unlike some other buds such as Gorilla Glue, Superglue can become just a relaxed smoke if you have it in the right doses.

  • Medical patients use Superglue to find relief from stress and pain
  • Those with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression or insomnia use this plant for its relaxing and uplifting properties, and to relieve stress and sleeplessness
  • Superglue is perfect for everyday recreational use—it is relaxing yet leaves you energized and clear-headed

For those who aren’t interested in a quick, short-lived high, Superglue is ideal as it starts in the head and travels slowly to the body, first offering mental stimulation and then physical relaxation. For those looking for a little bit of cerebral focus and conversation-inducing thoughts, this is a great place to start.

After around an hour of gentle mental foreplay, the physical attributes of Superglue take hold, and this is where the infamous couch-lock could kick in. We would say to embrace the physical relaxation, as not only will it help you unwind, but it also works amazingly well for stress, aches, and pains – making it the perfect after-work treat!

Patients suffering from a variety of pains, muscle spasms and tremors have significantly benefited from the physical effects of this hybrid, with many finding that their physical symptoms slow down, and in many cases temporarily melt away for a restful evening of sleep, making it ideal also for insomnia.

Superglue isn’t known for inspiring manic thoughts, so is also effective for those struggling with anxiety, stress or depression, and even when the physical relaxation kicks in, the mental relaxation will still be ticking over for hours to come.

Predominantly this is a pretty lazy high, and the soothing and relaxing effects make for a great accompaniment to many conditions, as well as just a great way to kick back after a long day at the office.

Adverse reactions

There is no getting around it. Using cannabis results in dry mouth, and in some cases, dry eyes. As such, staying hydrated is a good idea. Although these conditions are common, they can also be annoying. Come to think about it. As soon as the effects of Superglue kicks in, dry mouth and eyes are the farthest things in the minds of the users.

Other concerns that were brought up by some of its users also include feeling more anxious or paranoid and dizziness. In all these cases, it is only temporary and will go away in minutes. But if it persists, then it is either cut down on the amount used or use another strain next time.

Super Glue Weed Grow Info

  • Flowering time: 49-70 Days
  • Harvest time: 79-86 Days
  • Yield indoor: 2-4 oz/ft2
  • Yield outdoor: 4-6 oz/ft2
  • Height indoor: 60-80 Inches
  • Height outdoor: 60-80 Inches
  • Grow difficulty: Difficult
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

From what we have been able to gather, Seedism Seeds don’t sell Superglue seeds online, so those looking to cultivate this baby for themselves will have to do so by taking a clipping from a mature and healthy plant to make “clones.”

The consensus is that Superglue is of medium difficulty, so if this is your first time at cultivation then you may want to get help, or perhaps learn the basics on a more straightforward plant first.

What’s great about Superglue is that it is pretty laid back, and so it can be grown well both indoors and out and doesn’t require anything too particular to grow successfully. Those looking for outdoor cultivation will require a semi-humid climate, however, so bear this in mind when making your decision.

Superglue is a short, bushy and sturdy plant, and has a relatively fast flowering time at 8-9 weeks. It is so worth the effort, however, as this bud offers an above average yield that will make for a rewarding project!

Flowering Time


We love growing marijuana indoor because not only can we simulate a climate that is ideal, but it is also because of the shorter flowering time. Although listed at 9 to 10 weeks, there is a possibility that Superglue could be ready in 8 weeks or less. Even better is that per square meter, it has a yield between 14 to 18 ounces.

super gule


As for growing it outdoor, the estimated yield per plant is around 14 to 22 ounces. Superglue should be during the last days of October.

Potential Side Effects of Superglue

We have come across numerous reports that this bud doesn’t tend to lead to intrusive, mind-racing thoughts, which makes it an excellent option for those with anxiety and other mental health conditions. However, that being said we must recommend that both novice and seasoned smokers alike take their time with this bud, as the effects can be very potent if taken in too high a dose.

Like with any strain, too much could lead to unwanted adverse effects, or serious couch-lock at best, so always bear this in mind. Users are also likely to experience dry eyes, and dry mouth, which is a common side effect of most cannabis strains.

Trying Superglue

Well, that’s it – we’ve reached the end of our Superglue review, and boy has it been a ride! From delicious, mouth-watering notes of earth and citrus, to a high that will leave you feeling introspective and utterly blissful, Superglue certainly has a lot to offer!

It’s thick smoke and intense flavor may put-off the low-tolerance user. But most novices and beginners find the Super Glue strain to be an easy start, thanks to its mellow, tolerable effects that don’t bog down on the brain. Its ultra calming benefits that take control of the body can be a fine way to learn the intricacies of couchlock without having to surrender your mind to the process. That said, many veterans and purists will come to love its perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation, helping you keep yourself in check despite the heavy impact on your overall self.

For growers, Super Glue can pose a challenge in that it calls for a little bit of humidity. If you’re careful and you’re quick to spot the potential for mold and mildew, then it might be a fun plant to grow and cultivate, especially if you’ve got a bit of experience up your sleeve.

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  1. Carlos Park

    I really like this strain as it gives the perfect chill chill that isn’t sticky to a point of stuck. Very refreshing and euphoric for a nice chill conversation. I like it with a glass full of cranberry juice for a good day. Highly recommended.

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