Super Sour Lemon Marijuana Strain

Super Sour Lemon Marijuana Strain

Super Sour Lemon is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between the Lemon OG and California Sour strains.

Lemon OG, itself a cross between Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and The OG #18, is known for its skunky aroma and quick-acting effects. Meanwhile, California Sour (also called Cali Sour) is a hybrid of Lemon Diesel and Sour Lemon OG that consumers say is an euphoric and uplifting selection.

Super Sour Lemon generally has a 65/35 indica to sativa ratio and an average concentration of THC. Its head high arrives quickly in the form of a heady rush that imbues one with a healthy boost of energy and excitement that some say makes them feel “ready for an adventure.” A prime strain for those with active or creative lifestyles, Super Lemon Sour gives a “clean” rush of energy that allows consumers to stay focused, and some also note that there is no crash or anxiety as the strain wears off.

One reviewer says that Super Lemon Sour is the “perfect treat on a warm summer day.” Super Lemon Sour was also reviewed by Westword a few year ago, and the writer reported that its elevating effects make one feel like they can “catch a rising star.”

The body high, which arrives after this initial burst of energy, has been described as pleasantly numbing, and some say it mitigates little aches and pains.

Overall, consumers say that Super Sour Lemon leaves them feeling happy, focused, energetic, creative, or uplifted.

Super Sour Lemon has a sweet, earthy, and sour flavor, with hints of lemon and lime. Its aroma is similar, and best described as a mix of sweet lemon and sour apple, and these fruity notes will tend to linger on the tongue after the exhale.

About Super Sour Lemon

Sour Lemon, also called Sour Lemon OG or Super Sour Lemon, is a sativa-dominant strain brought to you by Emerald Triangle Seeds. It is a mix of California Sour and Lemon OG. As the name suggests, this citrus themed strain mixes the flavors of skunk, lemons, and sour apples.

The Sour Lemon buds appear lime green. This is due to the heavy coat of fuzzy-white trichome hairs. A moderate amount of orange pistils are also present. Breaking the buds open reveals the forest-green nature of the long and wavy leaves.

Sour Lemon has a heavy skunk odor but smoking or vaping this strain really brings out the fruity flavors of Granny Smith Apples and lemons. This citrus tang helped this strain win 1st Place in the 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado. Smith & Seed’s Super Sour Lemon took home the gold in the cartridge/pen category. This delicious flavor makes users eager for that second hit, and that is all it takes to kick in the instantaneous cerebral euphoria.

Super Sour Lemon Appearance

 Expect oblong and fist-shaped buds that like to foxtail. These light-green buds look like a classic California sativa: They tend to stretch, and they have a chemical color that contrasts sharply with rusted pistils.

Super Sour Lemon Type of High

Super Sour Lemon cannabis strain gives a strong cerebral and body high. It starts with an euphoric boost that is very energetic. It hits you with an influx of creativity and focusing power. You are also happy.

Flavor and Effects of Super Sour Lemon

This strain’s aroma can fill the room with lemon zest plus floral and fruity qualities like apples in a fruit salad. It has sour notes and more sweetness than being gassy. The flavor is much simpler than its scent. It’s earthy and sour with hints of lemon, lime, and grainy soil flavor. The aftertaste is sweet and fruity.

It has a cleaner high among Sativa-dominant strains. It gives energy for hours which are useful when you have many activities in a day.

Super Sour Lemon Smell

The aroma can fill up a room like Lemon Skunk, but it has more fruity and floral qualities than that of most sour strains. Like hints of lemon, lime and Granny Smith apples in a fruit salad, the strain’s sour notes are more sweet than gassy, with whiffs of bubble gum and soil rounding them out.

Super Sour Lemon Flavor

 Simpler than its aroma, Super Sour Lemon’s flavor is an earthy, sour experience, with notes of lemon and lime, and a grainy soil flavor blanketing all of it. Those fruity, sweet notes tend to linger as an aftertaste.

Super Sour Lemon Effect

A “cleaner” high than most citrus-heavy sativas, though that energy can crash after a few hours of focus or physical activity. Anxiety and stress are also non-factors — so much so that I daresay it reduced any I might’ve had before smoking.

Medical Benefits of Super Sour Lemon

Its stimulating and uplifting effects are capable of handling chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, and depression.

Negative Effects from Super Sour Lemon

Dry mouth is a minor side effect of this strain. Drinking plenty of water should help you reverse it. This strain needs to be taken within your limit so it won’t give you anxiety or heighten it when you are prone to it.

Super Sour Lemon Growing

The grower should have some experience in growing Sativa-dominant breeds. This plant can stretch into tall stature, so it requires topping to allow longer buds to develop. You must let those buds breathe so they grow fast.

“Makes you pop up quick, and it’ll stay there for a bit without getting too strong. I don’t think this makes me as paranoid as Lemon Haze, though, and brings me up more than Lemon Skunk. It’s not Lemon Skunk in flavor — but I also love that Skunk flavor so much. You’ll need some experience with sativas to properly grow it, because it gets pretty tall and needs some topping if you want those longer buds to swell more. Let those buds breathe, and don’t be scared that they grow so fast early on. Feed them, and watch them really come into their own after two months or so.”

Users report an energetic and somewhat psychedelic cerebral rush that is accompanied by some free-flowing creative thought. Focus reportedly becomes laser-like, making this strain a good option for medical users with ADHD. Medical users suffering from chronic pain and arthritis love Sour Lemon because of its effectiveness without the immobilizing couch-lock that comes with many indica-based strains. This is most likely because of the dominant terpenes a-Pinene, myrcene, a-terpinolene, and limonene. These terpenes are believed to work synergistically together and purportedly have powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits. They are also believed to be effective in combating inflammation and stress.

With a moderate THC content of around 17% on average, Sour Lemon has also built up a reputation amongst medical users suffering from anxiety and depression. This strain reportedly offers an energetic and happy euphoria that can loosen up the user in social situations. For this reason, individuals prone to paranoia or recursive thinking may find Sour Lemon helpful. As the cerebral euphoria wanes, the energy reportedly remains steady, making this an excellent daytime choice

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  1. Henry Wong

    The strain is robust in smell and taste. Mental effects for me are an at ease relaxed state with energetic social engagement. It helps with PTSD, anxiety, creative block, multitasking, negative feelings, etc. Physical effects are pain, muscle pain/spasms, arthritis, etc.

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