Suzy Q

Suzy Q

Suzy Q is a CBD-rich strain created by Burning Bush Nurseries, a breeders group from California that has supplied cannabis strains like Key Lime Pie to local dispensaries. Though Suzy Q’s genetics were kept proprietary by Burning Bush, they cannot deny that this strain is powerful at minimizing both physical pain and psychological stress. This strain’s THC content is low, about 1%, but the CBD content has measured higher at around 25%.

Suzy Q’s flowers are typically trimmed to be in the small-to-medium-size range. They are roughly spade-shaped, tapering from a wide base to a narrow tip. The buds appear to be more sativa than indica, with longer leaves that spiral out loosely from the central stem. Their leaves are very fragile and fall off of the plant when touched. The leaves are a dark olive green color with brown and orange pistils. The small amount of THC in Suzy Q has few trichomes on its leaves, making it easy to tear apart the buds with your hands.

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Suzy Q has a rich and woodsy aroma. The most prominent scent wafting up from these pine-scented flowers is fresh pine. This familiar smell is undercut by a more dank, earthy musk, redolent of damp soil. Meanwhile, crushing or breaking up Suzy Q’s flowers produces some hash and spice, perhaps evidence of OG Kush or Afghan Death in the bud’s lineage. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Suzy Q offers a thick, rich smoke that can be acrid and harsh on the lungs, triggering coughing. The smoke that’s expelled from the bowl carries strong flavors, including pine and a mixture of sourness and spice.

The main difference in Suzy Q is that it has a much higher ratio of CBD than THC, meaning there are not many real psychedelic properties associated with this strain. On the contrary, the power of relaxation it can engender is so strong that it could compare to the effects of traditional indicas that have THC. After smoking Suzy Q, many smokers may detect pressure behind the eyes or around the temples shortly afterward. This odd sensation often feels like a spark of electricity flowing down the back and throughout the core. The relaxation that comes after smoking is so strong it can lay people flat, relieving them of muscular aches and tensions. Even though Suzy Q comes with few intellectually stimulating effects, it may have the power to calm both your body and mind. As a result of this conscious clarity, you’ll also be able to think more clearly or free of typical distractions. Suzy Q, a strain of marijuana that has no telltale signs of being high, is excellent for those who can’t or prefer not to be inebriated. Suzy Q is useful at any time of the day because it doesn’t leave users with fuzzy, seductive thinking patterns or high levels of stimulation.

Thanks to its sky-high quantities of CBD, Suzy Q may be more valuable to medical cannabis patients than it is to recreational users. Doses of medical cannabis have been shown to reduce pain, acting as an analgesic for a variety of deep-seated symptoms like chronic lupus or arthritis. It can handle less significant issues like the general discomfort associated with injury and headache and indigestion. Some people may also use sweet foods for emotional reasons and to provide themselves with relief from the harsh symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Because it is not at all likely to bring about the kind of “mind race” that can lead to frantic, paranoid thinking in the wrong conditions, Suzy Q is an optimal strain for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC. As noted, this compound can be an excellent medication for people – such as children – who should not be exposed to any psychoactive properties.

Flowering Time

Put Suzy Q in a vase with water and within 8 to 10 weeks she will blossom into a beautiful flower. During the flowering phase, growers can harvest between 12 and 14 ounces of buds per square meter.


One trait many high-CBD strains have is a predominantly earthy terpene profile. As such, it comes as no surprise that Suzy Q has a fragrant aroma of wet soil accentuated by the woody smell of pine. Smoke is often the best way to reveal the herb’s scent. Smashing buds before, during, or after combustion can produce a greater level of fragrance.

Burnish bush has made sold bags of succulent watermelon available for sale online. It can be grown inside or outside, although it will thrive outdoors in a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The strain can be fairly tall and needs to be trimmed early to fit into limited indoor grow spaces. Suzy Q flowers are ready in 10 weeks when grown indoors, making them ideal for people with little available outdoor space.

Of course, Suzy Q is a hardy strain that produces abundant resin and makes it perfect for concentrates. The one major drawback to this type of tree is that it grows relatively tall and does not require cutting it early. Nevertheless, gardeners with very short growing space may need to shorten the vegetative period.

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The perfect hybrid that is split equally between the two types also has a good performance both in gardens and on farms. In the ground, its flavors become more profound and complex than when growing in soilless mediums. However, such systems produce cleaner, pesticide-free buds. It also helps the plant grow quicker.

Some users of CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, may need to harvest their plants earlier than those who use THC because CBD can be detected in the plant very prematurely.

Suzy Q joints the growing legion of high-CBD strains. This strain can be a bit difficult to find, but it’s worth picking up because of its holistic healing effects.

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