Tangerine Kush

Tangerine Kush

One of the most interesting things about cannabis strains is that their flavors can greatly vary. People who have never tried smoking pot might think that the only possible flavor this plant can offer is that of burnt leaves. This isn’t the case. However, this is not necessarily true.

Botanists have created hybrids by crossing different strains, which are both potent and delicious alternatives to purebreds. According to modern cannabis strains, your marijuana selection is becoming more of a custom-made product. The hybrid’s qualities are being selected based on what’s best about each parent strain. Simply put, hybrid strains found on the market today take on different properties from both of their parent strains and have strengths to suit people’s individual preferences.

The Tangerine Kush is hybrid cannabis whose qualities better those of other strains. One of the many strains in Tangerine Kush is hybrid cannabis that has been bred well. Let’s look at the following key features of this product.

A Tangerine Kush is a mix of two strains. One called Tangerine Haze and one called Rare Darkness No. 1, both mixed to create the best high possible. There are two origins for the strain’s name. Many believe it was named after a citrusy aroma and an orange hair color that is visible in its buds.

The strain of cannabis originated from California. Today, two known breeders are said to produce high-quality variants of Tangerine Kush: Exotic Seeds and Rare Darkness.

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Although it is mostly indica, some users report that the head high of Tangerine Kush is more obvious than its physical high. This may seem ironic because Tangerine Kush has an impressive 70% concentration of Indica weed. However, this can be because its cerebral high can be felt strongly at the onset while its physical high is more of a creeping sensation that tends to be overlooked and underestimated.

One of the major differences between cannabis strains with high levels of THC versus those with more CBDs is that a person may feel its head effects at the onset. In this case, Tangerine Kush is celebrated for its ability to bring a brief euphoric state on the cerebral level. These improvements may come with an improved ability to concentrate.

Once the Sativa effects start to settle, the physical high of Tangerine Kush slowly takes over. Consumption of this strain can elicit a deep sense of relaxation, which many find pleasurable.

Based on its potency and the strength of its cerebral and physical high, Tangerine Kush is a great nighttime strain for both beginners and seasoned users.


The overall smell of Tangerine Kush is that of a typical kush strain. It has a distinctive scent with notes of earth, citrus, and pine. The strain also emits a smell that can be likened to a pungent fruit. Fans of this strain would say that the Tangerine Kush can send anyone on a delightful high just by smelling it.


As expected, the Tangerine Kush also has that typical kush taste with a touch of fresh pine. Users find it to be a sweet smoke with fruity undertones. The strain’s strong kush flavor may be a bit much for inexperienced smokers, but they can easily overcome it with its spicy, lemon, and orange flavors.

Adverse Reaction

Any cannabis user can be adversely impacted by the cannabinoid content. There are several typical reactions among people to the drug. But, each person will experience symptoms differently and more seriously than others.

The majority of reported adverse reactions happen in people who frequently experience dry mouth and, sometimes, dry eyes. Of note, too, is that the strain might be too much for people to handle as it could cause headaches.

Some people might experience increased levels of anxiety while using the Tangerine Kush, so we recommend those who are predisposed to anxieties not use it.


The CBD content of the Tangerine Kush strain is lower than average, at 0.2% or less with a range of 0.38%. This is not good if you are looking for strains to combat epilepsy or seizures.

But for medical marijuana users, what is most appreciated about the Tangerine Kush strain is its effect on stress relief. This strain induces drowsiness among consumers and is uncommonly followed by the feeling of sleepiness. However, this strain could be the perfect solution to an insomniac’s sleepless nights.

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Because cannabis has been shown to alleviate pain, this strain is one of those types. Although not as powerful as stronger pain-relieving medications, acetaminophen is still an effective reliever for mild aches and pains. This product will provide a sense of serenity and calm, as well as offer temporary relief from depression. However, if one were to use this strain to deal with mental stress and anxiety, then it is best not taken because there is a chance that it might also increase paranoia in some cases.


Tangerine Kush can be grown outdoors. Different environments require different temperatures to thrive.

When cultivating indoors, planting on soil is the best way to cultivate a strain and harvest it at just the right time. Hydroponics setups and SOG methods may also work, especially if the intention is to increase yields.

In terms of outdoor cultivation, the strain would be ideally planted in areas with cooler climates. Though you must work throughout the year to keep a healthy garden, there are some plants that you will not be able to grow outside in the winter.

Flowering Time


Flowering time indoors may take 8 to 9 weeks, which will produce an indoor yield of 14 to 18 ounces per square meter.


The outdoor harvested buds should be ready from late September to early October, and the expected yield is 22 ounces or more.

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