Tesla Strain

Tesla Strain

From Pacific Northwest breeder Alphakronic Genes, Tesla is a combination of two popular West Coast hybrids, Harle-Tsu and Gobstopper. Part of AKG’s new high-CBD line of genetics, Tesla carries one of the fruitiest terpene profile found in a high-CBD strain to date, with smells and flavors of raspberry, grape, blueberry and jasmine. Most phenotypes produce only 1-3% THC, which makes this a very good choice for treating certain symptoms and medical conditions in patients who don’t tolerate the psychoactive effects of cannabis very well.


Alphakronik Genes created Tesla, also known as Tesla OG, as a combination of the CBD-heavy Harle-Tsu and the fruity Gobstopper strain.

The top reported aromas of the Tesla strain are spiced berries, pepper, and grape. It is said to taste like blueberries, nuts, and spiced fruit.

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Tesla is an easy-to-grow hybrid with thick stalks, sturdy frames, and a preference for slightly colder climates. The cultivar produces boosted yields when trained with ScrOG or SOG methods. Tesla flowers in eight to ten weeks indoors and mid-October outdoors. In ideal conditions, Tesla produces around 12 ounces of bud per plant.

Tesla is available as seeds and clones.

Tesla marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. The herb hails from the Pacific Northwest where it was bred by Alphakronic Genes. Tesla is an excellent medical herb, with high CBD content (over 18%) and low THC levels (1-3%). The buds subtly smell of grapes, jasmine, and blueberries. Tesla nugs are heavily coated in chunky trichomes and orange hairs. Tesla marijuana is great for day and evening time use.

Type of High

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Tesla marijuana induces strong body buzz. Alleviates depression and stress. Followed by body-mind relaxation. Controls inflammation and pain. Helps with spasms and seizures. May cause mouth dryness.


Tesla cannabis strain is a cross between Harle-Tsu and Gobstopper.

About Tesla

Tesla, or otherwise known as Tesla OG, is a sativa-dominant strain low in THC and extremely high in CBD. This hybrid is a perfect bud for those who love a strong body buzz without the flighty head high typical of a sativa. This child of two beloved strains, Harle-Tsu and the extra flavorful Gobbstopper, was created by Alphakronik Genes as a medical strain designed to treat tough symptoms associated with an array of diseases.

Given its extremely low THC levels, users who indulge in this strain won’t have to worry about any strong adverse effects or any mind-numbing forgetfulness. However, it is one of the strongest CBD strains on the market, coming in at an average of 18% CBD, so if you are looking for a full body chill, this is the girl for you. Tesla is a fruity strain that smells of jasmine flowers and rich dark berries. Its neon green nugs are are covered in orange hairs and bright glistening trichomes, and tastes of juicy berries and black pepper.

The high is a slow builder, beginning as a happy and euphoric state that melts into an all over tingle, sinking you into head to toe relaxation. Any mental anguish you may be feeling will drift away and free up the space to focus on whatever tasks you have before you. Tesla is one of those rare smokes that is entirely free of anxiety and paranoia despite its sativa dominance. Though this is an anytime high, it might be best suited for day to early evening as it can be energetic at times and could keep you awake into the night.

Medically speaking, Tesla is an ace in the hole. This strain has benefits that cross through so many different ailments including more severe diagnoses such as MS, seizures, severe inflammation, and muscle spasms. Ultra high CBD levels in the strain offers relief from nerve and muscle pain for sufferers of the above ailments as well as soothing any associated nervousness. Additionally, Tesla is beneficial to those who struggle with mental health issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, bipolar, and other disorders agitated by low energy or racing thoughts.

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This plant isn’t just a dream for those who don’t enjoy the psychoactive properties of most cannabis strains – it’s also a dream for anyone who doesn’t think they can grow weed. This easy-going flower blooms in around 8 to 9 weeks indoors and around late September outdoors. It flourishes in either environment with the proper guidance and will produce an above average yield. This is a great plant for anyone looking to step up their skills from beginner to intermediate.

If you love a relaxing high, but don’t always jive with the buzziness it takes to get there, this might be your perfect bud. Its mellow in nature and produces a very chill high, leaving your mind free to achieve whatever your day has for you without having you feel heavy or unmotivated.

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  1. Joan Summers

    My favorite strain so far. I have lupus. I use this for pain and it works wonders. I am prone to anxiety and this gives me none. It starts off giving me energy and making me motivated then relaxes me and melts away my pain. Never felt high just relaxed and less pain. My back spasms and this helps for that as well. Greatest medical strain you can buy in Canada.

  2. Ashy Knuckles

    Got some of this in Toronto and it was amazing. Great for overly nervous patients, found it helps some with seizures/fits caused by stress. Very good medicine.

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