Triple OG

Triple OG

Those who take Triple OG are not likely to want to run and jump around, staying on their couches instead. This is not the best strain for beginners. This cannabis strain gives a sedative-like effect, making it ideal for those with nothing to do.

Triple OG took its name from its lineage featuring two incredibly popular strains, OG Kush and XXX. By crossing these two well-regarded hybrids, the result is a high THC level strain that won the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup Best Indica award.


While it is only 25% Sativa, Triple OG creates a euphoric head rush that turns you into an elated person. But that is not all there is to it. Once the physical body high creeps in, it feels as if there is no end to the powerful high as the sensation of relaxation overwhelms you.

If it so happened that there are things you need to do, say goodbye to it as Triple OG not only makes you sit on your couch but also turns you and the couch into some kind of intertwined creatures living with a symbiotic relationship. In other words, you are likely to stay on the couch for the duration of its effects. Even as it wanes, you might still feel sleepy and may even fall asleep.


Unlike other mints, Triple OG has an aftertaste of sweetness and a hint of pine. Wait until you feel the effects kick in before sampling this strain.

Adverse Reaction

Anyone new to using cannabis should be aware that this is one of the most powerful Indicas in the world. Using this medication too frequently might lead to an increased level of anxiety, or a mild headache, or feeling dizzy for only a few minutes. These are only minor concerns, and they rarely occur.

triple og

Using Triple OG can cause users to feel dryness in the mouth and eyes. Taking cannabis for the first time can cause some unusual reactions such as dry mouth, red eyes, and cottonmouth. To counteract these effects, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and carry a bottle of water with you. One of the effects that people report when they start using THC is a loss of appetite.


People who have too much stress in their lives should try using Triple OG, as it contains the properties that reduce stress. Its ability to swing your mood to one of happiness and euphoria should prove to be more than enough to help you lower down your stress level. This can also be beneficial to people suffering from depression.

Medical marijuana users also use Triple OG to help them deal with chronic pains and aches, including headaches. The overwhelming relaxation experienced by the user typically induces sleep. As a result, this strain is good to use at the end of the day when there’s nothing much else to do. Those who are making an effort to catch more sleep, and most of all the insomniacs, should find this powerful strain helpful in helping them fall asleep.


A Triple OG can be grown outdoors and indoors, as well as in a greenhouse. This is a short plant that is bushier than having a tree-like structure. She does need more of your attention such as topping her several times to make sure she doesn’t stretch too much of her branches would break. Growers who have previous experience with cannabis should only attempt to grow this strain.

Flowering Time


Triple OG can be grown outside or indoors, in a greenhouse. Cannabis plants characterized by hefty bushes rather than skinny, tree-like structures can be found in this strain. She does need more of your attention such as topping her several times to make sure she doesn’t stretch too much of her branches would break. Anyone who has experience growing cannabis should not attempt to grow this strain.

triple og


Growing Triple OG outside is more challenging than you may assume. For example, if you start cultivating it in mid-April then it should be harvested by the middle of October. For every outdoor plant in the 18-ounce category, you will collect around 18 ounces of cannabis oil per harvest.

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  1. Marco E.

    Got some of this in Toronto and it was amazing. Very nice after work strain. Perfect compliment to my normal routine for relaxing and easing my pain. I would def recommend this strain.

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