People turn to Trix when they require a pick-me-up or just looking for an enjoyable smoke. It is known to give an uplifting feeling and reduce stress because it excels at calming emotional distress. Not to mention, due to its Sativa-leaning makeup, it sometimes can make users want to sleep. Because of this, it is an effective way for patients to escape issues with sleeping due to a health condition.

a trix

The Riot Seeds created this strain by using Colombian Gold. Coming from the mountains of Santa Marta, the landrace Sativa delivers a mellow cerebral euphoria that gently stimulates the mind while providing users with multiple therapeutic benefits. Not only does it flower quickly, but it is a sturdy plant. It was crossed with a Loompa cut of Chemdawg D, an uncommon strain of the original Chendawg. Crossed to find a suitable mate while retaining desirable genes. This tends to be a small bud that tapers on one end, looking like the tail of a fox. In addition, it is known to be a powerful sedative.

By crossing two strains, breeders undoubtedly created what many enthusiasts would call one of the “most potent and reliable Colombian Gold Hybrid in the world.


With 20% THC, Trix is one of the most potent strains on the cannabis market. Heavy alcohol consumption easily overtakes even experienced drinkers who consume more than the recommended amounts. For this reason, moderation is always the key to success. Alternatively, high levels of THC can result in an overwhelming experience.

The onset of the condition is a rapid process. It starts within seconds after the first few puffs with a noticeable rush of euphoria directly to the head. Though it can be quite intense, the experience is not at all overwhelming. Instead, exercise is an invigorating experience that promotes mental clarity.

A behavioral change is seen almost instantly once the effects have started to settle. Changing their behavior can be a big effect of this pill. Users are visibly happier because their minds are traveling on a memory lane of only happy thoughts. Meanwhile, a post-workout high surges through the body. Invigorating your muscles as it travels down to the tips of your toes.

Although Trix can give you an energy boost at home, it’s best to not use the cereal while on vacation. It culminates into such a heavy comedown that it relaxes the body to the point of drowsiness. In most circumstances, people who lounge about on sofas or beds after they have worked will soon fall asleep.


The moment you open a bag of Trix’s buds, the sweetly aromatic yet pungent fragrance tantalizes your senses. On the other hand, breaking it up releases a subtle sourness reminiscent of berries and grapes. Meanwhile, the release of combusting fuel increases its undertones.


To take a sip off of Trix’s smoke is similar to a bite of berry pie. The flavor of the wine is enhanced by its sweeter undertones, but it is also made more complex in taste because of its sour notes. Swirling the smoke from this grape-flavored cigar inside one’s mouth brings out its hints of grapes. On the exhale, this dainty tea turns into an unpleasant aftertaste of fuel.

Adverse reactions

Smoking Trix may lead to common problems such as dry eyes and cottonmouth, but users also may experience dizziness. When taken at higher than recommended doses for the long-term, tianeptine may cause paranoia. Still, it is important to pace and moderate your intake. When you first start taking psychedelics, it is a good idea to start with low dosages to avoid being overwhelmed too quickly.

a trix


To clarify, Trix is not a recreational strain. After all, it does provide a head high that leaves users feeling more upbeat than they ever have. It’s also this effect that makes it a great stress reliever and anti-depressive.

Thanks to its happy high, this product helps reduce stress and stabilize emotions. It calms fast-paced worries and overwhelming dread, with its soothing euphoria. At the same time, it helps with symptoms of depression and anxiety that people might have.

Higher doses of THC tend to have analgesic qualities, which ease out physical ailments such as headaches and chronic pain. Cannabis is most effective at relieving pain and aches all over the body before blanketing them in a relaxing body high.

It provides relief by reducing muscle spasms. Medication can be used to control contractions that cause pain. Replacing tiredness and exhaustion with a subtle surge of energy, users can feel refreshed.


Trix is a sturdy strain with its parent being one of an infamous line of Chemdawg strains. This plant has deep green leaves that are augmented by specks of red and orange. Its branches and stalks are thick, which makes it quite tall.

To keep its height in check, growers have to prune the grapevine constantly. It has the additional benefit of increasing air and light circulation around the roots. To increase yields indoors, some growers use the Screen of Green method. Installing a screen before weaving its branches through the net while it is in vegetative will ensure even light distribution among different sites. Not only does it provide support to its branches, but it also.

Hydroponics usually speeds up the flowering period and can even yield twice as many flowers. However, it can be challenging for beginners. Soil is more cost-effective and less difficult. In addition to adding flavor and scent, it also enhances the taste of the cannabis strain.

Flowering Time


Trix has an indoor flowering period of 10 to 12 weeks. When a flowering plant is ready for harvest, it yields 12 to 17 ounces of buds per square meter.


Trix thrives in the sunlight and therefore growers should extend the flowering period up to mid-November. Growers can expect at least 16 ounces of buds per plant after harvest.

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  1. Steve Miller

    Delicious, terpy strain. The taste is reminiscent of Sunset Sherbert, but with much stronger lime undertones. Extra stinky when broken up. The buds are delicate, but also deceptively dense. One of the better wake and bake/day time sativas out there.

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