Venom OG Marijuana Strain Information

Venom OG Marijuana Strain Information

Venom OG is a indica-dominant strain made by crossing Poison OG and Rare Dankness #1. It’s marked by dense, forest-green buds with a tangle of bright orange hairs. Venom OG has an aroma of skunk, pine, lemon, and diesel. This strain is recommended for nighttime use as its effects tend toward full-body relaxation, but it also provides some sensory elevation that is enjoyable for lazy activities. Patients have found Venom OG to be a potent remedy for pain, arthritis, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Growers should note that Venom OG is suitable for outdoor or indoor gardens and its breeders suggest a 50 to 65-day flowering period. Venom OG is bred by Rare Darkness Seeds.

Type of High

Venom OG marijuana induces uplifting cerebral euphoria, boosts creativity, prompts giggles, relieves stress. Relaxes the body, stimulates appetite, has strong analgesic properties, helps with nausea. Promotes strong couchlock and sedation.

It’s recommended to save this potent beauty for evenings or when your schedule is clear of any serious activity, as the powerful indica leaning effects of Venom OG often leads to lazy activities. The sedating and relaxing qualities also make this strain a great choice for those seeking to alleviate minor pain, cramping, anxiety & insomnia.

But while Venom OG is best to light up late at night, it won’t entirely pin you to the couch, either (at least not at first). This is due to the strain’s reputation for sparking eruptive, sensory-enhancing delight. Sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touches attain higher states of impact without ever bursting the strain’s all-encompassing bubble of enchanted chill. The bliss lasts long and remains substantial.

That stated, we recommend sharing Venom OG with like-minded stoners for a dope evening of laying about, listening to music, streaming movies, and gleefully embracing the munchies. Vibes will be good and the laughs will come loud and easy.

The active ingredient in this venom is slow to act, with as much as 15 minutes’ lag time between smoking and feeling its effects. Eventually, smokers detect a throbbing around the forehead and eyes, as well as an increased heaviness in the limbs. Some may find themselves able to breathe more deeply and easily as any muscular tension evaporates. Slowly but surely, a full body high sets in, sending waves of relaxation rolling down the spine and outward through the core and limbs. The pervasive worries of the day tend to fade into the background as Venom OG makes the consumer aware of nothing but their immediate surroundings and sensory inputs. Beyond pure relaxation, Venom OG offers some mental distortion in the form of changes to sensory perception. This may entail an intensification of certain sights and sounds or an artificial flattening of depth and perspective. In the right set and setting and with the right group of people, this bud can be a very social asset, inspiring conversation and good vibes. Smokers shouldn’t plan on being productive or accomplishing large amounts of work under Venom OG’s influence, as it’s more likely to leave them cloudy and dazed than cerebrally focused. After a while, couchlock becomes likely, as does sleep. As such, Venom OG is best enjoyed at night — or at least during a particularly lazy day.


Venom OG is a potent strain, with THC levels ranging from 11% to 27%, according to the cannabis seed bank Amsterdam Seed Center.

This strain’s buds range in size from small to medium and cling together in elongated, almost cylindrical shapes. They have the unmistakable structure of other indica-dominant varieties, with leaves curled tightly inward, forming a solid and compact flower. The leaves themselves are a bright spring green and are twisted through with vibrant orange hairs (which are actually pistils, botanical structure meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). A carpet of translucent white trichomes covers the inner and outer surfaces of these nuggets, making them very difficult to break up by hand.

Venom OG’s compact flowers emit an aroma with dominant notes of skunk and damp earth. Hanging out under this musk is a hint of fresh pine. Grinding up or breaking apart the buds, meanwhile, yields some diesel fumes, possibly due to the influence of grandparent strain Chemdawg. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Venom OG burns with a harsh smoke that may induce coughing fits for some. On the exhale, this smoke tastes both piney and skunky.

It has a sharp skunky diesel smell and flavor that’s accented by sweet yet sour earthy lemon.

Reported Effects

Venom is well-loved for its full-body relaxation and medical effects. Used mostly for nighttime use, this potent kush will drift you into a slumber and provide a sensory elevation. Consumers describe the effects as:

  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Tingly

Thanks to the Indica-rich effects of Venom OG marijuana, it can be used for a number of medical concerns:

  • Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Migraines

Luckily, Venom OG doesn’t elicit feelings of anxiety or paranoia, making it a great weed strain for individuals who occasionally feel panicked. The only negative side effects of this hybrid are dry mouth and dry eyes – and even those are rare.

Strain origin

what is venom

Venom OG Grow Info

what is venom

Rare Dankness has seeds of the infamous Venom OG Kush available online for home growth. This strain thrives in a semi-humid climate either inside or outside. The plants are typically bushy and relatively short; however, they produce an average yield. According to the breeder, flowering time is between 50 to 65 days, which is an acceptable amount of time for most home growers.

What Other Benefits Does Venom OG Deliver? 

Venom OG’s power to properly alleviate tension and relax both the mind and body makes it a natural to address stress, anxiety, insomnia, and physical maladies such as muscle aches, spasms, and cramps. In addition, Venom OG’s euphoria-inducing abilities add a depression-combating component to its multiple marijuana merits.

If you’ve got a soft sofa and the proper set-up for an evening of smoking, giggling, and feeling good until sweet clouds of rapturous slumber set in, Venom OG is the weed you want.

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  1. 420Stoner Mom

    Picked up an oz of the Venom OG, was shocked to see how dark purple the nugs are. The bud has a lemony scent to it, dark purple nugs with slight hints of light green and many orange hairs covering the nug. Nugs looked too pretty too smoke lol, but on first smoke it tasted very earthy and was quite harsh, however not harsh to the point where you can’t smoke it. At first I thought it didn’t do anything to me, within the next 5 minutes I was high out of my mind. Definitely an indica dominant strain as it leaves you slumped not wanting to get up, but has a very clear high followed by the urge for some munchies. One of my favorite strains to this day!

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