What is THC Detox?

If you enjoy smoking marijuana on occasion, there’s a chance your habit might jeopardize your current employment or prevent you from getting a fresh position. Furthermore, if you use cannabis (or have used it in the recent past), THC may cause serious issues. Fortunately, there are methods to detox your body safely and effectively and ensure that your drug test is accurate.

In comparison to other herbal medicines, marijuana and its active substances are fascinating since they are metabolized in the body – unlike other herbal treatments that are digested and excreted within days of ingestion, cannabis may be difficult to detoxify because many of the active components are stored long-term lipids (fats).

Continue reading to discover more about the safest and most effective method to detox, as well as what you should ignore.

What is a Detox for Weed?

The goal of a detox is to get your body to eliminate a substance so that it does not enter your circulation and cause harm. When it comes to cannabis, you must avoid using it until your body has eliminated the drug. It will take longer for your body to detoxify if you are a heavy user, and you could experience symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, sadness, and irritability as a result.

If you have a drug test at work, you may need a little “help” to eliminate the THC from your system, and this simple necessity has created a multi-million dollar business. There are hundreds of detox solutions on the market, but most don’t claim that they’re for THC detox explicitly.

How Long Does Weed Stay in the System?

According to Ryan Vandrey of Johns Hopkins University, there is no typical detection window for drug testing and cannabis because various elements, such as rate of use, BMI, exercise frequency , and metabolism, influence the result. These are some typical timeframes to get you started:

  • Blood: 1-7 days.
  • Saliva: 1-7 days.
  • Hair: Up to 90 days.
  • Urine: According to the US Department of Agriculture, a light user uses less than three pounds of marijuana each year, while a heavy user consumes more than three pounds each year. The ‘average’ is between ten and thirty days.

You may be on the verge of failing a drug test if you are using cannabis, since it is difficult to identify an exact number. If you have an upcoming drug test and wish to pass, a THC detox might be your only option.

In recent years, there have been a few studies that attempted to determine how long marijuana stays in one’s system. THC, for example, is rarely found in the body after using it for more than 30 days in 2005, according to Paul Cary of the University of Missouri.

Furthermore, a study by Johansson and Halldin, which was published in 1989, investigated chronic users’ sensitivity. The ‘peak’ detection window was 25 days long, according to the researchers, with a sensitivity of 20 ng/mL. Only one of the persons studied showed positive after 14 days, and THC levels vanished from sight in 9.8 days on average.

Last but not least, in a 1984 study by Swatek, chronic smokers were tested at the 50 ng/mL threshold and it took them 40 days to clean themselves. However, within 13 days, 80% of the participants passed the test. In other words, when it comes to lowering your THC levels to such a degree that you pass a urinalysis, each person is different; however, doing so may not take as long as you imagine.

When individuals smoke cannabis for a long time, it might appear that the effects begin to fade. This indicates that you’ve entered the danger zone for marijuana tolerance and means you’ll need more cannabis to get the same results as previously. A tolerance break may potentially reinvigorate cannabis’ effects while also providing users an opportunity to think about why they’re using it.

You’ll only get the THC out of your system if you wait at least seven days after stopping. Continue to avoid cannabis until the THC has completely evaporated from your body. You don’t need any specialized THC detox treatments unless you’re eager to resume smoking.

What Happens in a Drug Test for THC?

At least 40 million drug tests are done in the United States each year, with urine testing being the most popular. Your THC levels will rise when you use cannabis. While these THC concentrations will drop rapidly over the next few days (as long as you don’t smoke again), frequent users will certainly have enough left in their system to be identified by urinalysis.

Best Detox Foods

When you eat healthy meals, you’re not only hiding THC from your body but also aiding in its removal.

You could try eating a lot of high-fiber leafy greens at least three days before your drug test, as one strategy. Natural fiber helps to lubricate your digestive system, which means more feces are excreted and, as a result, THC is eliminated. Remember that up to 65% of THC is eliminated from the body via bowel movements!

Fruits and vegetables are also high in micronuts, which can help you detox. Increase your consumption of Magnesium, Activated Charcoal, Psyllium Husk, and B Vitamins before your drug test, especially niacin.

Here is a quick list of a few detox foods to consider:

  • Lemon: The high acidity of this citrus fruit makes it a fantastic choice for detox. Simply add one tablespoon lemon juice to a liter of water. Drink up to eight glasses of this brew in the 24 hours leading up to your drug test for optimum results.
  • Garlic: This is one of the world’s greatest detox foods because it stimulates the formation of detoxifying enzymes in the liver and helps to eliminate pollutants from the digestive system.
  • Broccoli Sprouts: This food is exceptionally high in antioxidants and also does an excellent job of stimulating detoxification enzymes at the cellular level. In this instance, the sprouts actually do a better job than the fully-grown broccoli vegetable.
  • Grapefruit: Grapefruit contains phytochemicals that help burn fat cells, and they also reduce your appetite, which makes it an ideal food when dieting — and detoxing.
  • Mung Beans: This is another seldom-eaten healthy food that can help flush THC from your system, as the beans digest easily and absorb toxic residue from your body’s intestinal walls.

THC Detox: Final Thoughts

Employers are finding it more difficult than ever to hire qualified and talented employees, which has prompted a growing number of organizations to eliminate the dreaded pre-employment drug screening. For example, Excellence Health Inc., a Las Vegas-based firm, no longer requires candidates seeking employment with its pharmaceutical division to pass drug tests. Also in February 2018, AutoNation Inc. revealed that they would no longer turn away applicants who test positive for THC.

Unfortunately, many firms will refuse to hire you if you test positive for THC, even though four times as many people in the United States use alcohol.

As a result, if you’re applying for a job or your company is doing employee drug testing, you must avoid THC until the test is finished. If the test is scheduled at short notice, you’ll need to figure out how to start a THC detox quickly and safely, and this is where detox drinks, pills, and kits come in handy.

According to certain detox product vendors, their products will speed up the rate of THC elimination from the body. However, be cautious of such promises because they are generally false. According to the scientific community as a whole, notions of cleaning and detoxing have no medical basis.

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