White Walker OG

White Walker OG

aka Whitewalker OG Kush

Whitewalker OG (not to be confused with White Walker Kush) by Gold Coast Collection is an indica variation of the renowned SFV OG Kush. Wrapped in a sparkling coat of crystal trichomes, Whitewalker OG wears its potency like a crown. Not surprisingly, this Los Angeles native earned first place in the 2013 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup and is cherished to this day for its ability to lift the mood with swiftness. Its heavy resin production is treasured by extract artists, and commercial growers will appreciate the high yields offered by this OG phenotype.

White Walker

White Walker will help you forget that winter is coming. Sometimes known as White Walker Kush, the White Walker OG strain is an Indica variation of the well-known SFV OG Kush. The “OG” part could stand for Original Genetics or even Original Gangster, but the name’s exact origin is unknown. From the Gold Coast Collection of Los Angeles, this winner of the High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup now enjoys worldwide popularity.

Described as a roller coaster of a strain that does it all, this strain is quite potent (its THC levels get as high as 22%) and well known for its ability to swiftly improve your mood and energy level. Both artists and athletes will appreciate its immediate euphoric boost and motivation, as feelings of creativity and focus set in. Simultaneously, the relaxation that ensues can be incredibly enjoyable for practitioners of yoga and meditation.

Resulting from the combination of the elite White Widow and Skywalker Kush strains, the White Walker Kush strain is an intensely relaxing hybrid blend of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. White Walker Kush is an example of what can happen when top genetics meets modern technology. Trust me; it’s a beautiful thing.


White Walker moves at a run, kicking in quickly. At first, you’ll experience an intense cerebral euphoria with a gradually increasing high. Eventually, it tapers off into a relaxed drowsy state, perfect for those wishing to fall asleep. Your body starts to unwind as you grow tired and gradually sink into the couch.

Around the same time, the weed’s restful body high begins to take effect. It lets you lose yourself in a state of deep relaxation. You’re left unfocused (in a delightful way) and at ease for hours on end. One of the best White Walker strain uses is relaxation after a long day at work. Many have appreciated this strain’s ability to help them fall asleep after a busy, stressful day.

As a powerful sedative, this strain is also useful for a variety of discomforts. Some rely on it for knocking out headaches, migraines, and muscle aches, while others say it helps with alcohol withdrawal symptoms and sleep disorders. White Walker may also boost appetite and mood, but then again, that is the case with most marijuana. However, there’s also a tendency to make your sleepy and stoned as well. That’s why most White Walker strain uses should be limited to nighttime, perhaps after a long, stressful day. Take some time to yourself to ‘drift off into oblivion.

Another strain known for delivering euphoria and relaxation, Zkittlez is a good way to boost your mood and end the day with a relaxed state of mind.


This strain is well known for its fruity, berry-filled scent. The most noticeable notes are grape, but other sweet berry and citrus scents help round out the White Walker kush scent profile. The final result is something like a delicious smoothie. There’s also an incredibly earthy undertone that helps balance the experience. Because of these sweet smells and smooth foundation, White Walker’s fragrance is easily enjoyed by most people, especially those who don’t like the more stereotypical weed (skunk) smell. After all, who doesn’t like the scent of a fruity smoothie?


The White Walker Kush strain has an earthier taste than you would expect after noticing its scent, but that is certainly not a bad thing. The fruity flavors are balanced by spicy, herbal notes that keep you grounded as your head wanders into a pleasant bliss. In addition to it being a universally enjoyed scent, this earthy undertone makes White Walker an easily enjoyed flavor as well.

Adverse Reactions

Although its mood-lifting qualities might benefit those struggling with low mood, White Walker tends to be more of a downer. If you struggle with things like depression, it may be better to avoid it. However, it can help people fall asleep, so if that’s what you need, perhaps it doesn’t matter.

Besides the emotional and mental effects, there are a few other minor physical reactions that could be unpleasant. People who smoke White Walker could experience dizziness, dry throat, dry eyes, and dry mouth. To avoid this, keep a glass of water handy and drink lots of water while smoking and afterward. Of course, all of these are simply recommendations, and the effects could vary for each person. Anyone trying this strain for the first time should take it slow and pay attention to their body’s reaction.


White Walker Kush is a fast grower during both the vegetative phase and the flowering phase. When growing this strain, be prepared to harvest fairly quickly. Both of its parent strains, White Widow and Skywalker Kush, are well known for their abundantly large yields when harvest time comes around. Training the plants into larger, bushier shapes can help increase this harvest even more.

In addition to training, this fast-growing, high-yield strain also can benefit from a bit of trimming. Since the plant produces so much vegetation, carefully cutting down the interior leaves can help prevent mildew and pests. It also helps keep the airflow going through the plant, helping to keep humidity and temperatures from getting out of control. You definitely don’t want to lose out of the magnificent strain because of climate or pest issues, so proceed accordingly.



White Walker weed is a fast grower indoors, reaching up to five feet high inside. Plan accordingly for your indoor space. Indoor gardens can expect their harvest in about nine weeks, with yields of 14 to 16 ounces per square yard.


For growers in the northern hemisphere, harvest time for outdoor gardens is around mid-October. These plants can get quite large in a comfortably Mediterranean environment, reaching heights of up to seven feet tall. When growing outdoors, growers can expect yields of 16 to 18 ounces per plant.

This enjoyable bud is perfect for the intermediate and above user. The smooth flavors and easy to love effects make it a no-brainer for most cannabis lovers. Extract artists are enamored with this extremely resinous strain for tinctures, butters, and waxes that benefit both the recreational and medical communities.

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  1. Xena420

    Great indica! Personally I love satvias personally but I’ve fallen in love with this strain. I’ve got super bad anxiety at night and this stuff can just put me right to sleep without a worry in the world. The taste is very good as well, I can really taste the citrusy parts. I highly recommend to all.

  2. Bruce Andrade

    Like I always say being teamindica I look for the heaviest hitter I can find and this trumps almost everything I’ve ever had. White Widow is still my number one but this is definitely runner up! Great smell great taste amazing high melts pain away with waves of relaxation make u want to melt into your couch with a good flick and lots of food.

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