Wookies Cannabis Strain

Wookies Cannabis Strain

aka Chewbacca strain, Cocoon Cookie strain

Wookies Strain

is a fuzzy and hairy-looking strain, just like the Star Wars character it was named after. It’s average THC level and CBD is 18 – 21% and 0.89 – 1.55% respectively.

Like its Star Wars namesake, the Wookies marijuana strain is hairy-looking and fuzzy. Although classified as a hybrid, it is a predominantly Indica strain with roughly 65% Indica to 35% Sativa composition. Its more dominant Indica side is what produces an intense yet sedating high. Some circles call it Chewbacca, Cocoon Cookie, or tk91. 

The Wookies strain is a strain that is just as fuzzy and hairy-looking as the Star Wars character for which it was named. It offers an intense and sedating cerebral high and is a predominantly indica strain. Wookies tastes like fresh herbs, mostly sage and mint, and is even a bit sweet!

This rare hybrid is the creation of a Colorado-based breeder who goes by the name Tierra Rojo. He chose Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) as the mother plant and the hybrid White ’91 for its pollen. White ‘91 is a cross of The White and Chemdawg ’91. The White has subtle aromas and flavors, and White ’91 fixes those shortcomings.  

The Wookies plant resembles GSC in structure with heavier trichome production. The nugs retain its premium flavoring. There’s also an added potency and pungency derived from the White ’91 parent. Speaking of potency, the lowest THC level of this “dankenstein” hybrid is 18%. In some cases, the THC can be as high as 21%. 

What Is the Wookies Strain?

Wookies strain weed is an indica-dominant hybrid. However, it is a well-balanced marijuana strain, so you also benefit from the cerebral effects provided by sativas, along with the relaxation aided by the indica aspect. It is an extremely rare, clone-only, strain, which means finding a few grams isn’t as easy as it should be. It also has a variety of nicknames including Dirty Wookie, Purple Wookie, Chewbacca Cookies, and TK91.

It is an extremely rare, clone-only, strain, which means finding a few grams isn’t as easy as it should be.

No one is sure who originally bred Wookies (someone called Tierra Rojo claims credit), but is a rare case where three outstanding marijuana strains are combined to create another superstar. Wookies is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Chemdawg 91, and The White. In other words, you get the potency of Chemdawg 91, the flavor of GSC, and the trichome production of The White. That sounds like a fantastic combination!


Wookies weed strain has a bit of an uncharacteristic smell but in a pleasant sort of way. Once lit, this marijuana’s sweet aroma quickly fills the room. Your nose is sure to register a tingling sensation that is reminiscent of scented candles.  

The scent is a cross between pine, citrus, and strong gas. Those with a heightened sense of smell might also recognize a hint of licorice underton


This strain is best enjoyed when you grind it up nice and fine, and we also recommend investing in a vaporizer that works with cannabis flower. When you smoke Wookies, you won’t get to appreciate the subtle flavors as much as when you vaporize it. In any case, you should enjoy the strong sweet taste that also comes with hints of sage and mint.


If you get your hands on Wookie weed, you should notice the light green color of these sticky and resinous buds. Also, the buds are much heavier than they look, which means a few grams will last you longer than you think. This is good news because a gram of Wookies can cost up to $20.

Wookies Strain Effects  

Many a Wookies strain review does not recommend smoking (or vaping) this marijuana if you have made plans for the rest of the day — and there’s a good reason! Wookies has some strong sedative effects. Its loud Indica side places most people in a deep couch-lock. 

After a long day’s work, however, Wookies works wonders in relaxing your body and mind. A sense of euphoria accompanies the initial high. After your mind has begun to relax, your body will soon follow. In the first few tokes, you’re in a happy space, with a sense of inner peace. Hunger pangs are normal towards the end, so prepare some snacks in advance.

Wookies Strain

Wookies helps in dealing with insomnia, hypertension, bipolar disorder, muscular dystrophy, and muscle spasms. Sleep takes hold fairly quickly after consuming it, so those with insomnia have the most to gain. Its strong sedative nature makes Wookies a worthy choice for tackling inflammation and body pain. Users with mood disorders or mental stress also stand to gain a lot from this hybrid’s euphoric, relaxing high. 

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content of Wookies cannabis is typically between 13% and 18%. However, the strongest phenotypes have up to 25%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

This strain is not known for its high CBD content, although some cuts may have to up 0.7%.

First and foremost, we don’t recommend using Wookies if you have any plans for the day. Once you have a few bong hits, you can expect the sedative effects to glue you to the couch. Moreover, there is a chance that your mind becomes cloudy faster than you anticipate.

Users report experiencing an uplift in mood that makes them feel at peace with themselves and the world. The initial high comes with a sense of euphoria, and as your mind feels relaxed, your body follows suit. Eventually, you will experience hunger pangs that cause you to eat whatever you lay your eyes on.

Possible Side Effects of Wookies Weed

The main side effect of Wookies weed is its ability to cause couch lock. If you try and use it during the day, you will find it tough to energize yourself. If you sample Wookies at a bad time, have a cold shower, drink strong coffee, and try to force yourself to exercise.

Aside from lethargy, the best-known side effect is cottonmouth. Other potential adverse effects include paranoid thoughts, headaches, and dizziness. Wookies is not a strain for a beginner to try.

Medical Benefits of Wookies Marijuana

As Wookies is a potent marijuana strain, it is associated with a few medical benefits. It is arguably most useful for individuals with insomnia because sleep takes hold fairly quickly, and you will find it hard to even keep your eyes open. It is also used by people with depression, and those suffering from stress because it helps uplift their moods. Its potency means it is used to tackle pain relief and inflammation.

Wookies Strain Adverse Reactions 

Wookies weed strain and its strong sedative nature could pose some problems for some. When smoked during the day, the couch-lock effect will make you unproductive for a while. If you try one of the more potent forms, it can cloud your mind.  Occasionally accompanied by headaches, dizziness, and paranoid thoughts, these can feel a bit too much for some people. In any case, these effects don’t last for long. And if they do, a cold shower, pot of hot coffee, or a shot (or two) of espresso should help you return to normalcy. 

Side effects like dryness in and around the mouth and eyes are common in most marijuana strains, and Wookies is no exception. So, always keep a big bottle of water handy. Take a gulp or two between tokes to keep your mouth hydrated. A few splashes of cold water should do the trick, or a couple of eye drops as for itchy eyes.  

You will feel very hungry after a session with Wookies — so hungry that you will want to eat anything you can lay your hands on. Be sure to have enough food around when you’re planning to smoke this hairy herb. 

Growing Wookies Strain 

Wookies is a clone-only strain, meaning you won’t find seeds right now. If you do happen to find seeds, there’s a very low chance of capturing the exact traits you desire. Growing these clones would require a good deal of experience and patience. Why? Because Wookies plants grow tall and wide with a great deal of leaf production. This means that stuffy indoor spaces are not going to work as well as an outdoor setup. If you still decide to grow these plants indoors, make sure there is ample space and lighting.  

Wookies Strain

During the vegetative period, the leaves at the top will begin to shade out the rest of the plant. Regular trimming of the top fanning leaves will provide more sunlight and space to the bottom sections. This will help the buds grow big and potent in the long run. Wookies plants are more suited to growing outdoors, but you will still need to top them off. Since they are photoperiod, they will flower after reaching a 12/12 light cycle.

If properly tended, the bud production will be dense with hairy, light-green buds covered in trichomes. These buds typically have a very sticky outer layer, making them highly desired by most growers.  Wookies is a rare strain that doesn’t have a lot of published information on growing it; however, you can assume this strain likes sun, airflow, and a decent amount of nutrients. At this time, we don’t know how resistant it is or its ideal climate, but sticking close to its Girl Scout Cookies genetics is probably a good idea.  Its size and unknown preferences are the main reasons we suggest leaving this one to the experienced growers.


Wookies strain review from those who’ve grown it suggest a flowering time indoors of 49-70 days (7 to 10 weeks). There is some debate as to the sweet spot. When harvested around 56-63 days (8 to 9 weeks), the THC levels are higher. Conversely, allowing the plant the full 70-day flowering time brings out the full terpene profile.  Outdoors, harvest in October. 


Although not recommended, some people choose to grow these plants indoors. The indoor yield is roughly 1 ounce per square foot.  

Overall, this rare indica-dominant hybrid is heralded as a ‘dankenstein’ strain because it is of premium quality. With a trio of gold standard marijuana strains as parents, Wookies smells great and tastes even better. It is one of the best options on the market for treating insomnia according to the hordes of users who praise Wookies for helping them get to sleep after traditional medications failed.

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  1. Andrews R.

    I love this strain. Very good and relaxing not to overpowering on sativa end which is nice. Smells earthy and pine. Medium-High THC. Balanced effects, including: relaxed, happy, and energetic. Highly recommended!

  2. Steve Moore

    this was a pretty nice strain to smoke. it was indica dominant which helped me stay relaxed w out becoming too paranoid or anxious. however it doesn’t smell too great but it does the trick! pretty powerful and I need only like around 5 hits from my j to feel the effects. however, i tend to get like sad or introspective a few hrs after smoking this which doesn’t normally happen w other strains which i found interesting! I don’t get too hungry after smoking this either.

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