Zaza strain

Zaza strain

Zaza has been a buzz word flying around for the past year or so. It may be a term that you use often or it may be stored in the deepest part of your brain without you even realizing you’ve heard “zaza” more frequently than you think.

Imagine yourself driving down an open road on a sunny day with nowhere to be, windows down, warm air flowing through your hair. You turn on your radio so you can vibe to some of your favorite tunes. . .

Gucci Mane comes on and you hear, “Backwood full of zaza, I only smoke the greatest zaza. . .”

Not your favorite jam so you switch to 21 Savage and he raps, “Smokin’ on zaza. . .”

zaza strain

Now you should remember how many times you’ve actually heard zaza whether you knew what it was a reference to or not! But there are still a lot of questions. What exactly is zaza? Is it a specific strain or just a general term for marijuana? How much does it cost and where can I get some to try? Here’s what you need to know!

ZaZa is a hybrid marijuana strain. We’re still learning about the flavors and effects of ZaZa. If you’ve smoked this strain before, share your experience by leaving a review.

What is zaza weed?

Many of you are hearing the term zaza which has been popularized by rap culture and social media. There is still a lot of debate within the cannabis community about what zaza is exactly!

Zaza is most commonly used as a reference to top quality, high-grade marijuana. But where did the specific word zaza come from you ask? Well I’ll tell you! The word zaza comes from “exotic” meaning it is rare and high end. Exotic turned into “za-tic” which became “za” then “zaza”!

There is a part of rap culture that stays true to the old saying, “if you got it, flaunt it!” Think of your favorite fun, upbeat hip-hop song. I bet there are references to diamonds, chains, money, jets or anything luxurious; so why would marijuana be off limits? Zaza is simply an extension of this culture!

This could be for a number of reasons. Dispensaries are businesses at the end of the day. If the word zaza is trending and people are unsure of what it truly is, they could sell a zaza strain to jump on that trend and make some extra cash. It also could just be dispensaries honoring marijuana culture. If zaza is a new slang in the industry then why not make some fun strains with that name?

Regardless of why dispensaries are doing what they’re doing, most people in the marijuana community agree that zaza is simply high end marijuana and is not a reference to a specific marijuana strain.

How much does zaza weed cost?

Zaza is basically super expensive marijuana so by definition, it’s not cheap. Prices for marijuana at a dispensary vary based on a number of factors such as quality, time of year, competition and so on. But on average an eighth of marijuana typically ranges from around $25-40 depending on these factors. And for some $40 is on the higher end for an eighth.

Remember an eighth of marijuana is 3.5 grams which can look different based on the strain of marijuana that you choose. But whether it is denser or fluffier, at the end of the day, an eighth is really only about 5-7 buds so a lower price point is more reasonable for an eighth.

Zaza, on the other hand, is not so reasonable since it is “top shelf” marijuana. So in order for marijuana to be considered zaza it has to be much more expensive than the average cost of marijuana at a dispensary. An eighth of zaza can be priced anywhere from $60 to almost $100!

ZaZa is an indica/sativa variety from South Bay Genetics and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±65 days). South Bay Genetics’ ZaZa is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

South Bay Genetics’ ZaZa Description

Exotic ZaZa is a hybrid created by crossing Scotts OG x Gas Station Bob. Exotic ZaZa is great for medical patients and recreational use. The ability to treat bodily pain is easy with the full body buzz you’ll experience, and mental concerns including stress and depression also seem to just fade away. This strain can impart a serious case of the munchies if you smoke a bit too much, so make sure to keep your pantry stocked. Those who struggle with a lack of appetite will find this bud a welcome addition to their medicine cabinet. After a nice meal, get ready to kick insomnia to the curb and fall asleep fast.

zaza strain

Exotic ZaZa is a great choice for home cultivators of all experience levels as her structure is very easy to trim and plants with grow with a high calxy to leaf ratio. Exotic ZaZa produces a very heafty sized yield. Both indoor and outdoor growth are just extra large, and after 8 to 10 weeks, you’ll be ready to reap your rewards of frosted Exotic ZaZa Nugs. Exotic ZaZa has a smell reminiscent of Lemon Zesty Diesel fuel with. The pungent flowers also give off odors of earthy pine musk and armfit funk.  As long as flowers are properly cured, this strain has smooth smoke that tastes sour gas and when inhaled. On the exhale, Exotic Zaza’s smoke betrays its signature chemical diesel taste with an ammonia-like lemon zesty tang that hits the top of the palate.

What are some examples of zaza?

Even though you really can’t get zaza in Louisiana, there are still some fun examples of zaza that you can wish on a star for. Here are some of the most expensive marijuana strains that are on the zaza level!

Fruity Pebbles

The Fruity Pebbles strain is an indica-dominant hybrid which contains Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe Alien and Green Ribbon. It was engineered and distributed by Alien Genetics back in 2012. This strain actually looks like Fruity Pebbles as it is a vibrant and colorful strain that is also one of the most potent on the market when it was first released. This strain is definitely zaza as a pack of the seeds goes for $1500!

Loud Dream

This is a sativa-dominant strain that is the most expensive strain of marijuana in the word! Loud Dream is rare and is created from back-crossing of Blue Dream and itself. It is known for sparking creativity and focus, just like a classic sativa should. It is most known for its extremely high THC level which is around 26-28%. This zaza sells for $800 an ounce!

White Fire OG

White Fire OG offers the best of both worlds as it is one of the strongest hybrid strains in the world. It offers an intense yet energetic experience that many love. This strain is a blend of The White and Fire OG and contains on average about 30% THC! This zaza goes for about $600 an ounce.

Cannabis Caviar

Cannabis Caviar is not a strain but more of a concept. It comes about by soaking high quality cannabis buds ranging from 5-20% THC in high 30-80% THC cannabis oil. Once the cannabis buds are soaked, the extremely potent Cannabis Caviar is born! Cannabis Caviar is definitely zaza as it is the most expensive way to consume cannabis and sells for $1,400 an ounce!

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  1. Jeremy Johnson

    I was blown away by the Zaza strain. It’s a unique, sticky bud with an unforgettable dank smell that tastes even better than it smells! I picked up some flower and as soon as I opened the container I knew this would be worth my while- Extremely smooth smoke with an incredible high that leaves you feeling relaxed but not bogged down from all of its intense flavours. A connoisseurs delight for sure; everyone should have at least one taste (or more) of this stuff if they’re serious cannabis enthusiasts or just curious about something new in their lives.

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