Zelda Leafly

Zelda Leafly

Choosing weed used to be as simple as texting your dealer and if they were fancy enough, deciding between an indica and a sativa. That categorization is largely now seen as arbitrary, since it only notes the difference in plant shape, not effect it has on the human body, and much more has changed in the world of weed.

zelda leafly

With marijuana legalization on the rise, the cannabis industry is bursting with detailed descriptions of weed that inform consumers of the products’ terpene content, THC and CBD levels, and the amount of cannabinoids present in each strain. Leafly, the cannabis guide known for its detailed descriptions of each strain, has updated its categorization system beyond just the indica/sativa/hybrid delineations. 

Under Leafly’s new cannabis guide, users can better understand exactly what they’re ingesting. The system breaks down confusing details like CBD or THC into shapes and colors. CBD, the non-psychoactive molecule often marketed as a wellness product, is represented by a circle. THC, the molecule that will make you feel high, is represented by a diamond. 

Terpenes, the compounds found in different plants that determine the “type” of high the user will experience, are represented by different colors. Myrcene, known for producing a calming, sedative high, is dark blue. Limonene, a citrusy terpene found in lemons that yields more energizing highs, is bright yellow. 

By working with labs across the country, Leafly recorded the common terpenes and CBD or THC content found in various weed strains. While the prominent terpenes found in strains like White Tahoe Cookies are larger and more centered, additional terpenes line the outer rings. 

Lab data concludes that White Tahoe Cookies, which was previously only known as an indica, actually has pretty energizing terpenes. While there is myrcene present, White Tahoe Cookies also has hints of limonene.

Granted, not all strains under the same name have the same characteristics. Without regulation, growers can name anything a popular name even if it isn’t the same strain. 

Zelda Leafly

About Zelda

Named after the video game that many of us grew up on, this bud goes by several different names. Whether you know her as Zelda, Zelda OG, or Legend of Zelda, it’s the team at Swamp Boys Seeds that we can thank. They crossed Orange Blossom Trail and Legend OG to create a deliciously balanced hybrid bud that’s perfect for an adventurous day.

Update your OG

Take a modern mainstay—OG Kush—and give it a twist or refine it in your garden this year. Lots of breeders in many states offer OG Kush genetics of some form or another.

Watermelon OG

One classy, easy win is Watermelon OG, from Mendocino County’s Dying Breed Seeds. Undisputed champs of The Emerald Cup, Dying Breed Seeds’ founder Brandon Parker said to look for Watermelon OG seeds in the licensed California store Compassionate Heart, Ukiah. Online, Neptune Seedbank sells authentic Watermelon OG seeds.

Further refine your OG library with Dying Breed’s Sour Eddy Bx1 ($500 a pack of 10 unsexed seeds). Why priced so high? These seeds tap into a genetic pipeline that has been pumping out gas terpenes nationwide since the ‘90s. Dying Breed’s “Very Special” line is an OG Eddy #21 (Sour Pheno) crossed to OG Eddy.

For more OGs, see also: Compound Genetics’ Supreme Diesel (Jet Fuel Gelato X Diesel); Humboldt Seed Co.’s Collie Man Kush; Chem Fuego from Lucky Dog Seed Co.; GaitorBait from CSI Humboldt; Rebel Grown’s Triangle Double OG Sour or Double OG Sour; Bodhi Seeds’ Black Triangle; Massive Seeds’ Playboi OG; Seed Cannabis Co.’s Humboldt OG in Oklahoma.

Ideal for more experienced users, Zelda tops out at 26% THC although she can come in as low as 18%. Her nugs aren’t anything extraordinary, but with a mint green color, dark pistils, and bright white trichomes, you will know that you’re in for a treat. A complex blend of flavors and aromas await you as you light up, with notes that include skunk, anise, citrus, wood, and florals just to name a few.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel completely even in both body and mind, Zelda will do it for you with ease. Rather than infusing users with a sense of energy or bringing about couch lock, this bud literally brings you to an even-keeled place. You’ll be happy yet relaxed, feel creative yet not overly motivated, and may find that you’re a bit more social than normal without driving people crazy. Zelda is a great accompaniment for daytime adventures but does equally well during lazy days at home on the couch.

Medical marijuana users will likely turn to Zelda to assist with long-lasting relief, as this bud can help with both mental and physical issues without taking you away from the rest of your day. Stress and depression are wiped away thanks to her mellow attitude, however, those who struggle with fatigue may find that just a little bit of pep in their step is now present. Typical concerns including headaches, cramps, or muscle issues can also be alleviated.

Most hybrids are comfortable inside or outdoors, and while Swamp Boys Seeds doesn’t specifically state how to treat this gal, we’d assume that she’s fairly resilient. Maturation takes a full 9 weeks, but once you’re ready to harvest, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised with how much product is on your hands. Many describe Zelda as moderately difficult to grow, so a bit of experience would serve you well before you begin.

Those who are fans of the video game will probably want to try this strain for the sheer novelty she brings, but even if you’re not into completing quests on your television screen, Zelda is still worth your while. This strain offers incredible effects that will instantly make any day that much better, and with a complex set of flavors and scents, she’ll likely have your friends asking you if you’ll share.

This strain would be perfect for yup you guessed it, playing Zelda! The high itself is a wonderful hybrid leaving me functional yet relaxed. Time has some distortion with this strain.

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  1. david swoosh

    This strain would be perfect for yup you guessed it, playing Zelda! The high itself is a wonderful hybrid leaving me functional yet relaxed. Time has some distortion with this strain. I was playing Ocarina of Time for what felt like 3 hours, but was really 7 hours. I got all the way to the desert level (after starting from the beginning of Hyrule field) without having to remedicate. Very pleased with this purchase.

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