Zookies Cannabis Strain

Zookies Cannabis Strain

Zookies is another heavily-weighted strain that is evenly blended (50 Indica /50 Sativa) to deliver you to the furthest destinations of your spirit. Originated from Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) and Animal Cookies it is a child of Alien Labs. You can understand from the name itself that this strain will hit you hard, and not only because it has some inherited parent qualities.


Zookies weed strain is high in THC with 23 – 27%, which makes it great for social occasions or deep meditating and spacing out. However, it is not the best choice for novice users. As for CBD, its amount is just 0.46 – 1.05% and it’s way too little for claiming that it even has it as it’s so insignificant.

The Zookies cannabis strain is a high-powered combo of Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4. Alien Labs combined these animalistic strains, sending users on a real trip from a balanced 50/50 hybrid with very potent THC levels.  Look for numbers that range between 23% and 25%, with some samples as high as 30%.

Zookies is more than a great recreational strain. Zookies weed is excellent for therapeutic use as well. The intensity of the high helps relieves feelings of depression and anxiety. The bliss interferes with the ability to notice chronic pain. It’s a great option for anyone who needs a serious infusion of relief.  

  • Use Time: Evening
  • Effects: Energetic, Talkative, Calm, Tingly
  • Side Effects: Paranoia, Rapid heart beat, Low blood pressure, Hunger
  • Common Usage: Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar disorder, Fibromyalgia, PMS, Pain, Lack of appetite
  • Terpenes: Linalool, Caryophyllene, Bisabolol, Valencene
  • Taste: Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Pungent
  • Color: Green


Consumers report Zookies cannabis to produce such effects:

  • strong body high
  • relaxing
  • blissful calm
  • energizing
  • uplifting
  • extreme socializing
  • sleepy (especially if new to the cannabis world)

Users start to feel the effects of the Zookies cannabis strain almost as soon as they finish their first puff – it’s just that fast. The head high feels almost like being launched into a fuzzy, floating cloud, and it stays around for hours. It’s a blissful and dreamy state that comes with a gentle tingling that builds after the mental effects have hit. Worries will float away on the breeze.

The body high follows shortly after the head high and helps relieve any stress that might have survived. Users will notice a touch of couchlock, but they won’t mind. It’s such a relaxing high that it just feels natural to remain comfortably in place for hours at a time. The combination of both helps users find real peace, calm, and quiet for the hours that it lasts.

Taste and Smell

The aroma of this hybrid is early-dominant, with peppery notes, orange, and sour fruits tints, and you can also feel the diesel and nutty presence in it. It is all wrapped in the cloud of cookie smell that makes this strain a gourmand-leaning one. It has a distinctively sweet, peppery, a bit spicy, and earthy flavor that doesn’t stay for a long time. It also has a characteristic bitterness of the hemp and, unlike with Sunset Sherbet, you can really taste it. Aside from genetics its Cedrene, Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Valencene terpenes that influenced the strain’s aromas and taste.

Adverse reactions

First and foremost, like many high-THC strains, there’s a likelihood that users might face cottonmouth or dry eyes. Keeping some water nearby can make that much less of an issue.

More importantly, the sky-high THC levels in the Zookies strain makes it important to watch consumption levels. People with a tendency to get anxious or paranoid with stronger strains should pace their dosage because Zookies is no slouch. People new to cannabis should also be cautious because it hits quickly enough that it’s easy to go overboard in a single breath. Luckily, by pacing and taking it slowly, it’s easy to avoid these symptoms.


Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC: 23 – 27%
  • CBD: 0.46 – 1.05%
  • CBC: 0.28 – 0.84%
  • CBG: 0.08 – 1.72%
  • CBN: 0.07 – 0.21%
  • THCV: 0.39 – 1.8%

The recreational effects of the Zookies weed strain are legendary. Still, it has plenty of therapeutic use. The blissed-out head high is a sure-fire way to distract anxious thought processes and repetitive worries. It’s also an easy way to step away from depressive thoughts and depression in general. Dark moods have no chance in the face of Zookies.

Everything from PTSD to OCD has been mentioned as lessened by the zookies strain. Stress, anxiety, and panic yield to the unfocused feeling of the head high. Worries fade away as other, more pleasant things become more attractive. This effect is hugely beneficial to the chronically stressed.

Zookies also works on physical symptoms. Problems like muscle tension are wiped out by the delicious, relaxing body high Zookies offers. The tension relief can help with everything from tension headaches and migraines to chronic injuries. Zookies weed also has terpenes known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with chronic pain caused by arthritis, cancer, or fibromyalgia. When balanced with the easy, breezy head high, it’s a perfect distraction from any lingering discomfort.

Most of all, Zookies weed is a perfect companion for anyone suffering from insomnia. The deep body relaxation keeps anyone comfortably in bed; meanwhile, the mild sedative effect makes your brain drift into a long and restful sleep.



Grow info

  • Flowering time: 56-63 Days
  • Harvest time: 69-76 Days
  • Yield indoor: < 1 oz/ft2
  • Yield outdoor: < 1 oz/ft2
  • Height indoor: 60-80 Inches
  • Height outdoor: 90 > Inches
  • Grow difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

Before buying seeds, which are not the cheapest on the market, you need to know the peculiarities of the cultivation that this hybrid has to make sure you produce the best thing for yourself or your customers.

It grows best outdoors under the natural conditions of the equatorial/Mediterranian climate with mild humidity and a lot of shadows. However, it doesn’t mean that it has less yield or grows bad in the greenhouses, though we need to warn you: if you live in a naturally cold climate, that can cause a pretty a lot of damage to the budget as maintaining those conditions for 9-10 weeks will cost some money, so in case you’re not going to sell it, there is a little reasoning for cultivating it and makes much more sense to just buy the dry flowers or edibles.

In terms of height and width, it takes those from both worlds: they are pretty tall and moderately wide. You need to know about it before getting ready for planting. 1 bush usually makes 200-220 grams of dry flowers.

Flowering Time


Inside, Zookies plants thrive. They can reach up to six feet and are typically ready for harvest in about nine weeks. Look for yields between 12 and 14 ounces per square meter indoors.


Northern hemisphere growers can look for a stellar Zookies harvest in early October. The plants prefer stable conditions, so they are best cultivated outside in more Mediterranean climates. They can produce 16+ ounces per plant when grown outside.

Since you’re going to be hanging out in your living room for the night anyway, you might as well take advantage of the therapeutic benefits that Zookies has been said to offer. Physical pain of nearly all types, including migraines, women’s health issues, and inflammation from arthritis could potentially be soothed with ease, leaving you feeling incredible before bed. If you tend to get anxious or feel depressed, let this strain to try to boost your mood as well. Those who are in need of a good night of sleep should smoke Zookies before turning in and see how she can help with insomnia.

Alien Labs is a fantastic cultivation operation, and while they focus on small batches of flower that are grown with love and care, they don’t tend to make their seeds available to the general public. They note that their seeds come from breeders across California, so finding some for sale online is highly unlikely.

Nonetheless, if you live in the Sunshine State, keep your eyes open for Zookies at your local dispensary. We’d recommend that you only try this bud when you have zero plans in front of you, even if you’re a very experienced user. From what others have reported, this strain will knock you down and you’ll likely want to stay there for a while.

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  1. Mack Sharp

    One of the best strains I’ve tried after me and my family moved to Canada. The smell is intoxicating, definite need of a jar as the smell permeates the room. Longer lasting high than usual. Real good sleep aid for me and also helps ease tension in my neck. Side effects i would say would be dry mouth and minor munchies. If you have the chance try it out, wont disappoint.

  2. Salty Cameron

    This has to be my absolute favorite strain in the last year. It’s nice and level headed as it says but it is potent. I also find it’s good for bedroom activities.

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